Working in the carbon handprint business

After living in Beijing for seven years I was forced to take a little break from China and came back home. While looking for some meaningful way to spend this unexpected free time, I stumbled into something that grabbed my attention…

I began interning for a new company this June, Fairforce.
I joined the company as a student ambassador because I thought that the idea of not only talking about the problems our planet is facing but actually moving forward with actions is what we all need to do.

However, what truly drew me in was something else. There was something different about the message Fairforce was trying to get through, a simple, practical, and forward-thinking way to revolutionize how we see the future. That being both nature’s future and the future of business companies. It was not the usual alarmist message but a kind and happy one. Working on being part of the solution, with strong core values like honesty and fairness.
The positive attitude about it drew me in. It was simple and because of it, beautiful. And for me, beauty has always lied in simplicity.

This was where I first learn about carbon handprint

The idea behind it is pretty simple, rather than focusing solely on minimizing the damage we have caused so far, with methods such as lowering our carbon footprint or becoming more carbon-neutral, we should think one step ahead and focus on increasing our carbon handprint.

It is a matter of perspective really, and it is more tangible then one would think. Instead of seeing yourself as part of the problem, try and picture yourself as part of the solution.
That is where companies such as Fairforce came into play. By endorsing and investing in companies looking to implement such changes they fuel the market and make it less of a struggle for businesses to get there.
As an individual, you do not have much of an active choice, if still wanting to live in today’s modern world. Everything we do, use, or consume is inevitably linked to CO2 emissions.

So what is the solution?

That might reveal itself on a bigger scale. When we look at companies that provide certain services, we have more power than we think we do. By choosing companies and businesses that have taken steps toward making their products green and with a self-conscious effort to increase their carbon handprint, we as individuals do that too, by again, making the conscious choice of choosing said companies. The more people choose these companies, the more they will thrive, and so will we all.

It is a win-win situation.

We should all strive to make this happen together. Working towards a more sustainable life for people, businesses, and most importantly, nature.