Why I am a Fairforce Ambassador

Antti KosunenIt’s a possibility to do something. Not only to talk about nature; and more than that, I don’t want to be involved with discussions if global warming is true or not. I have taken part in such discussions and I have never won one. I am on the side of nature, but not against anyone. Taking action is the best way to get something done. As simple as that. And I dream that others will follow.

I simply choose to use my skills and time with companies that support nature. Just because I can. And most of the people I know can also do the same decision. Take action. And I want to be engaged with people doing the same. Sharing the same ideology, and taking action.

The financial return is not the most important thing for me with this project. I still prefer having a fair rewarding system in place. I am very happy to receive shares as payment. I like the idea of becoming a co-entrepreneur, share the risk, but also the excitement; “maybe this is the next unicorn!”.  I also like the fact that I can sell the shares any time I wish is good. But maybe more lucrative is the possibility of using them to offset carbon.

I’m doing very similar things for a living, so why not also use my skills, and have a new “hobby” and do something that really matters?

Fairforce means an opportunity to act. That’s why I am an Ambassador.