Transitioning into a sustainable business model

Sustainable Business Model perspective from Evelina Silfverskiöld
Evelina Silfverskiöld

A big potential lies within sustainable business model

Transitioning into a sustainable business model is much required now. As stated many times before, businesses and industries are emitting emissions of greenhouse gases at an alarming rate.

Therefore, a big potential to make a difference in decreasing emissions lies within business practices.

Why Fairforce?

For the past five years, I have been thinking about how I can use my education to help businesses become more sustainable.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Technology and soon a Master’s degree in Strategy and Business control. The next fall I will start the final year of my studies in Industrial engineering and Management. Thus, I can say that I have a broad mix of knowledge. For this reason, I joined Fairforce as a student ambassador. Where business and sustainability meet is where I thrive. Accordingly, I see the need for a network where businesses collaborate with professionals to improve their processes.

Adapting is critical in the long-term

It is hard to change organizational structures and standard procedures. However, I believe adapting is critical for survival in the long-term.

In the future, I hope to help existing and upcoming companies to include sustainability at the core of their business models. I see the potential for all organizations to add respect for nature to their business, with no exceptions.

I think that the circular economy and consciousness throughout the supply and value chain is a winning concept.

Adding efforts to lower carbon footprint to the business model represents significant opportunities for companies. It can help attract customers, partners and employees. Ultimately, it contributes to a better future.

It is quite simple: We must do business consciously and sustainably. Otherwise, there will not be many resources left.

We must rethink how businesses were done. We are all needed for the transition into a more sustainable system.

As the result, the biggest step is the first, but there is no better time than the present.