Moving towards sustainability in business

Nowadays, we hear a lot about sustainability in businesses as a solution to global climate change. But how businesses can make a profit without harming the planet and people.  For sure, new ways of doing business are needed. This pathway requires innovations that lead to less harmful impacts on the environment.

Innovations for greener future

Picture of Fabrizio ErraSince I was a kid, I’ve always been passionate about innovations. Throughout the years, many revolutionary products and services have facilitated people’s everyday life. Many of these inventions have been adopted years or even decades before I was born. Technologies in smartphones, laptops, or new ways of communication have changed many aspects of our lives.

One of the other sides of my interest in the exciting world of innovations is nature. As a child, I’d spend weekends in beautiful natural sceneries with my family. It’s always enjoyable to walk through forests, breathe fresh air, and see the peaceful atmosphere of mountains or clear freshwater flows. The natural environment has always surrounded us since the beginning of life on earth. We are responsible to protect it safe and green.

Considering the two worlds of innovations and nature simultaneously might seem conflicting. In fact, many innovations have emerged due to inspirations from nature and helped to protect our environment as a result. Such novelties are beneficial both for nature and businesses. Hence, it’s possible to combine business and sustainability through values that can be implemented to improve our lives on Earth. In my opinion, having a long-term view and collective ambition for our common future brings sustainability practices and business world closer to each other.

Joining a green community

As a business student, I want to succeed in my professional field in the future. Moreover, I feel like I want to contribute to doing something positive for the planet. I aspire to leave my surroundings better than how I found them. I might create my own business one day. It might be easier to achieve it by joining a community of green-hearted professionals who share the same values as me in business. This community in Fairforce can enrich me and get enriched by my contribution.  As a result, we will spread the word of green innovations in businesses and promote sustainable development goals. Fairforce aims to provide the best green roadmap of its kind.

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