Together we achieve more

My name is Nina Karlsson, I am from the land of thousand lakes, Finland. I am currently doing my internship at Fairforce, acting as a student ambassador.

Our planet is a precious place and currently, there is no plan for a planet B. With that said, it is important we take care of it. Having traveled a lot in my life, I have encountered many different but equally beautiful environments; everything from rainforests to coral reefs. I have seen how carbon dioxide has destroyed various areas of the world. Sadly, a lot of people and companies do not know how to take care of nature, which is very heartbreaking. As individuals, we can do a lot for the environment, starting with cleaning up after ourselves; but ultimately, we cannot achieve a carbon-neutral world by ourselves.

Towards carbon neutrality with Fairforce

I joined Fairforce because I wanted to contribute to a greener future and I believe as a company we can do even more to protect the planet by getting more professionals and companies on-board on this amazing journey.

Many big corporations, and even small businesses, are to blame for pollution and damages regarding nature. The current effects of climate change have woken a lot of people. More and more companies work towards becoming more sustainable but there are still many companies out there having a long road ahead towards sustainability. As mentioned earlier, the goal towards carbon neutrality cannot be achieved by one independent actor but can become reality by cooperation between many actors. There is no better time to start than today and together we can make a change!