Tips for sustainability in businesses

Nowadays, we all realized the value of investing in sustainable business practices. What previously was considered as a “company mission” to do for social good is now a major goal for the business.

The United Nations in 2015 launched the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals. This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet, and prosperity. A total of 17 goals were presented as part of an ambitious plan to combat the world’s biggest problems. The addressed goals aimed to end poverty, hunger, protect the planet, provide work and economic growth, tackle climate change, promote gender equality, provide clean water, sanitation, and more.

Companies embracing sustainability

The private sector needs to support the SDGs and align its core activities to carry out the plan successfully. It is almost impossible to achieve these goals without the private sector doing its part. This is an opportunity to analyze how companies have already embraced sustainability and if not, how they can start it.

Here are some tips on how companies can start bringing sustainable practices into their business:

At first, commitment to reaching some of the SDGs. It is possible by understanding how a company can contribute to at least a number of the 17 goals.
Secondly, by minimizing the carbon footprint and take the initiative to reduce it. It is achievable through improving energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and making less waste. Also, educating the employees on this matter.
Thirdly, by moving towards a circular economy. Although, it’s not a straightforward measure but companies can begin embracing new business activities to meet the circular pivot.
Last but not the least, join green communities. It helps to connect with people who are willing to make the world a better place. They can be a boost to your company to implement sustainable practices.

What is FairForce and how it relates to this?

Fairforce is a community of green hearted professionals growing tech companies together. Here, the focus is on creating efficient carbon neutral business solutions. Hence, our mission is to prove the possibility of creating an economically viable business while doing good for the world. Fairforce provides a business model that contributes to reach the 2030 SDGs agenda. All in all, we can help you to make your business more sustainable and greener. Make the decision and join us.