Tips for having a more sustainable lifestyle; Interview with Monika Poppy and Alba Sueiro Roman

Sustainability has no longer been an odd term, but when talking about how to start living a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s always really elusive. We have had the opportunity to interview two influencers on the Fairforce’s 100 Green-Influencers- list about what we can do to live more sustainably. They are Monika Poppy –  founder of Sustainability is cool and Alba Sueiro Román – Founder of the first sustainable holiday apartments in Cantabria (Northern Spain) The Cantabrian Eco-apartamentos.

Below are some incredibly insightful and inspiring tips given by Alba and Monika.

  1. “Start small” – Monika says

It means you can start consuming less meat, or using less disposable goods, since according to the UN environment programme (UNEP) Animal agriculture’s greenhouse gas footprint is rivaling that of any car, truck , bus, ship, aircraft and rocket ship combined. According to the October Alert issued by the UNEP, Meat consumption is growing rapidly and meat production currently accounts for 10-35 percent of anthropogenic greenhouse gas ( GHG ) emissions. The largest share of agricultural-related GHG emissions is from methane (CH4 ) and nitrous oxide (N2O).

  1. “Buying second hand products” Monika says

Another suggestion would be buying second hand clothes and giving second lives to your items whether it’s clothes or pieces of furniture. There are a lot of great applications and websites built to help people give or sell their old stuff nowadays. Monika suggested that before buying any items, it’s better to use trustful platforms that sell items with good quality, good services and allow users to sell their stuff as well.

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  1. “Re-evaluate what you really need” – Alba says

It is very important to realize and be certain about your needs in this modern society where consumerism is increasing globally, not just in developed countries but also in those fast-developing economies. Initially you can start asking yourself before buying any new items with the question “Do I really need this?”. Determining your actual needs will help you avoid contributing to the environment an unwanted amount of waste or emissions.

  1. Start buying sustainable brands – Alba suggests

“When you have to buy, buy from people and brands that actually care about what they are doing to our planet, are their products environmental friendly as well as how they care about their employees’ benefit”

Few words about responsible brands

Alba’s suggestion reminds me of a sentence that was given by Professor Richard Appelbaum in a speech at the TEDxUCSB event about the harsh working conditions that many corporate factory workers around the world face daily, and suggested ways that we, as consumers, can help combat this injustice. In the speech, he said, “It doesn’t take millions of people to make a difference. It takes a small group of committed people”. It’s up to us to decide whether the world is watching or not, and “it is really incumbent on all of us to reach out and do something to make a difference in the lives of people who make all the stuff we enjoy every day” – Professor Appelbaum said.

In our Fairforce 100 Green Influencers, we included those who utilize their social media profiles and blogs to inspire environmental change and sustainable paths. We want to share with the world how hard professionals are working in their fields to make a difference for our planet in an attempt to improve sustainable practices.

Thank you Alba and Monika for spending your time joining the interview and give us such useful information. For the future, we will try to have more conversations with more influencers from around the world to learn about their positive actions on the environment as an influencer. If you find these tips useful and want to know more about Monika and Alba’s green lifestyle, here are the links to their Instagram accounts Alba Sueiro Román, Monika Poppy