Three reasons why businesses should go green

My name is Denise and I’m a Physical Geography undergraduate student. Learning about the environment is a passion of mine: it allows me to better understand the world we live in and find my place in it. But things are changing. Atmospheric CO2 levels have never been this high in the last 800,000 years. We are witnessing an unprecedented rate of global warming, and IPCC climate projections suggest that human actions are the main cause.
I wish that future generations did not have to suffer the consequences of our short-sightedness. For this reason, sustainability is a very important concept to me. However, it is only through collective action that we can achieve something – and that includes your business. Here are a few reasons why you should ditch business as usual and consider taking the big step towards business sustainability.

The Sustainability sector is increasingly competitive.

Consumers are becoming more aware of environmental issues, but also of growing inequality. Sustainable business models are becoming popular and increasingly desirable. By going green, a business can increase its products’ value, becoming more competitive under the current climate change scenario. Additionally, switching to more sustainable approaches can reduce enterprise costs. This often happens in Industrial Symbiosis, when different companies collaborate and share resources. Don’t choose between ethics and profit.

Opportunities to increase your carbon handprint are widely available and increasingly affordable.

Limiting CO2 emissions is the first step to tackle climate change. Scientists are currently working on renewable energies, carbon capture and storage technologies, eco-friendly materials, and innovative waste recycling practices. Each of these options can increase your business’ Carbon Handprint, a measure of how much greenhouse gas emissions businesses avoid by switching to more sustainable practices. There really is something for everyone when it comes to reducing carbon emissions and, as the green sector matures, the cost of green technologies decreases, too. It’s a deal!

Green business communities like Fairforce are here to support you.

Fairforce is a community of green hearted professionals, academics, and students providing professional services to businesses aiming to be more sustainable. I became a Student Ambassador to use my time and skills for what I consider important: nature. So far, I have met a lot of different people who want to make a change in the world, which is incredibly inspiring and motivating. Through Fairforce, I hope to learn lots of new things on climate change mitigation technologies and on how businesses can tackle climate change.
There is still hope for nature. So what are you waiting for?