The world needs sustainability

My name is Matjas and I joined Fairforce only a couple of weeks ago. I grew up in Italy and ever since I was a kid, everyone in my life has always taught and reminded me about the importance of being environmentally-friendly.
When I started studying international business administration, I quickly realized the impact that businesses can have on any matter and how they could play a vital role in solving the world’s major problems.
This got along with my growing ambition to see the issue of the carbon footprint rather solved. Fortunately, nowadays sustainability is becoming a trending matter and global warming, a very hot topic.
Just in the past months, the global pandemic showed the effects of a reduced carbon footprint and many countries and businesses are starting to understand that it is not too late to make a difference. The time to act is now!
Margaret Klein Salamon, psychologist, founder and head of the advocacy group “The Climate Mobilization” commented on this matter: “We can’t think we’re going to go ‘back to normal’, because things weren’t normal”.

Why Fairforce?

With the increasing relevance of sustainable practices, Fairforce has decided to create a large community of green-hearted professionals that want to make a change in the future of our planet. I too have joined Fairforce because I believe in a more sustainable future and I believe in the creation of the community that shares this same value.
As a student ambassador, I have the possibility to connect with all the people that think just like me and are ready to be on the first line to save Earth together.
As part of the Finance team, I am also looking forward to contacting entities which could finance and fund our start-up and future project.

We need this, the world needs this.