Technology and digitalization, making the world greener

Picture of Teemu KiviojaMother Earth is suffering. It’s important that both companies and individuals drive sustainability and reduce carbon footprint. And technology is key for this.

Digitalization and technology define our modern times. And many of the difficulties we have with the environment have come from the use of technology. But also some of the greatest things we’ve done for the environment. And technology can be also the key driver to make our word greener, and a better place to live. And in particular, digitalization can transform the way we do business, and make our behavior as humans more sustainable.

Technology comes from big and small

Examples of technology making our world greener are already part of our daily living: renewable power sources (like windmills and solar panels), sustainable food alternatives, electric cars and so on. These solutions are often developed by big global companies. Sometimes, an individual professional may think: but what can I do?

A lot! Even small companies and individual professionals can drive the change and make a huge impact. Seemingly simple and small innovations can greatly reduce carbon footprint, and support sustainability. Every professional, considering the environment in their decisions, has an impact. Every product or service that is efficient has an impact.

Go green in & off duty

But our potential of our actions goes beyond our day-to-day decisions at work. I consider myself very close to nature. Nature has a big role in my hobbies: hiking, fishing, biking etc. It’s a key part of my life. And this fuels my focus at work. I love to develop innovative and green solutions that make our world greener and reduce carbon footprint. It means that I do what I’m best at, and contribute to what makes me happy. I can say that I support green values during my free time and in my work.

I’m proud to be part of Fairforce: I believe we can make a huge impact together.