Being sustainable is my mission!

PIcture of Yana PetrovaMy name is Yana and I have grown up in a land of beauty, plenitude, and fairness.

As a child, I used to run barefoot chasing butterflies in our backyard. I used to eat the most delicious fruits and vegetables grown in our garden. I used to know their real taste and felt blessed because of this. Even the meaning of my name is connected to nature, as Yana means river, which symbolizes the long life, wild temper, and the strong river flow.

Maybe that is why I find myself drawn to nature, like a strange coincidence that winks at you. I love nature. This is my home and I want to preserve it. Being sustainable is my mission!

Nowadays, we are living in a time of a fast-growing economy. This should urge us to take responsibility for our actions. Welcoming sustainability as an integral part of our lives will make us rethink about what we have done to our planet, environment, and world, and how we can start saving them. I have started to educate myself in that direction by taking Sustainability courses at University, where I took part in a variety of projects about the Circular Economy. And then I joined Fairforce! 

I want to be fair to nature and the next generations

I believe that being part of Fairforce is a perfect start for me to gain more experience in how business works and how sustainability can be embraced, implemented, and spread around. Being a Student Ambassador would guide me through the right way and will help me to be fair to nature, fair to the next generations, and respectful to the legacy we leave them.

This is possible because Fairforce is a green-hearted community of professionals working together with one purpose – sustainability.

It’s up to me, it’s up to you!

No matter what we are doing, we affect the people around us, our nature,  and our community. Being sustainable is not always easy, but it is right. We must impact positively, and we must remember to choose the right way, not the easy one.

Let’s take this step together!