Sustainability – The Key to Unlocking Business Success

My name is Rachel and I am an undergraduate student from Glasgow, studying Geography and Sustainable Development at the University of St. Andrews. My passion for the environment and sustainable practices has grown throughout my university experience, as I have been given the opportunity to learn more about the world and how we can better protect it for future generations.

I have a specific interest in renewable energy technologies and waste management issues, particularly looking at how the renewable energy industry is able to adopt a circular economy framework, minimizing the waste and ensuring a greener output. The persistent use of fossil fuels will continue to have detrimental impacts on the environment and potentially push the world to the point of no return. Without a significant change in the production, usage, and storage of energy, there will be unprecedented challenges facing our climate. Renewable power sources like wind, wave, and tidal energy will play a vital role in ensuring the EU meets its ambitious targets in reducing greenhouse gases.

Businesses and organizations are huge contributors to fossil fuel emissions. As a result, sustainable development has become a crucial framework in society as it secures resources for future generations, and now needs to be at the core of business models. Accountability is needed within all industries to make the conscious effort to change to their practices and ensure a sustainable future, both economically and environmentally. Industries becoming more sustainable can have a positive impact on nature as well as the organization’s image, reputation, profits, and overall giving them a competitive edge.

This is where Fairforce is able to help produce solutions that can make industries more sustainable. Fairforce is a community of green hearted professionals, students, and academics working towards assisting companies to become greener. Increasing companies’ carbon handprint is a key focus for Fairforce. This idea is all about reducing the carbon footprint, with the goal of becoming carbon neutral, and therefore increasing the carbon handprint.

Being a new Student Ambassador myself, I have already gained valuable insights into the running of a business and being able to work with like-minded individuals from all over the globe to ensure a sustainable future for nature, people and companies. Throughout my time in Fairforce, I hope to learn a lot more about increasing the carbon handprint and how businesses can become more sustainable while tackling climate change.