Sustainability, innovation, community and education

Daniel Collado-RuizWe live in a time of big challenges. Climate change has gotten a lot of press, and addressing it will take us in the right direction. But overall, we have many environmental problems to face.

I’ve always been a believer of technology as a way to solve big problems. That won’t surprise anybody who knows my background: I’m Associate Professor (on permanent leave) in Innovation for Sustainability.

It takes a village to be carbon negative

One thing I learnt during that time was that it takes a community to create a meaningful impact. Most environmental problems are systemic. They’re there because each individual has difficulties addressing it on their own. They don’t have the information. They don’t have the tools. They can’t possibly know about every environmental impact they may have, because at the moment that would require them to be experts in too many things.

That’s the reason why I love working with entrepreneurs (I left academia for that). They dare to dream big, and start small, so that they can get results.

But the problem we’re facing is bigger. It’s our planet, and our societies. That’s why we need a community. We need to bring together the leaders of today. And by leaders I don’t only mean politicians, but also people leading professional areas, disciplines, different circles. We need everybody who has a green heart, and wants to do something about it.

And we need to put them together with the leaders of tomorrow.

That’s why we’re starting with the Student Ambassador program first. We’re looking for interns who want to learn growth-hacking, and the tools for marketing in our times. I’m making sure this program has an extremely high educational content.

We’re looking for people that want more than an internship: people who want to start a movement. People who care about the relationships they build with top professionals, and about turning those relationships into a community. People who care about their teams and their growth, because that’s how they also grow. And we enable that through mentoring and coaching (both from our side and from peers).

We are looking for people who want more than tasks: people who want to shape their work, lead, and build Fairforce with us. We believe in experimentation as one of the most powerful forms of learning. We believe in the power of innovation. We’ve done growth-hacking and community building before, we’ll share all that we know, but we expect our Student Ambassadors to become ten times better than us. And they will do that by having the possibility to decide what new approaches they follow, and sharing the learnings with the rest of the interns.

And of course, we’re looking for people who share our mission for sustainability. People who want to take ownership in saving the planet. People who want to spend their time finding ways of reducing the carbon footprint of society. People who don’t do enough for the planet, but as much as they can.

And those people will be having a core part of this mission: helping us get the best Ambassadors for this project, so that our community of green companies thrives and save the planet.