Sustainability for people, profit and planet

My name is Iva, I am Croatian that grew up in a small town in southwestern Bosnia. Growing up in such a small and less developed area has greatly affected my thinking. My family raised me to be fair and to love and respect nature. Therefore, I have always been one of those people that would get mad when seeing someone litter or hearing someone saying “Why would I care about nature? Mother nature is there to serve me, it is not that I am there to serve her”.
I can say that a long time ago, I realized that everything is in the power of an individual. I am convinced that the way we are brought up, society, and culture shape the way we think and behave. When I turned 24, I moved to Sweden to pursue a master’s degree. According to the Sustainable Competitiveness Index, Sweden has the is the most sustainably competitive country in the whole world. During my studies there, I realized how a society can nurture their land. Recycling, renewable energy sources, biking, driving electric cars… It all made me realize that living sustainably is crucial because the resources are very limited, although many people are not fully aware of it.
As someone that has majored in marketing, I can’t help myself but question the intentions of businesses nowadays. Although no company will admit, to achieve growth, they strive for profits. I believe that to have long-term prosperity, companies should turn their business into a sustainable one. However, the main question nowadays is: Why do companies decide to turn their business into a sustainable one? Of course, as the company grows, it is expected that they invest more in CSR. Do they greenwash? Are their intentions sincere? Do they truly care about nature? I am aware that “Profit is not a dirty word”, as some say, and businesses strive for constant financial gains. Nevertheless, it should not be the main objective of owning a business.

Why Fairforce?

The reason why I chose to join Fairforce is that I believe that all businesses should go green eventually. The vision and mission of Fairforce is something that I truly believe in and I am confident to say that it is a community from which all their members can benefit from creating a sustainable environment for all stakeholders. Would I recommend companies become a part of the Fairforce community? – Absolutely. There are so many benefits to this, such as fair compensation, networking between professionals and green companies, increasing carbon handprint, and many more.