Sustainability data – From data explosion to smart access; Interview with the CEO of SustainLab: Maria Svantemark

Lost in the explosion of data

As we know, the environmental problems and climate change issues are big concerns to our whole world. The development of technologies along with the introduction of big data, machine learning and others data application could be seen as promising approaches for curbing greenhouse gases emission, fighting climate changes and placing a key stone for green data driven solutions to get a more sustainable life. 

Nowadays the role of data and the approach to access it keeps an important position for many companies solving environmental issues. However, there will be a tough challenge for environmentalists or green companies on the way to access the right and high quality data sources under the pressure of huge green data quantity.

According to United Nation estimation, about 90% data have been created in the last two years and this number can be raised by 40% each year. The increasing consumption of digital devices today such as mobile, sensor, images,  makes the data source even more enormous and the collection of data becomes easier than ever.

A question is:  in the explosion of data like nowadays, how individuals or businesses can access the right way to the high-quality data and proper data source so that they can base on this data to make a right decision or green solutions which could be considered to contribute to the sustainable development of the world. 

The advent of an intelligent platform for accessing high-quality data

To tackle this obstacle about green data access, I had an interview with Co-founder and CEO of SustainLab  – Maria Svantemark. She is selected to be in the top 100 of green data-driven professionals with a significant impact on the environment with related activities by Fairforce.

Maria Svantenmark founded SustainLab in early 2020 with the goal to create next-generation technology to help businesses gather, process, and understand their sustainability data.  This is done by making data handling so simple that companies can have visibility of sustainability data as often as financial data and review it in every management team meeting, instead of reviewing the performance once yearly. This enables companies to make more informed decisions, ripe the benefits of having an active sustainability work, and accelerate the change to more sustainable business models.

During the talk, she expressed the extensive perspectives in sustainability data  and motivation that inspired her to found SustainLab.She also reflected the exactly real problems that not only green companies usually meet but also for the community of data science currently are facing: 

“The quality  of data to measure the sustainability impact of companies is usually very low and infrequently collected. This  makes it impossible to steer companies’  sustainability agenda in an effective way and take action in a timely manner” – CEO Maria Svantemark shared about the current issues with lack of accurate and frequently collected data  to make decisions in the field of sustainability in companies. 

The green data world with the exponential increasing speed highly requires an intelligent access way to exploit it, bring it to the light.  The more high-quality data being accessed, the more accurate decisions or solutions are made. The birth of this smart access like SustainLab attracts a lot of attention and interest from investors, individuals who have interest in the field of sustainability , academia and any data professional.

 “ SustainLab enables access to up-to-date,high- quality data and performance visibility. Without having companies measuring their performance accurately, a climate safe future is very far away.

Our globe is immersed in the world of digital technical devices and environmental or sustainable problems nowadays are being easily tackled based on the availability of data sources equipped with smart accessing ways. Big data will shed light on diversified sides of problems about human rights, environment, climate, equal genders, racism, poverty and other sustainable and social issues. 

When being asked about what motivation prompted Maria to come up with this smart company, with this intelligent product, she proudly shared one of her childhood memories when she was 8 years old, when she ensured that her family stopped buying chlorine-bleached toilet paper after being inspired by a school project.Since that moment, the passion for making a greener world grew up inside her day by day and brought her to become a green-hearted professional with an intelligent company named SustainLab, having a real impact on sustainable development. 

Before closing the interview, I was very impressed with her words spreading about her personal green life: “ I am a vegetarian. I don’t own a car. I travel preferably by train and in election, sustainability is my most important question“  These words from her also on behalf of many green hearted professionals would like to send the green messages to everyone to make this world become greener. The world becoming greener will not only lie on the digital technical devices, beyond that is an eco friendly lifestyle of each individual.