Student Ambassadors learning experience

We have put together our Student Ambassador program to make it a valuable working and learning experience for the interns participating in it. The following sections act as a syllabus of sorts, to dive into a bit more detail on what will happen during the internships.

Internship description

The internship will consist of 12 weeks part-time (tell us if you need a different dedication level), remote, in which your goal is to create with us a community of 5000 Ambassadors for Fairforce. Those people will be prominent professionals in their field. The internship includes very different activities, tailored to the skill level and preferences of the interns.


We have designed the program to give you:

  • knowledge on digital marketing and growth-hacking activities
  • give you experience in online marketing, with a focus on creativity and growth-hacking
  • give you experience in team leadership, especially in distributed environments



Photo by Andrew Neel on UnsplashStudent Ambassadors will work in self-organized project teams. Teams are relatively independent, yet coordinated. They take ownership of tasks or even parts of Fairforce activities. They are encouraged to experiment, try different ways of working, and shape how Fairforce does business.

Teams have a rotating leadership: every week they appoint a different leader among themselves. The leader will be responsible for keeping up with the KPIs of the team, focusing and motivating the team members, casting a breaking vote on decisions, and tracking the learning and performance of their team. This is a chance for the team leader to exercise and develop their leadership and managerial skills.

Fairforce strongly believes on experimentation. Therefore, teams are encouraged and allowed to come up with their experiments and new ways of doing things, carry them out, and share the learning with the rest of the organization.

We expect to have Student Ambassadors from different disciplines and interests. Some teams will be focusing on specific areas based on those traits. Some teams that we expect to have are:

  • Content creations: Videos, texts, blogposts, visuals, website, etc.
  • Paid marketing: Budget responsibility, implementations and optimization the campaigns. Collect ideas/plans from others and implement them.
  • Data driven marketing, SEO etc. driving traffic on our website.
  • Merchant, design Fairforce products and market them
  • Leadership: Learn how to be an engaging and demanding leader
  • Success reporting & HRD: Collect and share successes, and make sure everyone gets detailed reference letter including results and learnings
  • Value hawk: Controlling that communications and activities are according to Fairforce values
  • Tech support: Make sure that everyone has what is needed for digital contacting and supporting others to succeed with tech automation etc.
  • Funding: Modelling investment cases and applying for suitable EU fundings
  • Etc.

Teams will have a touchpoint on Wednesdays, in which they will prepare a reflection report of the learning so far, and improvements to their way of working.

Online workshops

Every Monday we will organize online learning workshops. We will bring a top industry expert to share their insights about relevant topics such as growth-hacking, marketing, carbon handprint, leadership or distributed work. The workshops will have a duration of 90 minutes, giving space for discussion and questions from the Student Ambassadors. Experts will include Fairforce founders Antti Kosunen and Daniel Collado-Ruiz, as well as Fairforce Ambassadors.

Leadership coaching

The leaders of each team will convey in a group coaching session every Friday. The focus will be on what they have learnt along the week, how they can become better leaders, and how can the organization learn from their personal experience.

The leaders learn from the experiences of all other Student Ambassadors who have been team leaders that week, with coaches giving direction and advice on how to take their teamwork and remote work skills to the next level.


Weeks will follow the following structure:

  • Monday: Online workshop, teams define their activities for the week
  • Tuesday: team work
  • Wednesday: team meeting, reflection report, team work
  • Thursday: team work
  • Friday: leadership coaching, team work, preparation for next week

Are you suitable for being a Student Ambassador?

We’re selecting the interns based on attitude, and to a lesser degree on degree or experience. As a matter of fact, we are interested in having people from very different walks of life. What matters the most is that you are enthusiastic, eager to learn and have a green heart.

As for location, the whole program will be remote and online, so your location does not matter. As long as you have an internet connection, you can work with us.

We do want to make sure interns share our mission. So by joining this program, you’re also joining the quest for carbon neutrality of our society. You are agreeing to become carbon neutral at the soonest time possible for you.


The internship program is free for the student ambassador. Thanks to the sponsorship of Nestholma, Ilmatar and Fosterhongkong we have seats available. If you company is interested in supporting the project, contact us to discuss opportunities to sponsor Student Ambassadors.

Is it a paid internship?

Yes and no. We are building a system for green hearted professionals to work in exchange for shares/options. We use our own system for the internship program. If our project will be successful you’ll get clearly more what you would get from normal internship, but if the project will not be a big success then the shares are not worth much. The shares can also be sold when we get our tech build. That takes 1-year.

Academic coordination

The program is managed by Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz (Associate Professor on permanent leave, 10 years academic experience). This program is designed for 12 weeks part time participation, but we can tailor it to you, according to your situation or university rules. Let us know how we can make this program eligible for credits in your academic institutions by contacting [email protected].