Saving the planet through data – Environmental Data Accelerator

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Data is the new gold. Many have said it before.

Except it’s the opposite: gold is a scarce resource. And there’s plenty of data going around. We generate data out of nowhere, each of us, on a daily basis. The so-called gold is not just data, but actionable data. Data that you can use to make better decisions.

At Fairforce we care about environmental decisions. Decisions that companies and professionals can make, to maximize their carbon handprint.

I personally believe that people could do much more for the environment, but they don’t because of lack of data transparency. People do their best, they choose products that they think have a positive impact. From the options they have. And with the information they have. And making the trade-offs they know about.

But people need better data to make decisions

This applies to customers, who decide which product or service to buy. One product claims to be recyclable, another one to have lower consumption, another one was built in a factory that runs on renewable energy. They end up deciding based on fashionable preferences.

But it also applies to professionals, who decide what products to bring to the market. Or decide what actions to take. In the best case scenario they rely on Life Cycle Assessment, a number of assumptions, and pulling through their whole value chain.

It also applies to investors, who decide which resources or companies to invest in based on uneven information. And it also applies to public institutions who make policies to encourage behavior that is good for the environment.

This applies to all of us, in whichever role we are. There are plenty of incentives to analyze data, and we want to focus on those saving the planet through it.

We (humankind) can do better

Don’t get me wrong: the information that we have is a good start. But it’s not enough. All experts I’ve discussed with agree: data is the bottleneck. Getting good quality data that you can use to drive better decisions.

But environmental data is not the only thing we believe in. We also believe in the power of innovation through startups. And the power of startups working together.

Photo by Raquel Martínez on Unsplash

That’s why we’ve set ourselves on a quest to find the best startups dealing with environmental data. We have a vision of real-time transparent environmental data throughout the value chain. And we believe it requires a whole ecosystem to build that. It requires companies that:

  • gather high quality data (e.g. through sensors), who provide reliable information about emissions, consumption, or goods throughout the value chain;
  • make sense of the vast amounts of data that are currently available, aggregate the data and make it easy for consumers to access it, compile data, and/or share it;
  • turn data into insights, who translate the data into actionable items for consumers, who show data in a digestible way, who process it and transform chaos into meaning;
  • enable data for people to transact and invest based on it, trade, purchase, etc;
  • automate decisions based on that data, react to data in real time and enable decision-makers to focus on the bigger picture.

We want to see a world in which, when you buy a product, you know the footprint of the product you’re buying. Not of that type of products, but of that item in particular. And not through a gimmick, but through reliable sources. And we know our picture is incomplete: we’re looking for those green companies that will complement our vision in ways we don’t yet imagine!

I know that sounds ambitious. It is. That’s why we’re looking for great companies to go side by side with.

Are you one of those? Then you should check out our accelerator, and how our community of professionals can help you!

Green startups of the world, let’s work together

That’s why we’ve decided to organize an accelerator of sorts.

I say an accelerator because we want to give those companies a boost. We’ve set up a program in which we will help those companies in their business development, setting them up in meetings with parties that will take them to the next level.

And I say of sorts because it won’t be an accelerator as usual. Because it will be valuable for green startups of different sizes. With our model of work for equity, we make it trivial for the startups participating to work with the best professionals in exchange for equity. Anything from an advisory role to somebody providing legal services. Anything from a person running a social media campaign for you, to a country manager.

The program is structured as a compact 14-week accelerator program because we have seen the benefits of such a structure. Both Antti and myself have organized accelerators with companies such as Nordea, OTP Bank, Nokia or Microsoft among others. We have arranged hundreds of meetings for our startups in the past, and we are committed to continue doing that with green companies in Fairforce.

So, is this for you?

It certainly is if you share our vision of environmental data. Or if you want to have access to top talent without having to raise capital. Or if you want to be part of this new and fair way of growing companies, that has the benefits of crowdfunding and matchmaking.

If that’s the case, apply here!

And if you’re not sure, ping me and let’s jump on a call! ([email protected]). Be it through the accelerator or in other ways, we want to talk with you about saving the planet together!