Roles, processes and opportunities in Fairforce

So you’ve decided to maximize your carbon handprint. You’re convinced by our exchange of professional skills with needs at green companies. And you are with us in that people should get rewarded fairly, in shares, so that they’re part of the growth of that company. Fairforce is the right community for you. You’re in.

Now what?

I’ve been lately discussing with a number of ambassadors (current and soon-to-be), and some questions are consistent. So how does the process go? What do I do? What do I get? That’s why I’ve decided to put together this post… and to open the platform already for you to sign up early and be part of the movement.

The first step is to connect with the community

And the channel for that is signing up with the signup form you’ll find in our website (and below this post). That way we know more about you, have a way to contact you, and you get to see what we’re up to in real time!

I can proudly say we’re in the very early stages of building Fairforce. And that means that what you’ll find in there is barebones, for now. But once you’re in there, we can do the hand-holding for you. And for the moment, that will be crafty: we have student ambassadors discussing with our new community members, to make sure we get everything right.

Who are you?

The next step is picking your role. What do you want your role to be in Fairforce? We have 3 roles that you can take. You can take one or more of those roles.

Let’s go through each one of them, and your process if that’s you.

Role 1. You’re a professional looking for green companies

Woman working on a laptopThis is for you if you want to maximize your personal carbon handprint, and the best way you can do it is with what you do best: your professional skills.

And you want to be in it for more than just the pay, you want to be rewarded in shares (without the hassle).

The first step for you will be to fill in your profile and let us know what your superpowers are. Who are you? What are your skills? How can you help the companies grow or become greener?

You also need to let us know what tasks you’re interested in. Two core questions here are:

  • Are you interested in expert/specialist tasks (design, legal, technology, law…), or big picture (overall strategy, business or concept)?
  • Are you interested in working with companies in a role (long term basis, having a position for a year or more), or on doing gigs (they can be longer projects or shorter tasks, but with a clear time limit)?

Based on these, we will be able to match you with the right companies and tasks for your specific case. And when we do so, we will have a suggestion of the value of those tasks in shares, that you will need to agree to before we proceed.

And the matchmaking magic happens (see below).

Role 2. You have a company and you need to make it grow

This is for you if you need to get things done, and you need good competent vetted professionals. You may want them for projects, tasks or roles, that’s up to you. Oh, and you’re happy to reward them in shares. This tends to work well if you’re a startup, where you have little cash, but getting a competent professional can make your company several times more valuable.

The first step for you is to fill in your company profile, and let us know your needs. What is your company about? What makes it valuable? Where do you need help? Do they have a clear scope?

Young man staring at whiteboardIn your case, the process requires more information, because we need to make sure that the compensation in shares is fair for both sides. The Fairforce community will provide you with a valuation of your company in this point in time, and a measure of the market value of the task that you’re asking for. We use computer-enhanced crowd-sourcing (you could imagine it as an internet of cyborgs), of parties that stand nothing to win or loose with those assessment. The best way of making sure they are fair.

And yet to make sure both sides agree it’s fair, both the professional and the company need to confirm that they find those values fair. Otherwise the deal doesn’t take place. In practice, you confirm that you agree with the values, and Fairforce only matches you with professionals who also find that fair.

And the matchmaking magic happens (see below).

Role 3. You want to be an ambassador and co-founder of Fairforce

This is for you if you want to join our team. We’ve been saying loud and clear that we’re looking ambassadors to join us in starting and managing Fairforce. And we walk the talk, we want to reward those people with shares of Fairforce.

As our ambassador, the activities that you do include:

  • Promoting Fairforce, getting new professionals, companies and ambassadors.
  • Organizing Fairforce activities (events, accelerators, etc.).
  • Assessing the companies, so that the shares that they give away are fair.
  • Assessing the tasks, so that the professionals are rewarded fairly.
  • Validating that the correct implementation of tasks or roles, so that nobody takes advantage of Fairforce, its companies or its professionals.
  • Acting as referee in case of conflict.
  • Evaluating other ambassadors and potential ambassadors.

Of course, we want to be selective with this, and for that once again we use the knowledge of the crowds. To become an ambassador, you’ll have to fill in your professional profile – so that we know who you are – and then apply to be ambassador. We will get in contact with you to get more information, and existing ambassadors will decide if they accept you at the moment.

Keeping it all tidy

Feedback sheetThere’s some level of magic on the process above. How does the matchmaking happen in a way that is fair for all parties? How do you manage this process? And how do you make the equity process hassle-free?

We use a combination of knowledge of the crowds, enhanced with artificial intelligence. I already described how ambassadors assess the valuation of companies, and the value of work. And our technology helps coordinate their different points of view, in a way that the final assessments are more precise. And it also feeds them the right information, so that the tasks are easy.

But they do much more than that. They also make sure things stay on course. When you’re connecting people, there’s always the chance of disagreement, and in those disagreements you need a neutral third party to step in and resolve the conflict. Fairforce takes that role, with the help of ambassadors. Our ambassadors judge whether a task has been properly done, to the level that the professional had agreed with the company.

This combination of technology, competent individuals benefiting from their role in Fairforce, and the right processes, makes Fairforce a doomsday machine of sorts: everybody wins by making Fairforce stronger.

For this to work, the network has to be highly curated

Our ambassadors must be reliable and trustworthy. They must be committed to the end goal of growing Fairforce. Companies need to be valuable and reliable (and have the potential for growth). And professionals need to be vetted. All parts need are good to start with, and by being in Fairforce they become even better.

That’s why we’re growing Fairforce in a steady way. At the moment, we’re not looking to have the biggest numbers: we’re first onboarding the most competent ambassadors and professionals we know. And once we have a critical mass, we will start onboarding the most promising startups on our first accelerator. At each step we look carefully at who joins the Fairforce, because those people are co-founders to us.

Are you interested in being part of this journey? Sign up, apply to become an ambassador, and we’ll get in touch. To be co-founders, we need to know each other. Let’s get to know each other.