Let’s recognize the greenest professionals

It’s no secret that we have an environmental crisis to address. However, the part that’s less noticed is how, as humankind, there are many initiatives that are going on.

Many professionals are taking steps in making the world better and greener through business. Therefore, it’s heartwarming and inspiring, to the mind and to the soul, to see what those people are doing. We do that every day, and we want to share it with the world.

We’ve decided to recognize those individuals. And we’ve decided to do that in the form of a group conversation around lists.

Our student ambassadors are making Fairforce lists of professionals who have had the greatest impact on the environment. Hence, they’ve researched the individuals and their digital presence and achievements, curated the list, and published it on our website.

Here’s where you come in

Those lists are just a start – draft of sorts. Therefore, we want you to tell us how to make those lists better. In fact, we want you to tell us:

  • who we’re missing
  • whether the criteria should be different
  • what other lists we should have
  • if we have somebody we shouldn’t
  • what we can make to have more impact with these lists
  • how else can we recognize these individuals
  • … anything else you come up with, related to the lists!

All lists have a form at the end, where you can engage with the authors of the list. Help them make the list better!

Let’s recognize the best professionals in that field together.

Professionals, for scale

In our lists our student ambassadors have had a clear bias: a bias towards impact at scale.

While we all have a part to play as consumers, it’s as professionals where we can have the greatest impact. By reducing the footprint of others – because they use your greener products or services because you’ve altered their behavior because you’ve given them greener options… – you increase your handprint. Moreover, by reducing the footprint of thousands, you have a handprint that’s thousands-fold!

We need to think in that scale if we expect to save the planet. Also, we need to think about those having the biggest impact on society, on consumers, on the behavior of many others. Lastly, we need to recognize those who have a multiplying effect.

It’s a bias. But one we want to have. Thus, we believe in saving the planet through business.

So, if you’re with us, help us make those lists amazing!