Planet, Profit and I

Picture of Helena RauhalaFrom a very young age, I have been interested in environmental issues. Most of my life I have lived in Southern Finland, which has led me to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors and wildlife of our planet. My interest in climate change has only grown since I started my master’s studies last year. During different courses, I learned more about sustainability and fighting against climate change while doing business. 

I am also interested in doing business and understanding how the markets work. That is why I am majoring in my studies in International Marketing Management so that I would learn about strategic decision-making and marketing analytics. Moreover, in my future career, I want to do successful business with a sustainable approach.

I believe in the combination of People, Planet and Profit

The triple bottom line summarizes well the value every business should aim for. I want my future employer to share similar values as me and this will become a current matter next year when I will enter the job market.

Therefore, I need to acquire more knowledge about the topic. Joining Fairforce’s Student Ambassador internship program is a perfect fit as it is about growing green companies.

Why I joined the internship program 

I want to learn. I have gained theoretical knowledge about Marketing from my studies but during this internship, I will have a chance to take my knowledge into practice. This internship will help me gain real-life competencies and experience in online marketing and team leadership – the essential skills of today’s marketing managers.  

I want to be part of a community. I gain motivation by working in an innovative environment with like-minded people. Fairforce is a community of green hearted professionals working together. Moreover, we get to work in a creative and experimental environment, where we are encouraged to try different things every week.  

I want to make a difference in the world. I am enthusiastic about the topic of working for a greener tomorrow and I want to share this message with people all around the world. By being part of this green community and finding ways to reduce society’s carbon footprint, I can have a significant impact to make the world a better place.