Making carbon neutrality a competitive advantage

Society changes fast. But not fast enough.

Gaining a sustainable competitive advantage for our businesses is becoming approachable more than ever. Having studied History, Politics, and Economics has given me a wider insight as to how humankind is interfering with the environment through various channels.

History shows us the development of environmental and preservative thinking. From the beginnings of large-scale CO2 emissions in the industrial revolution to the awakening of mainstream environmentalism in the 1980s, and finally, the present day. Humanity is fighting a war of interests between preservation and profit.

Politics shows a very similar story- only as humanity has grown into the society it has built, is it able to look outward at the effects of its progress.

Economics is where all this comes together- as a modern economic theory has its beginnings in the industrial revolution. The society we have built and the global marketplace that is planet earth has outgrown its original context.  Such a burden is now choking the world around us like a metal wire bound around a growing tree. As of now, it looks like the wire is crossing the threshold and this tree is about to fall.

We have a problem. How about the solution?

At first glance, Fairforce is all about bringing people and businesses together to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. However, this excludes most businesses out there.

Not only do we want to welcome people who are willing to go the extra mile- we are about creating a need for going green. The reason why humanity is embroiled in the bloody war between longevity and profit is that they are still two separate and opposite things.

Instead of trying to say that preservation is more important than profit, we want to make preservation of equal profit. By doing so, we are creating a strong competitive advantage that will provide a green business with solutions to outperform “traditional” ones. We do not only win the fight – we end it.

The core idea of the UX team is to make the interaction between Fairforce community members as seamless as possible- and reduce any transfer costs incurred in a step towards carbon neutrality.

By shifting the paradigm from:

profit vs preservation
profit = preservation

We will make carbon neutrality a competitive advantage. It should be something that is sought for instead of quietly shunned.

As Fairforce grows its presence, voice, and reach, we create a stronger, more compatible, and effective community. The green hearted community of Fairforce makes this paradigm shift become reality. We need to get the word out – because business is about to change.