Let us make our world, our environment better than ever!

I grew up surrounded by huge love for flowers and plants which I inherited from my mother. My love for our planet was inspired by then. I still remember my mom waking early in the morning to water and take care of her little garden with happiness on her face – and memories always strengthen our love. On the other hand, living in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, I understand how the environment can affect people’s behavior, emotion, and health. Living in a clean environment makes us happier, healthier, and more energetic. I believe it makes us love our life even more.

Understanding the importance of the environment, I am on my way to be greener and greener every single day. I am reducing plastic consumption, decreasing the use of a private car, saving water and electricity as much as possible. Everyone’s small contribution can help save our planet.

A bridge connecting business and environment

Even though my personal actions are important, they are not enough. We need to take collective action. Fairforce – a bridge connecting business with our environment, gathering green-minded professionals and green tech companies – operates under a common goal: saving our globe. Through this community, our message will reach people not only from the business sector but also from other fields.

Together we go far

As a student ambassador, I have ample opportunities to connect with other green-hearted individuals coming from various fields.  There are no limits for us to save the globe. Moreover, joining Fairforce provides me chances to embrace new ideas and meet interesting people.

Together we will go far. We need to keep our love for nature in mind and continue to take action. The goal is building a green society, where nature and humans support each other.

“If you love something, set it free.” – If we love our nature, we have to let it free to grow without any harm or damage.