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Top Sustainability Consultants in Finland

Our student ambassadors have carefully curated lists of professionals who have made a significant impact on sustainability in their industry. 

From Finnish CEOs to entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka, the professionals hand-picked on this list come from a variety of professions and countries. 

We continue adding people on the lists that deserve to be noticed for the good they have done for nature. 

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Top Sustainability Consultants in Finland

The market of services slowly but surely moves towards consultancy. Therefore, the existing experts have a benefit in an emerging market.

Today, we would want to provide a list of Finnish consultants, specializing in sustainability.

The criteria for the choice were – working in at least one sustainability pillar, whether social, environmental, or economic, the size of impact, and influence.

Pirkko Kasanen

CEO of Tyrsky Consulting

The company was established in 2014, and since then, she was bringing her expertise to mitigate climate change.

During her career, Pirrko was mostly concentrated on topics of stakeholder collaboration, project coordination, energy efficiency, and energy policy.

She states her mission as ‘to enable and improve cooperation and collaboration in projects and programs, to manage complex combinations into a coherent whole.’ That involves many activities on the border or research and business, and engaging stakeholders to the conversation.

Pirrko strongly believes in an agile and flexible work condition without bureaucratic borders.

One of her projects was concentrated on improving living conditions for the elderly, considering both the social and environmental sides of the challenge.

Elina Aaltolainen

Human Concept Designer, Partner at Milestone, and a Fairforce Ambassador

The story with sustainability had started for Elina long before it became ‘mainstream.’ Her mother was very environmentally aware. Therefore things like growing her own potatoes, picking berries in the forest, consuming less and fixing what you have has always been a part of their family life.

Sustainability, as a concept, lays on three pillars: environmental, economic, and social. The system would only work having all these three components together.

For the last 20 years, Elina was dedicating herself to understand what it means to be a human being. And the result ended with the thought that the core of human existence is responsible. That includes the daily choices we make, as we always have the ability to take the most ethical approach to consuming, working, and in our attitudes to other people. And by taking this responsibility, we can find a way how to reconnect with each other, treat each other better, and to build a base for a better sustainable life.

Stijn Boon

President of Helsinki branch 180 degrees consulting

Stijn has just recently started his career in consulting, first from the position of a student consultant at 180 degrees, working on the funding project. The role that he has taken was a voluntary one and by his own words ‘very sophisticated’. Yet, he had managed to bring a fresh look to the existing problems of Finnish NGO that came with their challenge for a consultancy.

Stijn finds helping non-governmental organizations significantly relevant, considering that they, as a rule, have limited funds, but do a lot of socially-oriented and meaningful work.

Stijn was also previously involved in Impact Projects, where his team and he were concentrated around rising awareness initiatives in Nordics: Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.

Anssi Karppinen

Head of the section at AFRY Finland & CEO of Qide Ltd.

Except mentioned above, Anssi takes the position of Head of Section Environmental Studies, Environment Finland, at AFRY Finland.

His area of expertise includes R&D and water treatment solutions.

As Chief executive officer and a Chairman of the board in Qide, Anssi and his team work on developing sustainable software solutions for businesses in Sweden, Finland, and Central Asian countries, Like Tajikistan, Vietnam, and Kyrgyzstan. Aside from helping to develop better software and shop there, he also helps these young Asian countries become more attractive for travelers by writing a collaborative blog.

Katri Luoma-aho

Circular Economy, Environmental Services, Manager, Business, Marketing, Sales at AFRY Finland

She is also a Head of Section Environmental Services, Environment Finland.

Besides her career in environmental consulting, developing sustainable business solutions, and water treatment, Katri also does pro-bono consulting and volunteering.

Anna-Katri Räihä

Leading environmental consultant at Pupliva Consulting

As a member of Nordic Offset OY, she was a part of climate-related assignments. That included consulting companies to mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions, and going forward becoming carbon neutral.

She has been in environmental consulting for 10 years, and also managed to create a strong personal brand and to become the biggest traveling influencer in Finland. Being passionate about sustainability and providing consulting services in this sphere, Anna-Katri is also passionate about traveling. She has visited more than 130 countries that she speaks about in her blog.

Satu Lyyra

Principal Consultant, Environmental Consulting at AFRY Finland Oy

As part of her career, she was a team lead of a group of 20 environmental experts for a bit more than a year.

Satu’s area of expertise would include climate and sustainability consulting, verification, noise, and vibration-related challenges.

She was also dedicating her time to science and research, which ended up with several publications in respected magazines.

Paula Fontell

Co-Founder and CEO at Ethica

Her passion is to ‘co-create better business, society, and life.’ Engaging stakeholders and listening to the customers and their ideas about the future is the way she explores the path to the circular economy.

Having more than 10 years of experience in business and management, Paula acknowledges her strength to be a strategic thinker and a person who has a holistic approach to any challenge.

Maija Leino

CEO of UseLess Company Oy

Leino’s interest in sustainability led  her to choose a path of study in a related field. 

Maja’s activities as a student involved a lot of research and concentrating on the Life Cycle Assessment procedures and calculations. 

That has naturally led to starting a company that now offers the same services, with the help of her team and years of experience.

Faisal Al-Fairs

Founder & Chairman at Airo Ventures Oy

Faisal is a person with strong sustainability and environmental awareness and knowledge.

He has years of experience in different areas of sustainability-related matters, such as project management, risk analysis, clean energy, smart cities, and circular economy.

In his work, he implements an international background, and best practices learned from developed countries.

Paavo Tertsunen

Co-founder at UseLess Company Oy

As a part of this project, Paavo and Maja are delivering quality services for informing about the carbon footprint and calculating it for the companies.

He is also a big fan of sustainability and an active member of his alma-mater, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology.

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