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Top Professionals Working with Plant-based Food in Sweden and the UK

Our student ambassadors have carefully curated lists of professionals who have made a significant impact on sustainability in their industry.

From Finnish CEOs to entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka, the professionals hand-picked on this list come from a variety of professions and countries.

We continue adding people on the lists that deserve to be noticed for the good they have done for nature.

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Top Professionals Working with Plant-based Food in Sweden and the UK

The plant-based food sector is rapidly growing around the world, and one in six food products launched in the UK in 2018 was described as free from animal ingredients or vegan (The Vegconomist). The professionals on this list have contributed to the growing success of plant-based food in Sweden and the UK.

The list contains professionals who:

  • work to develop the plant-based food sector in Sweden or the UK
  • do something related with sustainability in their spare time
  • and / or have done something related with ethics in the past

Agneta Påander

Agneta is sustainability director at Orkla Foods Sverige AB, one of Sweden’s largest food companies which last year increased its sales within plant-based food with one third compared to the previous year.

Other than that, she is a member of the board at Växtbaserat Sverige and part of the steering committee of Hållbar livsmedelskedja, an organisation which together with WWF aims to develop sustainable supply chains within the food industry.

Cecilia McAleavey 

Cecilia works as director for sustainable eating and public affairs at Oatly, a company that produces dairy substitutes made of oats.

She is also chair of Växtbaserat Sverige, an organisation which aims to influence politics, for a more positive attitude towards plant-based food both in Sweden and the rest of the EU.

Damien Clarkson

Damien is co-founder of The Plant Based Business Podcast as well as of Vevolution, a platform that supports plant-based startups and makes knowledge about plant-based entrepreneurship available through events and talks.

He is also a board trustee of Made In Hackney, an award winning plant-based charity that offers free community classes in cookery.

Douglas Lamont

Douglas is the CEO of Innocent, a company that makes healthy drinks and gives 10% of profits to charity.

It has a foundation (The Innocent Foundation)  that has been donating money, reaching over 750000 hungry people in the world.

Eslam Salah

Eslam is an agronomist who has founded Lupinta, a startup producing plant-based food that was the winner in the environmental category at University Startup World Cup last year.

In addition, he is the founder of a non-profit in Cairo which supports youths interested in education and internships abroad.

Eslam has been recognised for his work with Lupinta by the King of Sweden and was announced as one of Sweden’s 101 super talents by the newspaper Veckans Affärer.

Jonathan Petrides

Jonathan is an allplants co-founder, where they believe the way we eat has a great impact on our health and the health of our planet.

In order to take action, they created allplants, a company that produces plant-based food delivered to doorsteps UK-wide.

In addition, Jonathan founded Penda Health, an “award-winning private company that is transforming healthcare in Kenya” that won global social enterprise of the year in 2013.

Kees Kruythoff

Kees is a former Unilever president who is now the CEO of Livekindly, a company that is home to several plant-based food brands.

He also serves as chairman of Enactus Worldwide, a non-profit that works to encourage young leaders to develop social enterprises.

In addition, he is the chairman of Mr Green Trading Africa Kenya Ltd., a company focused on recycling in emerging markets.

Linh-Chi N

Linh-Chi is the head of people at THIS, a successful firm that produces plant-based chicken and bacon.

In her spare time, she runs a Vietnamese food truck.

Previously, she has also taken part in charity works as a project leader, where she worked to raise money and increase awareness for rainforest sustainability charity.

Lone Thomsen

Lone left the Coca-Cola Company to become the chief marketing officer of The meatless farm, a company that produces plant-based food.

Among other achievements, she is launching the first global campaign in 2020 into Veganuary to drive behavioural change, significantly increasing awareness.

Louise Needham

Louise is the sustainability manager at Quorn foods, a business that provides healthy recipes and plant-based food to its clients.

Other than that, she did her masters in Environmental management where she also carried out voluntary experience.

Madeleine Linins Mörner

Madeleine is program director for Framtidens Mat (food of the future) at Axfoundation, a program which has successfully produced plant-based food.

Madeleine has a background as sustainability manager and also founded Fair Unlimited, a company focused on fair trade with developing countries.

Beside her work at Axfoundation, Madeleine is a member of the board at World Childhood Foundation.

Marcus Karlsson

Marcus is the fourth generation of the family business Härryda Karlssons Chark, but instead of keeping up the legacy of meat sausages, he chose to turn parts of the business into plant-based production with the brand Peas of Heaven.

This switch recently earned him the award Unga Landsbygdspriset, which is annually awarded to successful business people between 15-30 years old in rural areas who add value to their community.

Måns Ullerstam

Måns is the CEO of Astrid och Aporna, a plant-based food manufacturer, and the founder of Kale United, a holding company focused on plant-based brands.

He is also a Climate Leader, trained by Al Gore through the non-profit Climate Reality, and has previously founded the green startup Neutral World.

Sarah Gabriella Augustine

Sarah is a senior brand manager at Winterbotham Darby & Co Ltd and works with their fast-growing plant-based brand Squeaky Bean, which wants to challenge the stereotypes around veganism.

In her spare time, Sarah is a team member at the food bank Loveworks.   

Simeon Van der Molen

Simeon first founded Ecozone, a company providing cleanin ethical products.

As he saw that market was too limited he decided to jump into the food sector and founded Moving Mountains.

They created the first 100% raw plant based “bleeding” burger, different from all classic vegan burgers you can find in a supermarket.

Anna Jarleman

Anna is the Head of Sustainability Nordics as well as the Head of Communications Sweden and Denmark for Findus Sverige, one of Sweden’s leading food companies which has its own plant-based product range called Pease.

Last year, Anna completed a course in Business Sustainability Management with a high pass at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL).

Emil Wasteson

Emil is co-founder of the startup Hooked Seafood AB which is soon set to launch its first plant-based seafood product.

He is also a Global Shaper through the Global Shapers Community, meaning he is part of creating initiatives that address societal challenges.

Furthermore, Emil is a board member at Effektiv Altruism Sverige, an organisation dedicated to finding the most effective ways of helping others, and has been a project coordinator for Engineers Without Borders.

Jeremy Schwartz

Jeremy is the chairman of the board at Good Hemp, a company that produces milk and other products based on hemp.

He has spent over ten years previously in his career as a member of the board of trustees at The Against Malaria Foundation, an organisation dedicated to protecting people from malaria.

Tanya Chapman

Tanya is co-founder of One Planet Pizza, the leading vegan frozen pizza company in the UK.

By only using plant-based ingredients for their pizzas, One Planet pizzas have a 20% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional pizzas (One Planet Pizza).

Before starting One Planet Pizza, Tanya founded and ran a vegan bakery called LuVegan.

Tegen Whyte

Tegen is a senior account manager at both Co Yo UK and Nush Foods, two companies that produce plant-based yoghurt and, for Co Yo, ice cream as well.

Tegen has previously been a senior account manager for the UK at Mighty Bee, a company that produces vegan banana bars.

In her role as sales manager at Hess Foods Limited, Tegen has also been part of bringing the German plant-based food brand Veganz to the British market.


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