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Top Nordic Professionals Implementing Circular Economy

Our student ambassadors have carefully curated lists of professionals who have made a significant impact on sustainability in their industry.

From Finnish CEOs to entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka, the professionals hand-picked on this list come from a variety of professions and countries.

We continue adding people on the lists that deserve to be noticed for the good they have done for nature.

Please give feedback and suggest more names on the lists. We want more people who are utilizing their business skills for nature!

Top Nordic Professionals Implementing Circular Economy

For decades, we have been taking nature’s resources for granted and we continue to lead lives based on a linear, wasteful economic system. On a planet with such a finite amount of resources, we need a circular economy system that redesigns waste to become a resource (Ellen MacArthur Foundation). Making this change will allow us to use businesses and their products as a way to protect nature while improving people’s quality of life.  We all have a responsibility for the long term stability of the Earth’s natural cycles (Johan Rockstrom).  

Our criteria: 

  • Geographical limit: Nordic countries
  • Focus on: Circular economy
  • Experience and projects
  • Awards or recognition

From our point of view, these professionals are a great example of redesigning business and creating a new green future.


Björn Steinar Jónsson 

Saltverk creates salt using only geothermal energy, in a completely sustainable way. 

The founder and CEO, Bjorn is an engineer, with experience in the food industry. He also worked at IBM.

Bjorn has a passion for traditional Icelandic methods and the environment. He is a key example of bridging profit and the environment. Throughout the production process, Saltverk Salt leaves zero carbon footprint (Saltverk). 

Thor Sigfusson 

Thor Sigfusson is an Icelandic entrepreneur, author and speaker. He is the starter and founder and chairman of the company Iceland Ocean Clusters; a company that focuses on developing innovative ideas around the blue economy.

Sigfusson’s experience is focused on ocean sustainability, and this work has allowed him to work with other companies practising circular economy methods.

Fish sustainability is 100% of his focus, and through innovative methods, Iceland Ocean Cluster has managed to find a way to reuse up to 95% of the cut, adding value to each cut and value to the ocean (Iceland Ocean Cluster). In 2013, he founded the company Collagen with the aim to use fish skin to create marine collagen (circular economy). 


Mika Vesa Antero Horttanainen

Mika Vesa Antero Horttanainen is currently a professor and researcher at Lappeenranta University.

Since 1997, has been researching and participating in projects related with waste management, circular economy and recycling.

Actually he is Head of Dept. of Sustainability Science among other things.

Outi Luukko 

Outi Luukko is currently the CEO and Partner of Touchpoint.

Touchpoint is a brand that repurposes waste and plastic into ecological brand wear. They use a closed loop solution by collecting textile waste as their raw material. From reading Outi’s LinkedIn page, it is clear she has an interest in circular economies, reusable/ recyclable textiles and ethical business practices.

Outi has experience in design management, marketing and she is currently working with sustainable development and design. 

Maija Pohjakallio 

Maija Pohjakallio is a sustainability advocate with a background in sustainable development, and physical chemistry.

She is the Sustainability Director for Sulapac Ltd, which is a company that produces a biodegradable packaging material that resembles plastic yet it is biodegradable. This material is sustainably sourced, it can be recycled, and it is the “first mass-producible” material of its kind. 

Source: EU- Startups


Thomas Brorsen Pedersen

Thomas Brorsen Pedersen is the CEO and Founder at Pond. Additionally, Thomas Brorsen Pedersen has had a past job in the renewables industry, as the Senior Company Specialist Blade Technology at Siemens Wind Power A/S.

Pond produces bio resin systems which are 100 % bio-based and fully biodegradable in nature.

The Pond bio-resin system is suitable to be used to substitute traditional crude-oil resins in many industries, including the automotive, wind power, aeroplane, textile, construction, bottling and plastic packaging industry.

Source: https://pond.global

Hans Axel Kristensen

Hans Axel Kristensen is the CEO of Plastix. He has had a range of experience in other business related jobs, such as the International HR Director for the Carlberg group, but Plastix is his first green company.

His vision for the company is to provide a sustainable solution for preventive action, to combat plastic pollution and ensure cleaner environments and oceans. This is done by the manufacturing of Green Plastic for the Circular Economy. 

Source: Plastic Global

René Møller Rosendal

René Møller Rosendal is the founder and consultant for the Danish Waste Solutions.

He has had previous experience as a technician and consultant. 

His focus is now on reducing waste as the company is an independent consulting company offering expert services within the management of waste and resources with particular emphasis on environmental aspects.

Source: http://www.danws.dk/index-uk.html


Wilhelm Myrer

Founder and CEO of Empower, a company that uses Block-chain for plastic bottles recovery.

Though his background is not related with environmental affairs, he found a solution for an environmental problem (plastic waste) using block-chain as the new technology.

He can be an example for future companies to operate in a different manner.

Casper Boks

Professor at the NTNU with full experience in Ecodesign and sustainability systems with various publications in “Journal of Cleaner Production”.

During his life, he has been researching in fields such as sustainability and practices, which also education and creating a culture of workers of the private sector industry.

Øistein Aleksandersen

CEO and founder of Nofir which recovers plastic from oceans and turns it into new valuable plastic.

Among his goals in this company, he is looking for new technologies to dismantle or recycle discarded equipment from fishing and fish farming industry.

Johannes Daae

Johannes Daae is Head of Development at Grønt Punkt Norge and he also works at OsloMet as an associate professor, teaching and supervising design students in sustainable design.

His thesis was about informing Design for Sustainable Behavior, focused on how designers can design products so the user has less impact on the environment in their practical design projects.

Later on, he focused on sustainability and design, and now his job focuses on helping companies create more of a sustainable packaging solution.

 Gry Dahl

Gry Dahl is currently the department manager of the corporate environment and climate change adaptation team within Bane NOR.

With a bachelor in EE, she has performed many activities related with environment tasks, mainly as HSE in consultancy.

For nine years, she has been ecodesign expert for the Norwegian council. Actually, she is an environmental Management and Strategy. Safety & Quality Management. Climate Adaptation.

Annik Magerholm Fet

Annik Magerholm Fet is currently the vice-rector and professor at NTNU. She has 35 years of experience in LFC and sustainability, her department offers support to private companies and is teaching and researching at NTNU for engineering students.

For 30 years within business-related research under the umbrella of sustainability, environmental strategic management and systems engineering, especially with branches as steel industry, construction, furniture, shipbuilding, shipping and fish food production.

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