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Top Green Professionals in China

Our student ambassadors have carefully curated lists of professionals who have made a significant impact on sustainability in their industry. 

From Finnish CEOs to entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka, the professionals hand-picked on this list come from a variety of professions and countries. 

We continue adding people on the lists that deserve to be noticed for the good they have done for nature. 

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Top Green Professionals in China

According to the World Bank data, China ranks near the top of the list of countries with the larger countrywide greenhouse gas emissions.
Having acknowledged the issue, the Chinese government has now launched incentives to invest in sustainable businesses.

These incentives favor those companies which prioritize investing in renewable energy, primarily because it helps the country to tackle the problems of air and water pollution and to mitigate the risks of socio-economic instability.

Following the encouragement of the government, many green start-ups with a focus on sustainability have emerged in China.

This list covers some of the most impactful individuals in the sustainable sector in China.

Yang Lei

CEO of Hello Trans-tech – Hellobike

Yang Lei is the founder of Hellobike and the entrepreneur who led the company to become a comprehensive green business. Hellobike is a professional mobile travel platform.

Yang Lei was nominated as “First Financial” outstanding young business leader of 2018, and he was also listed as one of the annual entrepreneur leaders in 2018.

He made it to the top 10 of Hu Run Baifu List of China’s top 30 30-year-old entrepreneurial leaders in 2018.

He was selected for the 2017 Forbes top 30 China’s under 30 business elite list, and he was one of the 36 new global leaders in the economy for 2019.

Yang Lei

Director of Jinko Solar

Graduated from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, he worked as a manager for a Shanghai green energy company for about two years before joining Jinko Solar.

Since 2008, he works as a director and manages projects and operations for the company. After more than ten years of working in the energy industry, he has witnessed the ups and downs of the industry.

As photovoltaic energy has gradually transformed from being a niche technology on a large scale to the popular manufacturing industry, Yang Lei decided to work toward developing the green energy industry and supporting sustainability.

He wants to continue to contribute to the industry, and he believes that the more people participate, the sooner the new energy industry will greet a new dawn.

Jonathan Luan Dong

Advisor for Seeder

Jonathan is an expert in energy and environmental policy.

He was a research assistant for the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs in Beijing in 2012 then he participated at the China Environment Forum in 2013, where he led a consulting project for the Duke University’s planned Environmental Policy Program.

Jonathan works as an advisor for Seeder Energy since 2016.

He is specialized in China’s energy policy, energy transition, coal consumption, environmental activism and education, and green supply chain management.

He is currently a member of the Bloomberg New Energy Finance. 

Jacob Tomas – TAN YAXING 谭亚幸

Founder and CEO of Maker Sustainability Consulting Co., Ltd (MSC)

Jacob has years of experience participating in green activities and supporting sustainability.

He was the Head of the training facilitator in sustainable education in Okinawa in Japan for almost two years, and then he founded MSC in January 2014.
By providing a methodology of sustainability, tackling every challenge in operations, MSC hones strategies for greater value and creates social impact.

MSC works to ensure that sustainability efforts are anchored in business fundamentals and demonstrate a clear return on investment.

In 2018, Jacob established “Africa True Story”, a digital brand project under “Pumbaa Eco”. Currently, Jacob Tomas is the CEO of MSC and Chief Strategist of Africa True Story.

Bo Bai

CEO at China-US Green Funds

Dr. Bo Bai is the Chief Executive Officer of the U.S.-China Green Fund.
Dr. Bai is the Chairman of East Low Carbon, Vice Chairman of the US-China Energy Cooperation Program, and the director of Four Rivers Steel Restructuring Fund, Zhangjiakou Commercial Bank, Huitongda and AiPark.

From 2009 to 2016, Dr. Bai worked for Warburg Pincus.
As a Partner and Managing Director, he led its investments in the energy, industrial, and business services sectors in Asia.

Previously, he worked at First Reserve Corporation and Goldman Sachs.
Dr. Bai has experience in working for multi-energy companies.

Haixiao Pan

Professor at Tongji University

He is a professor of Urban Planning at the Department of Urban Planning at Tongji University in Shanghai, China.

He is one of China’s leading researchers in urban land use and transport planning. He has published three books and numerous articles in this area.

In 2011, Professor Pan participated in the International Transport Forum and delivered a paper on the Implementation of Sustainable Urban Travel Policies in China – one of the highlights of the forum.

In December 2017, he published his research on individual carbon dioxide emissions of commuting in the peri-urban area of metropolitan cities — an empirical study in Shanghai.

Karen Cao

Head of Environment Initiatives, Apple Inc.

Karen Cao has about 15 years of experience in development and management in the fields of environment, energy, and sustainable development. She is an expert in the environmental and energy industry.

Received her Ph.D. from China Agricultural University in Resources and Environment, she participated in the EU-China energy and environment program for about four years before joining the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as a program manager for the energy and environment team.

Karen is also leading one of the top 10 WWF China projects. Since December 2013, she is the Head of Environment Initiatives for Apple Inc. China.

Yingya Zhou

CEO at Meinergy

Yingya Zhou is currently the director of the Technical Team for the Energy Sector at Tencent Cloud, providing solutions on energy and the internet.

She has been leading the Energy FT product group to design innovative products that apply the IaaS and PaaS products into scenarios in the energy sector.

She has international experience and expertise in energy for the US, Germany, and China as a certified European Energy Exchange trader.

Her passion and entrepreneurship are proved by a co-founded startup, Meinergy. It was born out of the idea of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Yang Kaikai

Founder of EnergoLabs

Before founding Energo Labs in 2016, Kaikai Yang worked at Tencent WeStart, an incubator working on early-stage start-up investment.

As COO of Energo Labs, she is responsible for the strategic layout and global expansion of the company, as well as tracking the overall execution and innovation of the business.

Since Energo’s foundation in 2019, Yang has led the team to explore markets in 10 countries, including but not limited to Singapore, the Philippines, India, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and the Netherlands.

She has also enabled and overlooked Energo’s cooperation with several internationally renowned energy companies, top research institutions, and clean energy incubators.

As the co-chair of the Energy Blockchain Leadership Committee, Kaikai founded the Asian Cleantech Entrepreneurs Community (ACTEC), an organization devoted to building a network of entrepreneurs focusing on sustainable development and the environment.

Brandon Ng

Co-founder of and CEO at Ampd Energy

He is an energetic entrepreneur with a passion for creating engineering and technology-led solutions that have a tangible impact on society.

His goal is to secure a zero-emissions future for the construction sector. Before founding Ampd, Brandon was a volunteer consultant for the Environmental Justice Foundation and was responsible for redeveloping ‘The Wind Project’ – EJF’s renewable energy development and investments programme.

He also participates as a fellow in Unreasonable, an organisation, investment fund, and social network that supports companies in solving social and environmental challenges.

Currently, Brandon is responsible for overseeing and managing the implementation of the overall strategic vision of Ampd.

Qiao Wanshan

Founder of SHOKAY

She is the founder of the socially-responsible brand Shokay, which crafts high-quality hand-combed yak wool products.

As a Harvard graduate, Qiao could have chosen a much easier career. Instead, she has decided to do something no one ever did before. She started a social enterprise to help Tibetan people out of indigence.

Now her brand, SHOKAY, has become the leader in the Chinese sustainable fashion industry.

Qiao Wanshan was nominated as an Echoing Green Global Fellow and was a finalist in the 2009 Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards in Asia.

In 2017, a study related to worsted yak wool yarn sponsored by Shokay won the Geneva Innovation Gold Prize. Besides, Wanshan also completed an artwork together with Australian artists and the elderly in the Shanghai Taikang Community, which combined culture, art, knitwear, and community activity and provided the elderly involved with a sense of dignity, happiness, and value.

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