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Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurs in Portugal

Our student ambassadors have carefully curated lists of professionals who have made a significant impact on sustainability in their industry.

From Finnish CEOs to entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka, the professionals hand-picked on this list come from a variety of professions and countries.

We continue adding people on the lists that deserve to be noticed for the good they have done for nature.

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Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurs in Portugal

The Portuguese relationship with textiles began centuries ago, having established our know-how in textile production in the late 18th century. Portugal’s textile industry has earned global prestige for its quality, innovation, and creativity, and today it represents 12% of Portugal’s export revenues, making it one of the key industrial sectors in the country. 

But what is the right price for fashion? 

It is not an easy question but increasingly more people are trying to find solutions by pursuing the path of sustainable fashion, where one’s love for fashion, people and the planet come together. 

We have chosen amazing professionals who have contributed to this sustainable revolution in our wardrobes. These people are from diverse backgrounds whose paths came together for the purpose of reducing the carbon emissions of the fashion industry. We have followed a set of criteria in order to select the best professionals in the Portuguese market. 

  • Product development and design according to sustainable principles;
  • Organic and ecological materials;
  • Waste reduction and recycling;
  • Environmental awareness;
  • National production;
  • Brand transparency.

Helena Antónia SilvaVintage for a Cause

Founder of Vintage for a Cause.

Despite completing her Bachelor’s degree in Law, Helena decided to make a career change and pursue the fashion industry.

Her brand functions as a collaborative platform for upcycling, gathering designers, fashion brands, and the Portuguese industry.

She aims to reduce the waste generated due to the fast-fashion industry and consumerist society.

To do so, she gives a new purpose to the clothes that would have otherwise been dumped as waste.

Pedro PalhaISTO

Co-Founder of ISTO, with a Bachelor in Business, Pedro decided to create a brand of luxury essentials that are affordable.

The clothesline is 100% organic and gives the customers the quality they are looking for without compromising the sustainable side of the clothes.

The brand idea arose from the frustration of not being able to find the clothes that he liked in Portugal and the ones abroad were too expensive and not at all sustainable. 

Cristiana CostaNäz

Founder of Näz Fashion, Cristina studied fashion design in Lisbon.

As a customer, she found it hard to find sustainable clothes at a reasonable price, which led her to develop a solution that would both fit her needs and bring innovation into this over-explored sector.

To do so, she created her own brand that she defines as collaboration, sustainability, and minimalism.

She creates her designs with surpluses from the textile industry all over Portugal.

Adriana ManoZouri Shoes

Co-founder of Zouri Shoes, Adriana Mano, with a major in Marketing Management, believes in social and positive business as a force for a better world.

She wanted to fight ocean pollution and give a new purpose to this collected waste.

As a result of this, and the research developed over two years, her footwear brand was born with shoes that are made from plastic collected from the ocean, in addition to being vegan, sustainable, and ethical.

Ana Filipa CostaBaseville

Co-Founder of Baseville, environmental engineer Ana Filipa believes that the green DNA of the brand comes from her academic background.

Everything is proudly made in Portugal, including the fabric, sewing, labels.

The pillars of the brand are quality, environmental awareness, and innovation.

All the details were developed from scratch in order to have a truly sustainable brand.

Joana SilvaConscious Swimwear

Founder of Conscious Swimwear, Joana was driven mainly by her growing environmental awareness and a sewing class to create her brand.

Her products use fibres that are created from unwanted waste from oceans and landfills around the world, helping to turn trash into high quality swimwear.

Her close relationships with local seamstresses means that the items are produced without compromising work ethics.

Kaleigh Tirone NunesCleonice

Founder and creative director of Cleonice, she is an architect with a passion for fashion.

She believes that fashion is increasingly a forerunner in the conversation of ethical standards, environmental achievements, and individual empowerment.

Cleonice is a conscious fashion label designed for women yearning to feel utterly feminine and comfortable from day to night, with a conscious attitude. 

Eliana TomazTomaz Design

Founder of Tomaz Design, Eliana, with a degree in Spatial Design from the University of the Arts London, decided to create a brand that would embody her green lifestyle and help others to consider their product consumption more carefully.

Her sustainable fashion brand focuses on aligning elegance with sustainability, giving her customers timeless and unique pieces.

She wants to give people clothing that they will cherish forever and remind them of respecting the environment. 

Paula PérezNAE Vegan Shoes

Paula is the Founder of NAE Vegan Shoes.

With an unexpected background as a statistics and operational research graduate, she decided to make a difference in the shoe-making industry by innovating the production process of shoe-making.

She rejected leather and other animal-derived sources to prove that fashion can go hand-in-hand with sustainability and cruelty-free products. 

Ana MendesCuscuz Design

Founder and Creative Director of Cuscuz Design, Ana decided to start a sustainable fashion brand that focuses on slow fashion while she was still studying her Bachelor’s degree in Design and Multimedia.

The final creations are handmade and elaborated with reused materials.

Each piece is unique, with a focus on giving the buyer a sense of well-being and consciousness about the environment.

Her most iconic pieces are the wooden sunglasses, for which she salvages material that has reached the end of its existence.

Catarina PedrosoBalluta

Co-Founder of Balluta, Catarina Pedroso, with a background in design as a graduate from Lisbon’s Fine Arts University, she decided to develop a responsible shoe brand with a focus on sustainability and cruelty-free products.

Proving that luxurious high-fashion shoes can also be achieved through an ethical process that respects both the people and the environment, her brand has been gaining a lot of attention for being a 100% vegan in all its process. 

Nuno Henriques – Toino Abel

Founder of Toino Abel, Nuno started this brand in Berlin and later moved to the Portuguese countryside to work side by side with the remaining local elder craftsmen, taking a modern approach to basketry.

He uses his passion, for this almost lost craft, to drive forward a tradition in new ways.

His brand honours a cultural identity with integrity, yet incorporates innovation.

Hannah EdwardsInsane in the Rain

Hannah Edwards is the founder of INSANE IN THE RAIN, an environmentally conscious brand which produces ecological rainwear.

She has been involved in the fashion market for a long time, but it was after a trip to Machu Picchu that she was inspired to help save the planet. As a result, Insane in The Rain was born.

Her desire to use the art of print and design to communicate a message about the planet, as well as using recycled plastic fabric as a material, is evident in each of her pieces.

Flavia AranhaFlávia Aranha

The stylist Flavia Aranha, from Brazil,  has recently introduced her brand, named after herself, to the Portuguese market.

She claims the deeper she explored the fashion process, the more she understood how detrimental it was for society and the environment.

That is why she decided to run a business which aligns with her values ​​and beliefs using natural raw materials, such as natural Brazilian’s plants and herbs to dye the clothing.

Ana EvaristoABLESIA

Ana Evaristo is the founder of ABLESIA, a Minimalist clothing brand for women, whose objective is to create pieces that are made to last.

Lyoncell, viscose, organic cotton and cupro are some of the fabrics that are used, materials that are more ecological and Environment friendly.

Moreover, she is a member of a Portuguese craftsmen’s network which creates an ecosystem of business supported by a sustainable consumption of materials. 

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