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Italian Female Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Fashion

Our student ambassadors have carefully curated lists of professionals who have made a significant impact on sustainability in their industry.

From Finnish CEOs to entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka, the professionals hand-picked on this list come from a variety of professions and countries.

We continue adding people on the lists that deserve to be noticed for the good they have done for nature.

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Italian Female Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Fashion

The following list includes some of the top Italian female entrepreneurs leading the sustainable fashion industry scene. 

They have been selected based on the following criteria:

  • They put sustainability at the core of their philosophy and business practices.
  • They have brought forth innovation to the sustainable fashion industry.
  • They conduct businesses that follow ethical principles.
  • They promote the use of green and clean energy in the operational processes of their companies.

Adriana Santanocito

Co-founder of Orange Fiber

Adriana Santanocito is an award-winning entrepreneur engaged in sustainable fashion, specializing in innovative textile design.

She has brought forth innovation to the fashion industry by designing and developing high-quality sustainable fabrics from citrus juice by-products.

Innovation, sustainability, and quality lie at the heart of her business.

Anna Fiscale

Founder and President of QUID

Anna Fiscale is a fashion entrepreneur who has made ethics and sustainability in fashion her key strengths.

She started a project to recover high-quality textiles from prestigious Italian brands, which would otherwise go to waste.

Moreover, she has created many job opportunities, especially for women with vulnerable pasts.

Anna created a Made in Italy fashion that is ethical, sustainable, and affordable.

Camilla Mendini

Founder of Amorilla

Camilla Mendini is an influencer and designer who has been engaged as a consumer and activist in sustainable fashion.

Her philosophy puts sustainability and ethics at the centre of her fashion production processes. For this reason, she supports local communities by using local raw materials and promotes the use of eco-friendly and 100% natural fabrics.

She also takes advantage of her wide-reaching influence to inform people about exploitation, delocalization, and greenwashing in business.

Cecilia Rinaldi

Founder of Cecilia Rinaldi

Cecilia Rinaldi is a fashion designer engaged in sustainable fashion with a focus on respecting human rights, promoting ethics, and using eco-friendly fabrics.

She has had a heterogeneous career as a fashion designer, modeller, and prototype fabricator.

Cecilia’s handmade style is inspired by nature and based on a respect for people and the environment. 

Clarissa Cecchi

Co-founder of Rifò

Clarissa Cecchi is an entrepreneur who has made innovation and sustainable fashion the centre of her business.

She contributes to increasing carbon handprint by upcycling fabric leftovers and giving them a new life while reducing the amount of water and chemicals used in production processes.

Clarissa’s business philosophy is based on the principles of ethics, sustainability, and respect.

Daniela Prandin

Founder and CEO of CasaGIN

Daniela Prandini is a female entrepreneur who believes in living genuinely, innovatively, and naturally. She puts sustainability at the core of her philosophy.

Through her business, she is actively committed to reducing the impact of the fashion industry on the environment.

She also raises awareness about the need for a circular economy in fashion, aiming at a system that pays great attention to raw materials and each step of the value chain to reach more sustainable practices.

Enrica Arena

Co-founder of Orange Fiber

Enrica Arena is an entrepreneur in sustainable fashion.

Together with Adriana Santanocito, she is the founder of a sustainable fashion brand that transforms citrus juice byproducts into new products.

She has contributed to developing industrial ecology and reducing waste and pollution by taking innovation and sustainability in the Italian fashion industry to a new level.

Flavia Amato

Founder of Malìa Lab

Flavia Amato is a modeller and designer engaged in sustainable fashion and the owner of a handmade, organic brand.

After being awarded a prize as one of the top 10 innovative startups in an Italian province, she started an innovative organic tailor’s shop.

Flavia promotes a new fashion concept: sustainable, handmade, and with a focus on the wellbeing of both people and nature.

Marta Mucciante

Founder and CEO of PINA

Marta Mucciante is a fashion entrepreneur who is committed to responsible production.

She has brought innovation through her business’s focus on circular fashion, thus taking every piece of production waste and reinserting it into a new life cycle.

Her mission is creating a production process that takes into account development, ethics, and respect for the environment.

Roberta Gentile

Founder of TU&TU

Roberta Gentile is an entrepreneur, musician, and lover of nature.

She is committed to the use of low-impact fabrics and to the promotion of Fairtrade biological fabrics to enhance sustainable development and improve the working rights and conditions of people mostly in the southern hemisphere.

Also, she promotes a Made in Italy fashion that is conscious and cruelty-free. 

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