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Green Professionals in the Packaging Industry, Finland

Our student ambassadors have carefully curated lists of professionals who have made a significant impact on sustainability in their industry.

From Finnish CEOs to entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka, the professionals hand-picked on this list come from a variety of professions and countries.

We continue adding people on the lists that deserve to be noticed for the good they have done for nature.

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Green Professionals in the Packaging Industry, Finland

In the following list, the criteria to choose the individuals is that they have made radical change and positive environmental impact related to the packaging industry and established green-tech companies in Finland, focusing on plastic/ plastic-free solutions in packagings which are recyclable, biodegradable, reusable and renewable.

Laura Tirkkonen-Rajasalo & Suvi Haimi

Founders of Sulapac 

Both of these two women started their academic career as biochemists specializing in biomaterials.

However, after awaring of the large number of plastic used in our life and seas, they decided to start their own business Sulapac using sustainable material including wood from industrial side streams to replace plastic packaging.

With 100% BIODEGRADABLE, 0% MICROPLASTICS solution commitment Suvi, Laura won the first position in Luxe pack green award in Monaco 2018 and became one of the 100 hottest Startup by WIRED during the same year.

With their team, these two women set their vision mission as saving the world from plastic waste.

Markku Hämäläinen

Founder of Kotkamills

Markku has international experience in all paper making operations improvement areas, like production efficiency, product quality, sales support, cost reductions, maintenance operations, product development and conversion of machines to new products.

Markku and his team have brought a solution to market utilizing the power from wood for the plastic-free packing industry.

Jakko Kaminen

Founder of Woodly

Jakko is a startup entrepreneur who previously worked in marketing and communications specialist positions.

He is currently CEO of Woodly and has developed wood-based and transparent packaging materials.

Janne Asikainen

Founder of Koepala

Janne is an inventor and entrepreneur with special skills in packaging innovation, packaging design, R&D Projects, NPD and Food Technology.

He has worked on international packaging design projects with many food and packaging manufacturing companies such as Amcor Flexibles, A&R Carton, Huhtamaki and Pyroll Group as well as with dairy and confectionery companies in the Nordic region, Russia and UAE. With the vision in reducing waste.

Janne Asikainen and Koepala provide customers sustainable and smart packaging solutions.

Tuomas Mustonen

Founder of Paptic

Tuomas is an experienced managing director in the paper and forest products industry.

He is skilled in marketing management, innovation management, international business, venture capital, and management.

Tuomas Mustonen is a strong entrepreneurship professional with a MBA focused in International Finance and Global Marketing from Aalto university.

He and his team is one of the pioneers in the fight against plastics, with the mission of providing an alternative to plastic.

They are making an effort to save our globe and the team was recognized as the winner for “Bio-based product” of the Year 2017.

Charles Héaulmé

President and CEO of Huhtamäki

Charles Héaulmé has an impressive record of leading businesses and people with the capability to bring new perspectives and teams together with great results.

Huhtamaki’s Board of Directors is confident that he has the vision, global experience and deep understanding of the food packaging industry to steer Huhtamaki into the next era.

Moreover, on social media such as Linkedin, Charles Héaulmé actively shares and shows concern for green solutions.

Juha Mäkelä & Jonne Hellgren 

Founders of RePack 

Juha Mäkelä and Jonne Hellgren are founders of a design agency.

Working on a project with the Finnish Post office they realised how many packages are wasted and decided to create a reusable package, based on the Finnish system of bottle deposit return.

In 2 years they prevented the disposal of 50.000 single use packages. RePack equals 20 disposable packages.

They have got positive feedback from all the 50 partners across 10 European countries and now they are looking to scale it up and make it available all around Europe and in the US. Their values: fairless, fun, caring

Tarja Heikkilä

Manager Director of Jospak

Tarja Heikilä is a Managing Director at Jospak. Experienced and energetic leader in packaging and food industries.

Passionate about boosting customers’ businesses through sustainable solutions and continuous development of internal operations. Leadership positions in sales and marketing, sourcing and logistics in the international business environment.

Jospak tray combines the best functionalities of board and plastics. There is up to 85% less plastic, but still preserving the food fresh.  The tray is fully recyclable as such or the materials can be separated after consuming the food and recycled in their own waste streams. The outer surface of the board can be printed and thus the Jospak tray increases the brand recognition without any additional materials, such as carton sleeves on the sales packaging.  The tray is compatible with the customer’s existing, automatic packaging process, also in the MAP process.

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