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Fairforce 100 Green Data Driven Professionals

Our student ambassadors Linh My Tran, Kavita Singh, and Srinivas Adanoor, Bhaskar have carefully curated a list of Green Data-Driven Professionals who have made a significant impact on sustainability in their industry. 

We continue adding people on the lists that deserve to be noticed for the good they have done for nature. 

Please give feedback and suggest more names on the lists. We want more people who are utilizing their business skills for nature!

Green data-driven professionals are the professionals, who focus on using data analysis, data collection in the field of environment and then, based on the data, they will make a solution or innovate tools for environmental problems

The criteria for selecting the appropriate candidates include: 

  • Working in the field of companies developing IoT platform for environmental solutions
  • Researching about the data-driven application in the field of AgriTech, Sustainability, Food issues, smart cities, renewable energy, digital farming, wastewater treatment, air pollution. 
  • Working experience and having many activities in the field

  1. Vangelis Marinakis

Vangelis is an Electrical and Computer Engineer at the National Technical University of Athens.

His experience and knowledge mostly concentrate on the field of environment, energy, climate policy and using information technology to design support systems in the field of energy efficiency, smart energy, energy management in buildings. 

Currently, his target orients to utilize the big data for smart cities.

  1. Branimir Popov 

He is the CEO of Hagtec company in agriculture technology for nearly two years and Agromineral company for 7 years. 

He is also in charge of being a precision agriculture consultant and data scientist. 

He  got a Master of Science in Agriculture technology and Data Science. 

  1. Jim Poss 

He is known as a founder of a smart waste management platform Bigbelly, a leading company in the field of smart waste recycling. He along with his team-mates invented this platform which is the cloud-connected and web-based system that delivers actionable insights into waste operation. He worked for Bigbelly for 16 years under the role of  Founder and Board member. He is pioneered in smart waste management using data-driven, data decision making based on the real status. 

Jim has been recognized as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and as one of Business Week Magazine’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneur

  1. Paul Rothman 

Paul Rothman takes a role as a Director, CTO for 7 months and senior product manager for nearly three years  at  Smart cities and IoT Lab at NYC’s OFFICE.  His work mostly concentrates on covering data sharing, zero waste, electrification of transportation. Besides being an innovator, technologies, researcher, maker, he is also deeply passionate about the mitigation of climate change, using technology to improve the life of New Yorkers, prototyping products which are contributing to develop the world. 

He worked in LittleBits under the role of Director of R&D for 3 years 7 months and kept charge of being Product Development Manager for 1 year 3 months. 

  1. Stephan Rasp

He is currently a postdoc researcher at the Technical University of Munich. He is researching the intersection between atmospheric science and machine learning. His work mainly focuses on using machine learning to improve climate and weather prediction. 

He published a significant number of papers about climate models and machine learning. He also had several conferences such as: Machine Learning for Weather and Climate Modelling, Workshop on Data Science and Machine Learning. 

  1. Orr Mendelson

Orr Mendelson mostly concentrates on research and development leading with a demonstrated history in the software industry. He was a vice president of R&D for SmartGreen Ltd company which is a provider of advanced solutions for optimizing the operational and energy performance for commercial and industrial buildings.

He is also the Founder and CTO of Ortakki with the Ortarki model used for delivering an end-to-end solution to support the development of urban neighborhoods, optimizing funding and operating life using AI, FinTech, Blockchain and Green-tech by increasing economic resiliency.

  1. Olivier Corradi

He created electricitymap.org and founded tmrow.com which develops tech products to empower organisations and people to understand and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Otherwise, his previous work experience before mostly concentrated on using machine learning and data science. 

He is used to be the CTO of Connected Car company, which is building the most compelling ecosystem for mobility innovation, connecting millions of users and hundreds of organizations, all based on the largest and broadest data-set from cars in the world.

  1. Benno Ommerborn Avino

He is currently a Founder and CTO at Heliopas Ai. He along with his team at Heliopas AI developed technologies to help farmers to solve problems with drought. He and his team built a tracking system for the humidity measurement of soil based on AI permit the farmer control their crop and watering, avoiding crop damages. 

Besides being CTO at Heliopas AI, he also had a lot of work relevant to data drive, machine learning and AI. 

He graduated from Master of Science in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology majoring in Informatic. His activities include machine learning, Computer vision, and deep learning. 

  1. Dr.Simon Elias Bibri

He is a green data-driven professional with a significant number of publications relating to application data-driven in smart energy and energy efficiency management.  

His academic achievement is incredibly admirable with 9 Master of Science degrees, 1 Master of Art and Ph.D. in computer science and urban planning with a focus on data-driven smart sustainable cities. All of these academic achievement concern about 

Currently, He is a Ph.D. scholar in data-driven smart sustainable city of the future and Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. 

  1.  Sigrún Hildur Jónsdóttir

She is an entrepreneur and currently co-founder of Klappir, which is well known as a data-driven sustainability platform, offering web-based solutions to help industrial companies estimate their emission and energy usage since then reduce carbon footprint. 

Her  work before concerned the environmental service industry and she used to be co-found of ARK technology which is an environmental management company that provides software solutions and advisory services for the maritime industry.

I selected her for this list because of her huge contribution in the field of applying data driven solutions for environmental problems and the long time that she dedicated for her career in improving the environment.

  1. Dr. Alex Nutkiewicz 

Alex Nutkiewicz is a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford Urban Informatic Lab. She has a great passion for leveraging urban data streams to improve building energy performance in cities. 

Her academic background mostly focuses on data science and building simulation to employ various urban data streams to optimize the design and planning of the built environment. She developed a data-driven urban energy simulation to track the precision of energy performance in building. Her education is on the right track with totally orienting to Sustainable engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering.  

She also has her own website, in which she shares about her work along with her volunteer activities about the environment. 

  1. Andrew Kusiak 

He is a professor at the university of Iowa and also a director of Intelligent System Laboratory with the purpose of  conducting research about data science and  computational intelligence with applications in manufacturing, energy, service industry, and healthcare.

He also has a significant number of publications on many reputable research journals with most of them being about doing data science. Among of those articles, there are articles relating to green data-driven such as using data-driven to optimize water pumping, Optimization of Power and Variability with Artificial Immune Network Algorithm, developing a data-driven model to maximization of methane production in wastewater treatment plant and many others research that he completed with the intersection between data mining, big data and application in environment and energy field.  

  1. Peter Krebs  

Peter is the founder of Sefaira, a real-time SaaS application that helps companies in architecture and energy improve their decision making to understand design trade-offs such as energy, daylight, thermal comfort and cost.

Before, he also successfully founded food services firms. Now he is mainly in charge of being CIO for a winnow company, which uses AI technology for reducing food waste from many restaurants. Otherwise, he has a big concern in sustainability and energy efficiency. 

  1. Morteza Ghorbani Eftekhar

He is CEO and Founder, Technical consultant at PurAir . The death of his friend because of lung cancer from air pollution in Iran motivated him to pursue a dream becoming an air quality expert.

He is the founder and CEO of PurAir company using data-driven solutions to control the air pollution for buildings, contributing to the development of smart cities. 

  1. Professor Suparna De 

Prof. Suparna De has a great dedication to the research about the application of digital technologies and Big Data analytics for smart cities and sustainable domains. 

Most of her research and publication concerns in  big data analytics, visualisation and data fusion techniques for understanding city dynamics that involve the use of city resources.

Currently, she is an assistant professor and lecturer at University of Winchester.

  1. Kshitij Purwar

He has a strong background in IT and especially he has a big passion for the application of AI in fighting climate change.

He is a founder and CTO of Blue Sky Analytic startup, which is known as a geospatial data intelligence startup, using satellite data with IoT to provide accessible, high resolution, high frequency and near real-time so as to combat air pollution and enable informed decision making.

  1.  Damien Tavan

His work concentrated on application of AI and IoT in the field of Renewable Energy. 

He is a CTO at Nnergix, which is using data collection for weather analytics for the energy industry, combining weather forecast and machine learning to optimize energy performance in operation. 

His previous work before also related to renewable energy engineering concerning technical issues and data analytic. He is also very active on participating in the volunteer environmental program with being a volunteer for Rising Sun Energy Center under the role of teaching Green Energy Training Services 

  1. Christian Kroll

He is the founder of Ecosia for more than 10 years. The website is also about planting trees for the search that they find out in the search engine. Christian Kroll runs the world’s largest environmentally aware search engine Ecosia.org. In 2017 Ecosia was accredited as a B Corporation and built its solar plant to ensure it was 100% renewable.

Kroll started www.ecosia.org, a green search engine to contribute to the protection of the rainforests. Ecosia is a search engine based in Berlin, Germany, that donates 80% or more of its profits to non-profit organizations that focus on reforestation. It considers itself a social business, is CO₂-negative, and claims to support full financial transparency and protect the privacy of its users.

  1. Dave Krinkel

Dave Krinkel is the founder of EnergyAI.  He has 30 years of experience in helping utilities and large energy users become more energy efficient. His Background is B.S. Natural Resources, UC Berkeley; M.S. Architecture Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His experience in working with new technologies like PG&E’s Share My Data enable even the smallest of businesses to benefit from these insights.

About the EnergyAI: With the help of Electric Meter Data, EnergyAI learns how your business uses electricity, provides alerts about unusual energy costs, budget a plan for cost and CO2 savings.

  1. Ph.D. Gregory A. Norris,

He is a researcher and director in Sustainability and Health Initiative for Net positive Enterprises (SHINE). He completed his Ph.D. in Natural Resources.

He is the founder of New Earth which is a non-profit institute developing and deploying technologies that enable people around the world to drive sustainable development. The institute works on a project called Earthster. It is an open-source platform for product-level sustainability assessment; Handprinter, which helps people take actions at home and at work to compensate for their environmental and social footprints; and the Social Hotspots Database, a transparent data source on supply chain impacts and opportunities for improving human rights, working conditions, and community.

He is an editor for the International Journal of LCA, the Journal of Industrial Ecology, and Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Management.

21.  Dr. Manfred Heil

Manfred has held several executive roles in the high-tech industry, including Senior Vice President of SAP AG, where he led the SRM business and the global partner management. Prior to SAP he founded Goodex AG, where he served as CEO. The company was acquired by Ariba Inc. in 2003. Manfred has a strong background in sales, marketing, software development and IT strategy. He created and managed international business networks with a focus on co-innovation and collaborative sales. Manfred received his Ph.D. from the Technical University of Munich. He studied business administration at the University of Hannover.

22. Dr. Mike Kennedy 

Dr. Mike Kennedy is a seasoned entrepreneur and research professional. As a sustainability management professional with over 13 years of experience leading complex projects and managing cross-functional teams to design and deliver new solutions to environmental problems. Mike holds a Senior Fellow/Post Doctoral Fellow position at the University of British Columbia. Mike is also the CEO of Green Metrics Technology, a SaaS start-up focused on developing artificial intelligence for the building sector. Mike holds a BSc. and MSc. in Forestry from the University of New Brunswick and a Ph.D. in Business (Management Information Systems) from Washington State University. He has published academic articles. 

23. Gary Davis

He is the CEO and founder of Ecometria. With 13 years’ worth of sustainability experience, Gary has advised multi-national companies across many industry sectors, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, aviation, public transport, finance, and professional services. He has also been involved in the design of industry standards having advised on the development of the PAS2050 product standard, the Carbon Trust Standard and has been on UK Government working groups for biofuel greenhouse gas accounting.

He has a first class BSc (Hons) in Geosciences from the University of Edinburgh and was winner of the Royal Geographical Society’s Alfred Steers prize in 2003.

24. Maria Svantemark

Maria Svantemark is the Co-Founder and CEO of SustainLab. SustainLab is a Sustainability Intelligence Company that creates next generation technology to help businesses gather, process, and understand their sustainability data.

Powered by unique technology and shaped with a focus on impact, SustainLab aims to accelerate change for Better business – Better planet. Maria is further an appreciated board and advisory board member, and a sought after sustainability expert and consultant. She completed her master’s program in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Science.

25. Mauro Cozzi

Mauro Cozzi is in charge of being CEO and founder of  Emitwise.

He is a product-tech guy and an entrepreneur. He is passionate about data analysis and artificial intelligence. His major goal is to make sustainability profitable. His company – Emitwise automates the process of carbon footprinting. They use machine learning to help large businesses continuously measure, monitor, and ultimately manage their carbon footprint.

26. Laura Rutosalainen

She is an Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of Helsinki.

Her current research involves data analysis techniques, mainly computer vision and machine learning, for robust navigation and situational awareness benefitting the development of automated traffic and smart cities, for GNSS interference mitigation as well as for utilization of spatiotemporal data for sustainability science

27. Stefano Ermon  

He is  an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University, where he is affiliated with the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and a member of the Woods Institute for the Environment.

His research concentrates on techniques for scalable and accurate inference in graphical models, statistical modeling of data, large-scale combinatorial optimization, and robust decision making under uncertainty, and is motivated by a range of applications, in particular ones in the emerging field of computational sustainability.

28. Matt Schwartz 

Matt Schwartz is the founder of Afresh company with the target to use AI to manage the fresh food supply chain, optimize the food waste that grocers carry at the given time. 

Matt Schwartz has a great passion about agriculture, food, nutrition and exercise science. He is motivated to apply technology – based solutions for environmental problems such as food waste, shortage of farm labor, animal welfare. 

29. Fabien Peyaud

Fabien is the Co-Founder of Herdwatch, the platform using the data collection to help farmers to drive more sustainable agriculture. 

He had many experiences in working in the IT field for a long time. He used to be in charge of diverse roles in IT companies including: Group IT manager at FRS network, IT recruitment consultant at FRS, IT programmer at APC. 

Otherwise, he also had many activities for retweeted environmental posts on his twitter.  

30. Sunil Jain

Sunil is currently co-founder and CTO at Farmbee.

He used to be the CTO and Co-Foundata driven precision agriculture solutions available to farmers to solve the problem of agriculture and the issue of cost. der of RMT Agtech company for 2 years 3months, which concerned in providing IT solutions for Agri Supply Chain. He has a strong background in IT along with his experiences in the field of AgriTech. 

31. Fredrik Kekalainen 

Fredrik is currently the CEO of Enevo company, starting in January 2011. Enevo is a company that concentrates on helping to reduce waste-related costs and save the planet. 

He is also known as a fearless leader, innovator, and entrepreneur. The first software company he founded in 1996 while he was studying, then sold in 1999. After that, he kept his career for being CTO and Founder of FATHAMMER video game company for 5 years 7 months. 

32.  Nicole Hu

She is a co-founder and CTO at Oneconcern company with the purpose of orienting to utilize data and machine learning to give solutions for disaster forecasting.

She received her Master degree in  Machine Learning from Stanford.  

33. Ragnhild Valen

Ragnhild Valen is now Research Data Manager for Aquabyte. Aquabyte is known as one of a few companies applying machine learning to solve the issues of food sustainability, relating to fish farming.  She is a biologist with a scientific expertise in application of big data and machine learning for fish biology prediction. 

Her career during the time from 2008 to 2019 mostly concentrated on researching marine biology. 

About the social activities, she is rather active to share posts and updates about the environment.

34.  Adam Tripp

Adam Tripp is currently playing role as Data Science Manager and Statistician for Plenty company, which is an indoor farming company focusing on applying machine learning, AI and crop science to optimize the yield of crop harvesting. 

Adam has a great number of experiences in the field of math and science. He has a big concern and passion for solving natural source sustainability and environmental problems. 

35. Nadia Shakoor

Nadia Shakoor is currently a senior scientist and associate director at Donald Danforth PLant Science Center. Otherwise, she also plays a role as CEO/ co-founder at Agrela Ecosystem, which is known as a technical company focusing on plant science research and the precision agriculture tool. She along with her co-workers innovated the sensing tool named PheNode, which is able to monitor the environmental conditions and transmit the data to the cloud so that the researchers or farmers can track the real-time data of their plants, since then giving the driven-data decision for support. 

As a researcher and scientist, she has published many articles relating to use data tools for agriculture and plant breeding. 

36. Fiona Edwards Murphy

Fiona Edwards Murphy is a CEO for ApisProtect – an informative technical company brings the application of sensor and machine learning to the hive so that beekeepers can track and monitor the real-time data of the beehive, since then help to prevent unforeseen damages.

Fiona Edwards Murphy completed her PhD research about applications of Wireless Sensor Networks (IoT) for honey bee health with Embedded Systems  from 2013 to 2017 in University College Cork. In 2016, she was awarded for the Google Women Techmakers. 

She is also a professional having a passion about the Internet of Things and AgriTech. 

37. Dmitry Dementiev

Dmitry Dementve is now a co-founder at GeoPard Agriculture company, which is an ArgTech company concentrating on precision agriculture platform to create a management zone for operation activities including soil sampling, seeding, fertilizing and pesticide spraying. 

Previously, he held the position of a  founder for ZonerArg and Xarvio companies. Both of these companies also oriented to use digital farming solutions, apply to agriculture, basing on the data to give solutions for farming so as to reduce the damage and increase the productivity of crops. 

His background is also about Software Engineer and Java Developer.

38. Niels Grabbert

Niels Grabbert is the Co-Founder and CTO at Stenon company, which is a company offering the real-time soil analysis solution for agriculture. 

Before becoming CEO at Stenon company, Niels used to be a research associate in the field of nanofabrication, development of bio and gas sensors, project management and acquisition. 

39. Marco Ciarletti

Marco is a creator of Ploomvion and founder at Soonapse company.

Ploomvion is created from Soonapse, known as a software that helps farmers to track the time for irrigation and the amount of water to give in the following days. 

Marco has had 25 years of experience in the ICT field with many different roles including founder, project manager, business developer, business analyst. Otherwise, he is also a founder of e Manager di Rete di RIOS

40.  Aukrit Unahalekhaka

He is currently CEO at Ricult company which concentrates on applying machine learning and satellite technology to improve farmers’ income by creating alternative credit scores for farmers to access more affordable loans and data-driven farming recommendations to improve productivity.

He got a Master degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) about System Engineer, Management, Entrepreneurship. 

41. Ananda Verma  

Ananda Verma comes from India. He is currently the founder at Fasal and also keeps the responsibility of being Co-founder at Fossbyte Media. His company – Fasal is listed as one of the top startup companies successfully applying technology in digital solutions for agriculture. He along with his co-workers created an agri-tech platform based on AI  and IoT to update the real-time data for farmers so that farmers can track and update the conditions of crops in anytime, anywhere, reduce the investment cost, and enhance the product quality. 

Verma was honored to be in the list of 30 Forbes 30 under 30 Asia. Previously, he worked as a technology lead at COVIAM for 2 years. He was also employed as Software Engineer for 2 years at IBM. 

He got a Master degree in Information Technology & Computer Science from the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore. 

42. Vivek Rajkumar

 Vivek is the founder of Aibono company – which is known as the forefront of the field fresh food aggregator in India, focusing the Seed – to Plate platform. 

After successfully graduating from Indian Institute of Technology with dual degree including Bachelor and Master, he started to work as a Technology Lead – Project Manager at Procter & Gamble. However, two years later, he decided to become a self-employed farmer from 2011 to 2013. This experience gave him a great insight into the field of farming and especially the supply side in farming. This job could be seen as a motion for him to found Aibono company, which applied technology of  predictive analytics, precision farming, and real-time data  harvests to synchronize Real-time Production with Real-time Consumption of super perishable Fruits & Vegetables

43. Bede Jordan

Bede Jordan is currently a founder and CTO of  Shelf Engine with the purpose to help businesses to increase sales by precisely predicting the amount of perishable goods to order.

Previously, he used to work for Microsoft under the position of Software Engineer Lead for 11 years. He got strong experiences in user experience, framework design, graphics and text rendering system, input system and client performance. 

44. Sachin Shende 

Sachin Shende is currently CEO of KisanHub company with a SaaS platform providing actionable insights across the supply chain for the agri-food industry. He worked for KisanHub 7 years until now.

Previously, he used to work as Vice President in Blackrock, mostly focusing on FI research and implementation data. He got a Master of Technology degree in Water Resources and Ph.D. Computational hydraulics and object-oriented numerics from Loughborough University. 

45. Emeka Nwachinemere

Emeka Nwachinemere is a founder and CEO of Kitovu technology company, which is known as a mobile-based platform, collecting the geospatial data and soil data to help farmers can track about the soil quality, apply the suitable fertilizer, select the certified seeds, improve the yield of crop and the app also inform the farmers about the market demand data so that they can prefer which kind of crops they should invest. 

Besides being founder at Kitovu, Emeka is well – known as a goal drive, technology enthusiast with the ambition to transform Africa to become a hub that maximize the technology for solving problems affecting on African agriculture. His strong desire for Africa is elimination of poverty and hunger from Africa.

In addition, Emeka is also the founder of E farms company – an agri training and agrifinance firm as well. 

46. Benji Meltzer

Benji Meltzer is currently a Co-founder and CTO of Aerobics, which focuses on developing Agriculture Intelligent systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The focus in Aerobics orients to agriculture industry, especially perennial crops. He got a Master of Science degree in Biomedical / Medical engineering – Neurotechnology Specialization, Graduated with Distinction. 

47. Onyeka Akumah

 Onyeka Akumah is a CEO at Farmcrowdy company for 4 years until now.

Farmcrowdy is known as the Nigeria’s First Digital Agriculture Platform that support farmers by providing them with improved seeds, farm inputs, training on modern farming techniques and provides a market for the sale of their farm produce. 

48. Dr. Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts is a research leader in the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory, The United States of America.

He was one of the researchers and authors of the article “Big Data Analysis for Sustainable Agriculture on a Geospatial Cloud Framework”.

49. Zaid Thanawala

Zaid Thanawala is an experienced sustainability analyst with extensive education and demonstrated history of working in climate and energy data analysis, green building, life cycle assessment, risk assessment, process and energy efficiency, renewable energy systems, lithium-ion batteries, and greenhouse gas accounting. 

50. Dusan Perovic

Dusan Perovic is a freelancer Data Scientist, Research Scientist and Sustainability Researcher.

He is professional in environmental economics by  discovering, developing and implementing best sustainability concepts to all interested individuals, groups and organizations.

His research focuses on  best sustainable solutions that can improve any kind of business or society. Also, he has knowledge in environmental legislature, econometrics, data science, IT and design concepts help me in discovering new ways for improving both efficiency and effectiveness of any kind of work.

51. Jennifer Foster

Currently, Jennifer Foster is a Data Scientist at Facebook. But, she worked as a Sustainable Analyst. And worked as a Program Manager at Green America. She was working in the Clean Electronics Production Network.

The project  focuses on the Process Chemicals Data Standard Group , an international multi-stakeholder, cross-functional collaboration of technical (e.g. certified industrial hygienists), and non-technical experts from leading electronics brands, ODMs/OEMs, contract manufacturers, NGOs, service providers, and academics. And a web-based tool for suppliers to assess their worker safety culture and engagement pertaining to chemical management. 

52. Derek Wietsma

Derek Wietsma is a sustainable data scientist at Brown University

He works in quantitative analysis, and economic and sustainable development.

He is a professional in intelligent development strategies by using technology to analyze the interconnections between economy, community, and environment.

53. Greg Schivley

Dr. Greg Schivley is the founder of Carbon Impact Consulting, where he focuses on the intersection of energy systems, environmental analysis, and data science.Greg’s work has included interdisciplinary research on energy and climate systems with collaborators at the National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Environmental Defense Fund, and Rhodium Group.

He has also done extensive work analysing data from the power sector, such as designing and building the Power Sector Carbon Index to provide up-to-date estimates of electricity generation carbon dioxide intensity in the U.S. Greg’s research has spanned the entire life cycle of energy systems, from calculating methane emissions from natural gas systems and predicting marginal emissions from electricity systems to evaluating the climate impacts of short- and long-lived greenhouse gases.

54. Riikka Väänänen

Dr. Riikka Väänänen completed her Ph.D. in physics from the University of Helsinki. Currently, She works as a data science consultant at Futurice.

She works in quantitative analysis for  fair and sustainable ways in the future world. She has worked in data-driven business development projects where the clients have been both in the public sector or in different industries in the private sector, and in research projects.

Her interest in sustainable data usage, privacy,customer data, business data, sensor data, IoT, measurement data,environmental science & measurements, geospatial data, gis data and aerosol science.

55. Laura Fedoruk

Laura Fedoruk is a Senior Manager, Energy Services Data Science & Analytics at Sunrun.

She majorly works in Energy Grids and helps to improve sustainability in the energy sector and built environment through facilitating great design, analysis, and interdisciplinary collaboration. 

56. Patti Carroll

Patti Carroll, PhD is a Senior Data Scientist at the Climate Corporation. She joined Climate Corporation in 2016, where she developed Climate’s first crop disease models to enable seed placement and crop protection recommendations.

Patti is passionate about data science for social good and was thrilled to join the newly formed Digital Ag & Sustainability team in 2019. She now leads new data-driven initiatives, leveraging our digital farming platform to reduce agriculture’s environmental footprint while continuing to feed a growing population.

57. Dr.Karina Cucchi

Karina Cucchi, PhD is a Data Scientist and Environmental Engineer at Suez. Her expertise is to develop data-driven and process-based approaches to tackle environmental challenges. She is passionate about working in collaborative and interdisciplinary teams in order to implement innovative digital solutions for the environment. Karina has a diverse work experience in that field. During her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, she developed innovative sensor technologies and data assimilation methods to increase water availability and quality in rivers. At the Climate Corporation, she led a scientific program implementing advanced agronomic recommendations from large environmental and agricultural data sets. In her current role at Suez, she collaborates with climate scientists and industry experts to develop a digital tool helping cities implement climate mitigation solutions.

58. Benedek Pásztor

Currently, Benedek Pásztor is a Data Scientist at Utopus Insight.

He is passionate about data science for sustainability and for the energy sector.

He is driven to contribute to a more sustainable world. He works as a Data Scientist for the integration of renewable energies: power forecasting for solar and wind power plants and improvement in the Data Science engine for solar day-ahead production.

59. Katherine Whalen

Katherine Whalen is Researcher in Sustainable Business at RISE Research Institutes.

She specializes in circular economy, product development, design for sustainability, product design, maritime technology, product innovation management, materials, creative facilitation, education design, user-centered design & research.

Currently, she is working as Game designer and Consultant at In the Loop Games. The company introduces circular economy concepts and strategies with the digital board game.

60. Ka Wa

Ka Wa is a Sustainable Business & Carbon Asset Management, with in-depth experience of data analytic, and data science for over 10 years.

Currently, he is working as Data Specialist and Sustainable Manager at Derwent London Plc. He is responsible for the green data compliance and aspects of green performance reporting, including the Environmental Social Governance reporting for the Real Estates, Global Reporting Initiative, Carbon Disclosure Project, Audit Assurance & Internal Audits on environmental & sustainability performance.

61. Mark Fernandez

Currently, Mark Fernandez is working as Environmental Data Scientist at Tetra Tech.

The Company provides innovative solutions to the government and commercial clients on water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy, and international development.

62. Stuart Iler 

Stuart Iler is Sustainability Data Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

He has a great passion about applying computer science and data analysis to tackle problems relating to the environment and energy. He got a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, a Master degree of Environmental Management, Energy and Environment. Currently he is also in progress with Doctor of Philosophy in Public policy in Harvard University. 

63. Jyri Salpakari

Jyri is currently a data scientist at UPM Energy – The Biofore Company. He took the position of data scientist at UPM Energy for nearly four years. He got a Doctor of degree of Advanced Energy Systems from Aalto University with the research and the work mostly concentrating  on mathematical modelling for energy systems. 

He is an expert in the field of data analysis, especially good knowledge of advanced energy systems, developing smart energy solutions. 

64. Jessie Nghiem 

Jessie is currently a senior data scientist at Energy Safe Victoria – a state electricity regulator and gas safety. Previously, she worked as Seasonal Teaching Associate in Data Science in Monash University for 8 years. She holds a Doctor degree in Computer Science and got 15 years experience in data analytics. 

Her motivation to wake up everyday is making this world become safer. 

65. Fabio Pania

Fabio is currently CTO and Founder of Mothive and Terraprima Group. Two of these companies also concentrate on applying technology to solve problems relating to agriculture, helping farmers to track the farming conditions and improving the yield of crops. 

Previously, his work almost focused on hardware and software development. 

He has a great passion about quality  product development and user experience  supported by solid technology and a visionary tech strategy. 

66. Nadav Liebermann

Nadav is currently a CTO at CropX company, which focuses on developing  cloud based software solutions integrated with wireless sensors, which boosts crops yield and saves water and energy. The company also generates irrigation maps and automatically applies the right amount of water to different parts of the same field. It serves farmers worldwide. He has worked for CropX so far for more than 3 years. Previously,  he was a CEO and founder of Magnivation company, which revolutionized the toy made and the game played. 

He had experiences in Hardware & System Development Manager about technological product development, consumer products, data analysis, command & control, machine learning, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), solidworks, consumer goods.

67. Shabarinath S Nair

Shabarinath is currently a senior data scientist in CropIn Technology, which utilizes cutting-edge technologies like Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Language and Remote Sensing to enable its clients to analyze and interpret data to derive real-time actionable insights on standing crops. 

Before, he worked for 2 years in Earth2Orbit with the task of Crop Detection model development based on the satellite model and machine learning. 

He has strong experiences in building scalable Deep Learning and ML workflows using Earth Observation (EO) data for agriculture analytics. He is passionate about applying machine learning and AI in finding solutions for social development. 

 68. Taizo Otsuka 

Taizo Otsuka is a CEO in Kakaxi company. Kakaxi company created an AI powered platform collecting data and data ambient. They develop a device to monitor remote environment, run by solar power, connected with camera, remote sensor. The device is solar powered and connected farm to cloud via cellular network. Internal sensors measure key weather points and take photos on an interval recording the seed to harvest story of plants. 

Taizo Otsuka has founded 14 businesses from biotech companies to professional basketball teams. 

69. Travis Good

Travis Good iis currently a CTO at Terramera. Terramera is known as an agritech company which utilizes  artificial intelligence to transform how food is grown and the economics of agriculture in the next decade. 

From 2017 to 2019, he took the position of being Vice President of Engineering and Data Science in Terramera. Later, he became CTO at terramera, working with the CSO of Terramera to co-lead Terramera’s R&D division, encompassing biology, chemistry, data science, machine learning, software, and robotics.

70. Farooq Anjum

Anjum is a co-founder and CTO of GroGuru company for more than four years until now. GroGuru is an agritech company that transforms the agriculture industry by providing precise guidance about irrigation time, soil analysis.

He has more than 20 years of experience delivering products and currently working with the application of IOT and AI to tackle problems of agriculture. 

71. Daniel Koppel

Daniel is a CEO at Prospera company which utilizes data technology and AI solutions to predict the plant growth and support farmers grow plants more efficiently.

During 6 years working for Prospera company, Daniel raised $22 million from Cisco and Qualcomm and top venture capital firms. Previously, he worked as a technology consultant for Accenture. 

He got a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from The Hebrew University. 

72. Prabesh Dhakal

 Prabesh is a data scientist in the Sustainability Science Research Team, at Leuphana University Luneburg.

His work mostly concentrates on working with Python and R and tackling machine learning problems from research. He got a master of science in management and data science from the University of Leuphana Luneburg. 

73. Guillaume Simon

Simon is a Data Scientist – Associate manager in Accenture from 2019 to present.

Previously, from 2014 to 2019, he worked as data analyst – climate finance expert for OECD. Otherwise, he also got experience in working with statistics. He is a data scientist with strong quantitative and analytical skills. 

74. Girish Chowdhary

Girish is an Assistant Professor in  University of Illinois at Urbana Champaing, department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, department of Aerospace Engineering and director of Distributed Autonomous Systems Laboratory.

Otherwises, he is also a co-founder and CTO of  EarthSense. EarthSense is a company developing a robot named TerraSentia, integrated with many sensors so as to collect data about the plant’s health, physiology and stress response. 

75. Scott Dickson Dagondon

Scott is a co-founder and director of AI at Motorleaf. Motorleaf is known as a company applying AI, machine learning and data driven to have a harvesting yield forecast. In Motorleaf, as a director of AI, he designs and develops the AI system for crop yield forecast, greenhouse control system. Otherwises, he also develops machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms for simulating ideal crop-specific environment conditions inside the greenhouse. From 2008 to 2014, he worked as a Product Development Engineer in Analog Devices. 

He got a master degree in Computer Engineering from McGill University

76. Aidan K

Aidan Kennedy is an Energy Data Manager at International Energy Agency.

He is an experienced data analyst who focuses on energy statistics, green growth, CO2 emissions inventories, and data analysis. Also, he has worked as a Green growth analyst.

77. Loïc Coënt

Loïc Coënt is an independent consultant, renewable energy engineer and certified data scientist, with expertise in energy and emissions statistics. His work focuses on 

enhancing data for climate mitigation (transport activities and emissions) for the IEA,  improvement of the Africa Energy Information System for the African Energy Commission and the Annual update of the Energy Questionnaires (Electricity and Renewables) for the IEA. And he worked as a senior Energy data manager – CO2 emissions at International Energy Agency.

78. Paul Griffin

Paul Griffin is an Energy Analyst at CDP – Global Reporting System.

He mainly works in estimating corporate greenhouse gas emissions using bottom-up energy analysis and statistical methods. Also, he guides the companies in emissions calculation and disclosure.

79. Kenny Kaluiji

Kenny Kaluiji is the founder of the company Decarbonify.  He completed his master’s programme in Energy, Environment and Society. The master programme was mainly focused on energy transition to a low carbon future through renewable energy integration in the global energy systems, increasing energy efficiency, minimizing environmental impacts, climate change and green growth through sustainable innovation. Decarbonify is a startup company that offers carbon analytics as a service for industries and greenhouse gases reporting workflows.

80. Benedikt Franke

Benedikt Franke is the founder and CEO of Planetly.

It is a climate-tech company offering digital  solutions for the companies to calculate, reduce and compensate the Co2 emissions. The main goal of the company is to make the business in a climate neutral way.

81. Stefan Parvu

Stefan is a founder and CEO of Kronometrix company – Distributed Data Fabric. Kronometrix is known as a company developing a data analytic platform used for ICT, IoT, weather and environment.

Stefen worked as a business leader in Kronometrix and also in IT governance. His preceding job is a senior system analyst in Nokia for 2 years. Otherwises, he used to be a PSD technical specialist in Sun Microsystem. 

82. Mike Berners-Lee

Mike Berners Lee is the CEO of the CoGo Carbon Footprint tracker and he is a former climate economist. Also, he works in the CoGo data science team and a leader in carbon footprinting.

He helps the businesses to know about their carbon footprint and advises them on opportunities to reduce it. CoGo’s real-time Carbon Footprint tracker is the first time he’s worked with a consumer-facing product.

83. Charlie Freitag

Currently, Charlie Freitag is a Sustainability Consultant working at small world consulting. She has a background in sustainability in higher education and data analysis.

She has experiences working as a project manager and data analyst with a passion for environmental sustainability. Her research project is mainly on climate change and impacts of digital technologies, sustainable finance, low-carbon travel and model supply chain emissions for public and private organisations to help them reach net zero targets.

84. Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly is the Co-Founder of the Open Climate Fix.  It is a non-profit organization focused entirely on helping the energy community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions using the data information.

He is a research engineer at DeepMind. Technically, he works in machine learning and deep learning.

85. Lubomila Jordanova

Lubomila Jordanova is a Co-Founder & CEO of PlanA and Co-Founder of Greentech Alliance. Plan A is a startup company that develops a SaaS platform to help businesses to calculate, monitor and reduce the carbon footprint and an algorithm which predicts where and how climate change will hit the hardest, using over 300,000 data points.

The software predicts and prioritises the most critical environmental issues and the way industries and companies impact these environmental changes. She also won Sustainability Award 2019 from McKinsey, Google and ROCKET INTERNET.

86. Linn Lindfred

Linn Lindfred is the founder of the Circularista AB and the Founder of Waste2Value. Waste2Value is a digital marketplace for business to business trading with industrial waste; redefining waste management for economic and environmental sustainability.

Waste2Value links sellers and buyers of secondary raw material, lowering the cost for waste management. This is both economically and environmentally sub-optimal.

87. Martijn Kamps

Martijn Kamps is a sustainable consultant at Metabolic. He works mainly in data science and systems thinking to develop strategies to achieve positive environmental and social change. The Metabolic company’s mission is to build a sustainable economy.The company provides data-driven insights, strategic advice, and action plans to help businesses, cities and NGO’s make more sustainable decisions and develop successful circular economic practices.

88. Sadegh Shahmohammadi

Sadegh Shahmohammadi is the Data Scientist in the Circular Economy at TNO. He also worked as a Sustainable Data Scientist at Unilever.

He completed his Ph.D. in Environmental Science. His activities during the program were Simulation Modeling, Data Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, Energy Footprint and Carbon Footprint.

89. Chris Arderne

Chris Aderne is the Data Scientist and Energy & Sustainable Development Specialist.

He works as a Freelance Consulting for companies to develop sustainability and solving energy issues. 

90. Thomas Castelijns

Thomas Castelijns is a Data Scientist with a strong passion for Sustainable Energy and Smart Grids. He works as Data scientist and Strategic consultant at Enexis.

The company Enexis works on a reliable and sustainable energy supply for today and for the future. They are knowledgeable and expertise in accelerating the energy transition. 

91. Kumar Venkat

Kumar Venkat is a Technologist and Climate Analyst. He is the president/CTO at the Clean Metrics. He develops innovative solutions in climate/sustainability analytics, science education, and electronic design automation. And experienced software developer, serial entrepreneur, and widely published writer. His domain expertise in 

1) Analytics for sustainability and climate change mitigation, including product life cycle assessment (LCA), carbon footprinting, resource efficiency, and waste reduction.

2) Science and environmental education using computer modeling and simulation.

92. Maia Batista

Maia Batista is the Environmental Data Analyst at Eastern Research Group. She has a professional experience in environmental consulting and completed her bachelor degree in environmental science. She conducted extensive literature review and research into the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through implementing various parking management strategies resulting in the development of the Climate Action and Resiliency Plan for the City of Alameda.

93. Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren

Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren is the CEO of the Company Karma. The company is a social enterprise dedicated to reducing food waste in the cafe and restaurant industry.

It created a new way for retailers to minimize their food waste by selling it at the end of the day rather than throwing it away. The food industry accounts for 26% of all greenhouse gas emissions when compared to 2% from airplanes.

94. Bill Hare

Bill Hare is the CEO of Climate Analytics,  which was established to synthesise and advance scientific knowledge on climate change and provide state-of-the-art solutions to global and national climate change policy challenges.

He is a physicist and climate scientist with 30 years’ experience in science, impacts and policy responses to climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion. 

95. Christoph J. Meinrenke

Christoph Meinrenke is an associate research scientist at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering; Affiliate, Foundations of Data Science Center at the Data Science Institute. His research focuses on computer modeling to elucidate and improve the techno-economic performance of low carbon energy systems.

Recent and current research projects include demand management and energy storage in smart buildings, electrification of the transportation sector, synthetic fuels, and automated product carbon footprinting. 

96. Thomas Kassel

Thomas Kassel is a Senior Data Scientist at Carbon Lighthouse.

He has experience in machine learning, software development, product management and clean energy to help fight climate change and advance other mission-driven pursuits. Carbon Lighthouse offers energy savings as a service.

97. Ahmad Isber

Ahmad Isber is the Co-Founder and CEO of Contreeb. The company offers software solutions for measuring the life cycle assessment of the carbon emission  and carbon pricing.

The carbon pricing is putting a price on carbon emissions means addressing the environmental cost of your product by funding carbon reduction. Contreeb enables online shops and their consumers to balance their carbon footprint.

98. Abhilasha Purwar

Abhilasha Purwar is the Founder & CEO of Blue Sky Analytics. She has global experience in private equity and environmental policy building for Environmental Data for better monitoring and climate risk assessment.

The company works in machine learning algorithms to protect the environment. The company developed an application to monitor industrial emissions and air quality. Data is gathered and analyzed through satellite data and sensors at ground level.

99. Carl Prins

Carl Prins is the Co-Founder & CEO of Pathzero. The company helps in understanding the  business carbon footprint, and sets a path to achieve carbon neutrality. The company develops a software solution for calculating the carbon emissions. 

100. Tom Delay

Tom Delay is working as Chief Executive at the Carbon Trust. The company works in the low carbon transition – businesses, governments and organisations, accelerating progress towards a sustainable future. He has grown the company to become a world leader, advising businesses and governments on carbon emissions reduction and the development of low carbon technologies, markets and businesses. He is a member of the UK Energy Research Partnership and the advisory boards of the Centre for Climate Finance and Investment at Imperial College London and the Global CO2 Initiative at the University of Michigan. In 2018, he was awarded a CBE by the Queen for services to sustainability in business.

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