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Fairforce 100 Environmental Data Entrepreneurs

Our student ambassadors Denise Hick, Judit Olofsson, Violetta Borovskikh, and Asher Shaikh have carefully curated a list of Environmental Data Entrepreneurs who have made a significant impact on sustainability in their industry. 

We continue adding people on the lists that deserve to be noticed for the good they have done for nature. 

Please give feedback and suggest more names on the lists. We want more people who are utilizing their business skills for nature!

In the current climate change scenario, environmental data is becoming increasingly important as it can be used to assess and mitigate our negative impact on the environment. And, thanks to technological advancement, this data is more precise and readily available than ever.

This list contains some pretty awesome people. Our criteria for selection? Being an entrepreneur whose company or startup collects, combines, analyses environmental data that can be used to calculate, model and minimize the environmental impact of businesses and individuals. 

1. Anna Alex

Anna is the co-founder and Chief Customer Officer of Planetly, a Berlin-based company that has developed a technological tool for companies to measure, reduce and offset their carbon dioxide emissions. She is also the founder and CEO of Outfittery, a personal shopping service for men.

In 2019, Anna joined the German climate initiative Leaders for Climate Action. She was inspired by the initiative’s goals and had a wish to use her entrepreneurial skills to actively fight the climate emergency. As a result, that same year she co-founded Planetly.

Her belief is that, thanks to environmental data and technology, companies can finally understand their CO2 footprint and take steps to reduce it, towards a climate-neutral future.

Anna was selected to be among Europe’s “Inspiring Fifty”, “the most inspiring women in tech” and “Young Elite – Top 40 under 40”.

2. Bertrand Gacon

Bertrand is the co-founder and CEO of Impaakt, a platform relying on a collaborative approach to measure the environmental and social impact that businesses have on the world.

For the last 15 years, Bertrand has been committed to accelerating the transition towards an impact-driven economy.  He believes that powerful impact measurement systems are key for success, as they can inform the decisions of investors, consumers, employees, managers and civil servants. 

His company uses the Sustainable Development Goals as a structure to align contributions and analysis of businesses’ impact. 

From 2012 to 2016, Bertrand was also President of Sustainable Finance Geneva, a non-profit organisation active in the promotion of responsible finance. 

3. Branden Millstein

Brenden Millstein is Co-Founder & CEO of Carbon Lighthouse, a North American startup that uses software and remote sensor technology to make buildings more energy-efficient. 

Brenden co-founded Carbon lighthouse in 2010 with Raphael Rosen. His mission is to stop climate change by making it easy and profitable for building owners to cut carbon emissions caused by wasted energy.

Using its own energy optimization technology, his company so far has served over 800 buildings, cutting the carbon emissions equivalent of three power plants and delivering an average financial return of 14%. 

Brenden believes that transforming the way energy is used in commercial buildings is one of the most impactful ways to make a difference in the fights against carbon emissions. 

4. Chris Dore

Chris is the founder and director of Aether, an Oxford-based company at the forefront of greenhouse gas (GHG) and air quality emissions calculation and review. 

Chris has 30 years of experience in the fields of air quality and climate change, and is considered one of Europe’s leading experts in air pollutants emissions. He is a technical advisor to the UN, the European Commission, the European Environment Agency, and has worked with about 50 national governments around the world.

He is also a UNFCCC qualified expert reviewer of greenhouse gas emissions inventories, and a lead reviewer of both air quality pollutant emissions and adjustments. 

Prior to founding Aether in 2008, Chris was the Programme Director of the UK emissions inventory at AEA Energy and Environment, where he won several company awards for customer satisfaction and project management.

5. Daniel Botterill

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Ditto Sustainability LTD. Originally founded in 2009 as a sustainability consultancy, his company’s business model has evolved and now utilises technology and software as a way to provide and democratise sustainability knowledge.

In fact, Daniel’s current focus is on developing a range of next generation sustainability software applications that will help businesses to manage resources in a more efficient, sustainable and compliant manner.

He believes that, since they capture and assemble a wide range of data and monitor performance, sustainability software systems are key for meeting the increasing demand for business sustainability. 

6. Emil Fisher

Emil Fisher is the co-founder and CTO of BreezoMeter, a company that maps the world’s air pollution and pollen levels, up to a resolution of 5m and with a coverage of 95 countries. 

Emil has years of experience in hi-tech and major defense projects, and is passionate about solving technological problems in our environmentally challenged world.

Air pollution kills more than 7 million people worldwide. Through BreezoMeter, Emil is helping more than 50 million people worldwide to make informed decisions about their personal quality of life, and the air quality surrounding their businesses and communities.

7. Gary Davis

Gary is the co-founder and CEO of Ecometrica, an Edinburgh-based company that uses observation data captured from space, air and land to deliver actionable insights for business, government and society.

Gary has 13 years of sustainability experience and has advised multinational companies across many industry sectors. He has also been involved in the design of industry standards having advised on the development of the PAS2050 product standard, the Carbon Trust Standard and has been on UK Government working groups for biofuel greenhouse gas accounting.

Since co-founding Ecometrica in 2008, Gary has made his business evolve from a well respected consulting organisation to one of the world’s most innovative environment and sustainability software providers.

Gary won the Royal Geographical Society’s Alfred Steers prize in 2003.

8. Lubomila Jordanova

Lubomila is the founder & CEO of Plan A, a Berlin-based startup that helps companies to reduce their environmental impact and become carbon neutral. 

Her company has developed a platform that helps businesses calculate, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint, as well as an algorithm which predicts where and how climate change will hit the hardest, using over 300,000 data points.

Throughout her career, Lubomila has received many awards, including Forbes 30 under 30, DT50 Sustainability Award 2019 from McKinsey, Google and ROCKET INTERNET, BCG Social Impact Award 2020, Winner of Women Startup Competition 2019 and Top 100 Meaningful Business 2019.

9. Maija Leino 

Maija is the CEO and founder of UseLess, a Finnish company that helps companies and individuals lower their carbon footprint by calculating it and offering reduction pathways and support. 

With over 20 years of experience, Maija’s company has conducted numerous Life Cycle Assessments projects in the energy, textile, mobility, food production, housing and manufacturing industries.

Maija founded UseLess in 2018. Despite recognizing that being an entrepreneur can sometimes be a rocky road, Maija believes she is in the best place possible for her and, if given the option, she would choose this path again. 

10. Mark Maslin

Mark Maslin is the co-founder and Director of Rezatec Ltd, a Big data Geoanalytics company. He is also a Professor of Climatology and Environmental Sciences at University College London.

Maslin has published over 160 papers in journals such as Science, Nature, and The Lancet. His areas of expertise involve causes of past and future global climate change and its effects on the global carbon cycle, biodiversity, rainforests and human evolution. 

His company has an annual turnover of about £5M and uses its own algorithms and machine learning techniques to deliver commercial insights relating to the Forestry, Water Utilities, Agriculture and Energy sectors.

Maslin was included in Who’s Who in 2009 and is a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Scholar. 

11. Martin Ewart 

Martin is co-founder and CEO of Earthwave, a Scottish startup that works with multispectra, LiDAR, altimetry datasets to generate analysis ready-data for understanding, predicting and preventing the effects of climate change.

Martin is an experienced data scientist with 15 years of experience in building analytics platforms at Barclays and Amazon.

Now living his dream, Martin focuses on creating fast and interactive satellite analytics systems and platforms. He is also focusing on developing opportunities and increasing his company’s links with industry partners. 

12. Mathias Wikström 

Mathias Wikström is a Sweden-based international business leader and creative strategist.

In May 2020 he co-founded Doconomy, a company that has developed a mobile banking service that enables users to understand the impact of their daily choices. This allows them to adjust behavior, and to compensate for their impact on the planet.

Prior to founding Doconomy, Mathias was CEO/ECD at RBK Communication, Creative Director at Havas Sweden and CEO at A3. He has also served on several juries and is a high scoring speaker at industry summits in Europe, Asia and Latin America as well as with the UN and UNFCCC.

He enjoys working in an international setting where communication, innovation and sustainability meet.

13. Matt Tyburski 

Matt is Chief Scientist and Founder of Global Surface Intelligence, an Edinburgh-based company providing data analytics as a service for managing natural resources.

He is an interdisciplinary geospatial data scientist with 10 years of post-PhD experience in originating data science concepts in the private sector, as well as leading on data science systems development at Johns Hopkins and within the U.S. Federal Government.

Deeply rooted in environmental sciences, his company turns satellite, optical, radar, UAV, drone and ground survey data into commercially valuable information with the use of Artificial Intelligence, creating products designed to answer questions about the current state, condition, value and sustainable use of natural resource assets and investments.

14. Nathan Bonnisseau

Nathan is  co-founder and Head of marketing and content at Plan A, the first data-driven crowdfunding and action platform in the fight against climate change. 

His work involves supporting climate action and providing the canvas for people to rely on to make sense of the transition towards sustainability.

Nathan thinks that our lives are being affected by the issue of climate change. Therefore, he believes that each of us must help preserve the largest possible part of our planet and its biosphere. 

15. Olivier Corradi

Olivier is a French/Danish entrepreneur, data scientist and engineer. At the intersection of Machine Learning and Climate Change, he created electricitymap.org and founded Tomorrow, a company that enables individuals and organizations to understand and reduce their carbon footprint.

He previously managed data science and engineering at French AI startup Snips (acquired by Sonos).

Olivier believes in flat organisations with strong autonomous teams working for a common purpose. He also likes to research how complex systems self-organise, and is currently trying to figure out how to use this knowledge to better shape a sustainable world.

16. Paul Marushka

Paul is the founding president and CEO of Sphera, the largest, global provider of software and information services in environmental performance, but also operational risk and product stewardship.

Throughout his career, Paul has developed and launched many different software and analytics products which were recognised by the Gartner Group as having an impact on industry.

He was also recognised at the Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference (ELEMCON) as an environmental leader for creating new solutions, programs, products, platforms to help companies achieve greater success in environmental management. 

His company recently won 3 Environment + Energy Leader Product of the Year Awards for Sustainability and Product Compliance.

17. Ran Korber

Ran Korber is the co-founder and CEO at BreezoMeter, a leading air quality analytic company and one of Israel’s top ten promising startups in 2015.

His goal is to improve the health and quality of life for billions of people across the globe by providing accurate and actionable air quality data. 

Having co-founded BreezoMeter, Ran is able to work on a daily basis towards making his dream a reality.

He believes that setting up his company has been an amazing journey. BreezoMeter is growing quickly and Ran and his team are helping the world to “make the invisible visible”. 

18. Raphael Rosen

Raphael Rosen is the co-founder and President of North-American company Carbon Lighthouse.

The motive for founding his company was to take on global climate change at an impactful scale by creating a business that offers multiple resources for companies to eliminate their entire carbon footprint.

Raphael is committed to delivering market-based solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s energy and environmental challenges. 

In 2011 he became a fellow of Echoing Green, a global venture philanthropy firm which discovers and supports visionary leaders with the greatest innovative ideas that can positively impact the world. 

19. Richard Tipper

Richard is the co-founder and executive chairman of Ecometrica.

He has been an adviser on climate change issues for many governments, businesses and international organisations, and is considered an expert of evidence-based environmental action.

He authored two IPCC reports and his work was recognised as a contribution to the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. He was also part of the management team for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s initiatives on greenhouse gas accounting for organisations and projects. 

Additionally, Richard has advised on numerous standards and methodologies for accounting for greenhouse gas emissions, including the WBCSD-WRI GHG Protocol, European standards for biofuels and PAS 2060.

20. Simon Létourneau

Simon is the co-founder and CEO of Carbo, a french startup developing a web app that makes it easy to offset your carbon footprint.

His team’s mission is to build tools that can help everyone -businesses and individuals alike-  act against climate change.

A Carbo subscription estimates, reduces and offsets your carbon footprint. According to Simon, it’s a simple and direct way to take action against climate change.

21. Andrew Jones

Andrew is the co-founder and co-director of Climate Interactive, a not-for-profit organization that has developed, together with MIT Sloan, a scientific tool to model climate change and national greenhouse gas reduction scenarios for organizations, citizens and policymakers.

An expert in international climate change and energy issues, Andrew also teaches “Systems thinking for sustainable enterprise” to MBAs at the University of North Carolina and “System dynamics” at MIT sloan.

In 2008 he co-accepted the “ASysT Prize” for “a significant accomplishment achieved through the application of systems thinking to a problem of U.S. national significance”. In 2013, he received the System Dynamics Society’s award for the best real-world application of modeling.

In 2017, his organization was named the Top US Energy and Environment Think Tank by Prospect Magazine.

22. Andreas Slettvoll 

Andreas is the CEO and founder of CHOOOSE. CHOOOSE makes it “delightfully simple” for everyone, businesses and individuals alike, to calculate and offset their climate footprint.

As a lawyer, he has primarily assisted energy and energy service companies, Norwegian and international investment banks and PE companies. He has also been legal advisor for different industrial actors and start-ups. 

Andreas believes that sustainability is a “megatrend” driven by the emergence of a new generation. In order for businesses to align with this generational change in expectations, communication is needed, especially when it comes to employee engagement.

In 2018, his company was named a top 10 tech startup globally by Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge.

Sources: https://www.obforum.com/article/andreas-slettvoll/sustainability-is-a-megatrend

23. Anna-Lisa Mills

Anna-Lisa is the founder and director of SmartCarbon Calculator, a company that helps businesses to calculate, report and reduce carbon emissions. She is also the Director of True North Sustainability, which provides sustainable projects and carbon footprint calculations, in order to help organizations minimize their environmental impact.

With over 20 years of experience in environmental management, sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and Carbon Footprinting, Anna-Lisa has a proven track record in developing, implementing and leading environmental, carbon and sustainability strategies for a wide range of organisations.

She is trained in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and has been responsible for preparing carbon reports for large multinational corporations as well as over 100 SMEs. She has expertise in the legal and market drivers. 

Anna-Lisa is determined and passionate about taking action for a more sustainable future and tackling climate change.

24. Chris Bolman 

Chris is the founder of Brightest and executive director of The Brightest Foundation.

He is a social impact entrepreneur, organizer, writer, developer, advisor, and sometimes activist based in New York City. 

His company is a platform for social impact measurement and sustainability. It provides many resources to go carbon neutral, including a Carbon footprint calculator for both individuals and businesses.

Previously, he founded a data analytics company, and worked in renewable energy at PHOTON Consulting and Social Solar. Chris is also a United Nations Sustainable Energy Practitioner. 

His work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, VICE, AdAge, NYMag and Cool Hunting, among many other popular journals.

25. Christian Arno

Christian is the founder and CEO of Pawprint, which he co-founded in 2019.

Pawprint will be an app-anchored community to help consumers understand and reduce their carbon footprints. It will be personalised, ongoing, social, and seeks to be friendly, informative and inspiring. 

An experienced business leader and entrepreneur, Christian has been running his own business for nearly 20 years. In 2001 he founded Lingo24 and built it into the thriving, 200-people, translation and localization business it is today.

Christian is driven by a desire to tackle the world’s biggest challenge. His motto: mend more and buy less. Why would you want to throw your favourite jeans or t-shirt away when you can fix it up anyway?

26. Elizabeth Sawin

Dr. Sawin is co-founder and co-director of Climate Interactive, a think-tank which  helps people see what can be done to address our biggest climate challenges. 

She is a biologist (with a PhD from MIT) and a systems analyst with more than 18 years experience working on, teaching with, writing and speaking about computer simulations and systems thinking. 

Her primary interest is learning how we can address climate change issues in ways that bring multiple benefits for health, justice and well-being. She also loves teaching, writing and speaking about her learnings. 

Thanks to the influence of incredible mentors, including Nobel Prize winning biologist Bob Horvitz and scholar Joanna Macy, Dr.Sawin believes that the solutions to our toughest problems come from “seeing systems as interconnected wholes, not disconnected parts”.

27. Gérald Maradan

Gérald is the co-founder and CEO of EcoAct, a leading organisation in climate and energy strategy including footprint calculation, project development and poverty alleviation.

He is a social entrepreneur who likes to combine passion, innovation and determination with business-like discipline and holistic approaches.

Through EcoAct, he has developed a portfolio of more than 30 projects worldwide, developing business plans, setting financing structures. His key achievements include the creation of more than 29,000 jobs in developing countries and more than 30 millions tonnes of CO2 offset.

He was also a speaker in nearly 150 conferences around the world and has received several awards, including the ESCP Europe Young Entrepreneur in 2006.

28. Ingo Puhl

Ingo is one of the founding partners of South Pole, a global leader in the use of results and performance-based incentive systems for high-impact climate mitigation.

He has over 20 years of experience in climate policy and finance on an international level, and he’s an expert in designing financial support mechanisms for climate change-related projects.

Ingo is currently driving South Pole’s work on energy transformation in South East Asia. He is also a co-founder of Whapow, a food tech start-up which is tackling the urgent need to massively improve the sustainability of our food system via the development of food & beverage applications around photosynthetic microorganisms.

An optimist who believes that the world urgently needs and is full of transformative opportunities and business models to restore and create social and environmental capital at scale, he hopes that the current technological innovation will be driven by global collaboration and shared values, leading to the decentralization of wealth creation. 

29. Jason Denner

 In 2006, Jason co-founded POINT380, a software and consulting firm that helps companies to set, manage and achieve their sustainability goals.

Jason is an engineer and financial analyst with over two decades of experience in supporting clients to increase profitable investment in efficiency and renewable resources, reduce financial costs and risks, cut carbon emissions, streamline logistics, and develop sustainable products. His clients include industry-leading companies, world-class NGOs and clean technology startups.

Prior to founding Point380, he was Director of Engineering for DOMANI Sustainability Consulting where he founded Domani’s Energy Efficiency and Process Improvement consulting practice.

Jason is a member of RMI’s informal international network of industrial efficiency experts. He co-authored the industrial chapter of RMI’s book “Reinventing Fire: a business-lead vision for moving America away from fossil energy by 2050”.

30. Sylvain Massot

Sylvain is the co-founder and at Impaakt, a web-platform that leverages on the collective intelligence of a large community of members to assess the social & environmental impact of large listed companies.

He has almost three decades of experience in international banking in London and Geneva, which enabled him to develop his investment and management skills.

He is also the co-founder of Fondation ReBin, which operates in Benin in the field of waste recycling: by creating innovative and cohesive projects, people are enticed to no longer perceive waste as a nuisance, but rather consider it as a valuable resource.

31. Michael Groves

Dr. Groves is the founder and CEO of Topolytics, a Scottish analytics company that focuses on waste management.

He has 20 years of experience in environmental management and sustainability, and a doctorate in satellite imagery and remote sensing.

The ‘WasteMap’ data platform developed by his company is used by multinational enterprises and their waste contractors to make better commercial, environmental and investment decisions.

In May 2019, Topolytics was chosen from more than 250 entrants as the winner of the Google Cloud and SAP Circular Economy 2030 challenge. 

32. Mike Berners-Lee

Mike Berners-Lee is the founder of Small World Consulting

He is an expert in greenhouse gas footprinting and organisation development. 

His company has developed practical toolsets for modelling climate change impacts. Greenstone has developed consumption-based emissions reporting at Greater Manchester, West Sussex and the Lake District, and provided supply chain emissions reporting for BT group, Taylor Wimpey, E.H Booth & Co and many others. 

He is also author of “There is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years”, “How Bad Are Bananas? The carbon footprint of everything” and co-author of “The Burning Question”. 

Currently a professor at Lancaster University’s Institute for Social Futures, where he gets the chance to think about the challenges of the 21st century. His goal is to bring about a more sustainable world.

33. Nick Sutton

Nick is the founder and director of Greenstone Plus, which provides sustainability Software-as-service in more than 100 countries.

He has seen his company grow from an idea born out of a few client requests for carbon emissions information to a broad non-financial enterprise solution used by clients across the world.

Greenstone enables sustainability reporting through its award-winning sustainability software and support services.

Using his company’s environmental reporting software, clients can upload data from a wide range of sources, including energy, transport, waste, water and fugitive gases.

34. Oliver Bolton

Oliver is the founder and CEO of Almond.

His company offers individuals and companies a range of innovative technology solutions, to understand, reduce & balance their carbon footprint in the easiest way possible. Their goal is to get 100 million people & businesses to become climate positive by 2030!

Oliver is a ClimateTech entrepreneur with 12 years of experience in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. He has also founded 3 B Corp health drinks brands (Waterbomb, Liquid Fusion, What A Melon) and co-founded leading health app VITL.com. 

As an entrepreneur, he loves to have a concrete positive impact on the climate crisis. 

He won the Virgin VOOM award in 2016.

35. Paavo Tertsunen

Paavo is a co-founder and account manager at UseLess Company

He is an LCA-expert with particular expertise in carbon footprint calculation, helping people to understand the carbon footprint of their product or company.

Paavo’s background is in sustainability science and he has worked for UseLess’ customer development and communications from the very beginning. 

He is personally passionate about sustainability, environment & biodiversity, and customer development. 

36. Peter Allan

Peter is the CEO of Surple, which builds software that makes it easy for managers to make better energy decisions.

When asked why he founded Surple in an interview with TechDragons, he replied:

“The average person spends approximately nine minutes a year thinking about energy – that’s simply not enough for something we interact with and consume on a daily basis.

How can we expect to change attitudes towards climate change and reduce the £7.5bn worth of energy that’s wasted annually in the UK when we spend such a little amount of time thinking about it?”

Peter believes that with simple energy efficiency measures, an organisation’s consumption and therefore carbon footprint can be significantly reduced.

37. Renat Heuberger

Renat is a co-founder and CEO of South Pole which, among many other services, provides data solutions to measure and monitor corporate GHG emissions.

Prior to co-founding South Pole in 2006, he co-founded and was CEO of the myclimate foundation, providing climate advice and educational programmes, as well as carbon offset programs. 

Renat is a pioneer and social entrepreneur in the fields of sustainability, climate change and renewable energy. 

He has been awarded the title of Social Entrepreneur of Switzerland by the Schwab Foundation, and is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Climate Change, as well as a board member of EIT Climate-KIC, Europe’s main climate innovation initiative.

38. Romain Lacombe

Romain is a technology entrepreneur focusing on the environment.

He is the founder and CEO at Plume Labs, a company that creates personal devices and apps that help you measure your exposure to air pollution levels. 

His company’s AI-powered air quality data and forecasts are also available for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Romain is working to change the world, one breath and one kilobyte at a time. He is also a TED fellow and speaker and delivers inspiring talks on the issue of air pollution, like this one.

39. Sangwon Suh

Dr. Sangwon Suh is the founder and director of VitalMetrics, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for businesses to measure and manage their sustainability metrics.

He has over 20 years of experience in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and carbon and water footprinting. He has also published 3 books and over 90 peer-reviewed journal articles on LCA and environmental science and management. 

In the last 10 years, he has provided technical advice to various organizations including Fortune 500 companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), federal, state, and local governments. 

He developed the Comprehensive Environmental Data Archive (CEDA®) in 2000 and has overseen its evolution since then. He was a Coordinating Lead Author (CLA) for IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report.

Since 2003, he has been an associate editor of the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. Dr. Suh has also co-authored the international standard on carbon footprint (GHG protocol) as a member of the working group of the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

40.Thierry Fornas

Thierry is the co-founder and president of EcoAct

He has more than 13 years of experience in climate and carbon strategy.

Since 1996 he has developed several low carbon projects in Africa, Asia and South America, and has led more than 300 climate and carbon strategy consulting assignments for various businesses and communities, with the aim of building their carbon neutrality strategies.

He is also CEO of Climate Pal Kenya, an organization that develops low carbon offset projects in East Africa. 

Thierry is a founding member of APCC (Association of Professionals in Carbon Consulting) and a Lecturer at Université Paris IV Sorbonne and Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines for Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Carbon Markets.

41. Charlotte Aschim

Charlotte Aschim is the CEO & Founder of TotalCtrl, a global digital retail innovation company that provides food waste prevention software to help consumer-facing businesses optimize their operations, cut costs and prevent food waste by digitizing complex food service operations.

Since 2017, Charlotte has managed to get TotalCtrl on rankings alongside Amazon and Walmart, be one of Europe’s most inspiring food waste changemakers, a Norwegian Food Mentor, among the top 80 Norwegian leaders under 35 and a European Green Capital Ambassador.

Her company has been recognized as a top global retail innovation company and one of the most influential European changemakers, as well as received multiple greentech, cleantech and impact awards.

She believes her mission is to create value for her clients, and save the world

42. Stefano Bagli

Dr. Stefano Bagli is an environmental engineer, data scientist and CEO and Founder of GECOsistema srl.

His company combines advanced environmental modelling, geographic Information System-GIS and Spatial Analysis tools, remote sensing and satellite observations, predictive analytics, data science and machine learning, together with intellectual skills to give you critical insight on environmental and climate issues.

He has more than 20 years of experience in environmental modelling and data science (Artificial Intelligence) in the field of air quality, climate services, fate and transport of pollutants in multiple media, hydrology, flood hazard/risk mapping, remote sensing, and developing SDSS embedding models and tools into GIS systems.

Dr. Bagli is also coordinator of the SaferPLACES project founded by EIT Climate-KIC, and project manager of several research projects dealing with development of Web GIS DSS services in the field of air and water pollution, hydrology and water management, and many more.

43. Craig Jones

Dr Craig Jones is an environmental consultant, specialising in carbon offsetting, carbon footprinting, embodied carbon and life cycle assessment (LCA).

He is best known as the author of the Inventory of Carbon & Energy (ICE) database, which is an embodied energy and carbon database for materials and has now been downloaded by over 30,000 professionals worldwide.

He provided the data to carbon footprint the London 2012 Olympics, and tailored a specific carbon database for the $22 billion project MASDAR city in Abu Dhabi, which aims to be the first zero-carbon, zero-waste and car free city. He has published many scientific articles on the methodology and application of carbon footprinting and life cycle assessment (LCA). 

Craig has presented to audiences around the world, including at MIT, and has appeared in publications such as the Guardian, The Times, BBC Online, The Huffington Post, Bloomberg and more.

44. David Lu 

David Lu is the co-founder and CEO of Clarity Movement.

Clarity is a team of passionate engineers and scientists united by the wish to make a positive impact in the world by tackling the global air pollution crisis. 

David co-founded Clarity in 2014. 

Now, his team is deploying the next generation of dense air quality monitoring networks around the world to build healthier communities with smarter data.

45. Baljot Singh 

Baljot Singh is the co-founder and Hardware Engineering lead of Clarity Movement

His company’s  Sensing-as-a-Service solution for air quality is currently deployed in over 70 cities across 30+ countries and is changing how municipalities and industrial facilities monitor their air quality.

Baljot is a passionate entrepreneur.  He engineers novel sensor nodes that Clarity uses to gather data, in order to curb air pollution.

In fact, Clarity is now deploying the next generation of dense air quality monitoring networks around the world to build smarter cities through smarter data.

46. Paolo Micalizzi 

Paolo Micalizzi is the co-founder and CTO of Clarity Movement

When cities and industrial facilities want to measure air quality at a site they have to purchase expensive monitoring equipment. Paolo believes this is unacceptable, because it leads to the inability to monitor air pollution at important sites and ultimately to the inability to manage air pollution.

He believes that a world where novel sensing technology, IoT and cloud computing simplify air quality measurement, will enable cities and industrial facilities to take data-driven action.

47. Davida Herzl

Davida is the co-founder and CEO of Aclima, a company headquartered in San Francisco that delivers hyperlocal air pollution and climate emissions intelligence at unprecedented resolution. 

She is an entrepreneur working at the nexus of technology, environmental health and human health. In fact,  Aclima’s air quality mapping and analysis platform empowers governments, companies, researchers and communities to reduce emissions and protect public health, at both the local and global level.

Her company was recognized as a 2017 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, as well as being named one of the prestigious 2018 Global Cleantech 100 companies.

Davida’s goal is achieving global-scale social benefit. 

48. Geoff Henshaw

Geoff is the co-founder and CTO of Aeroqual, a company which provides sensors and software for real-time air quality monitoring.

He has 20 years of experience in the science and technology of heated metal oxide gas sensors for the measurement of trace gases in the atmosphere, and has an interest in the application of sensor networks for the measurement of urban air quality at local scales.

A key part of what he does is to build research and technology partnerships with organizations around the world. His company fosters collaborations that extend the science, technology and performance of gas and particulate sensors in the characterization of air quality. Their network provides access to reference sites around the world to validate and improve new instrument designs. 

49. Jessica W Lam

Jessica Lam co-founded Kaiterra in 2014. 

Kaiterra is a startup focused on monitoring and mapping the world’s air both indoors and outdoors, with the goal of better understanding and thus reducing the world’s air pollution. 

Before co-founding Kaiterra, she was in assurance and advisory at Deloitte Vancouver. She is also an active organiser of events in Beijing focused on social and environmental issues.

In 2017, Jessica was recognised as Forbes 30 under 30.

50. Liam Bates

Liam is the co-founder & CEO of Kaiterra, which creates connected devices to monitor and improve the environment around us.

His company is working on a wide range of products and software. Their technology is being implemented by several governments on large-scale projects around the globe.

He is a documentary director, host of regular TV series, performer and entrepreneur. He also won the Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017.

Liam believes that his and his team’s efforts are ultimately helping make the world a more beautiful place.

51. Inouk Bourgon

Co-founder and CTO of Airboxlab (Foobot), a company that uses Artificial Intelligence and sensors to deliver massive energy savings in office buildings and guarantees great indoor air quality.

Foobot is an indoor air quality monitor paired with a mobile app to make air quality understandable by everyone. It takes care of the air you breath by controlling your ventilation or purification system based air pollution readings.

He began his career doing software for products manufactured by others.

Then, he decided to create his first company and work on his own Internet of Things products and the 360° experience that comes with it.

Now, Inouk dedicates himself to the optimisation of infrastructures and products based on the data they generate, which also brings considerable environmental benefits.

52. Ahmad Mu’azzam

Ahmad is the co-founder and CEO of Evocco.

His company provides a mobile app which empowers consumers to make more sustainable food choices by tracking the climate impact of their food purchases. 

Through personalised tips and recommendations, consumers are enabled to find the most nutritious food for the lowest climate impact. Ahmad also works with food brands to help them adapt to changing consumer preferences in a sustainability context.

The belief behind his work is that, when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint, there’s no tastier place to start than with the food you eat! 

53. Manuel Klarmann

Manuel is the co-founder and CEO of Eaternity.

Eaternity provides a real-time calculation engine which enables to address allergen and nutrition declarations, as well as delivering a dynamic calculation of the carbon footprint of meals and restaurants.

As CEO of Manuel Klarmann manages a great team of creative people to revolutionize the foodservice industry by enabling smart insights into their supply chain for people, planet and profit.

He wishes to create a future where every individual is empowered and engaged to make smart decisions, where effects on our planet and other people are as important as the value of business.

54. Mathis Wackernagel

Dr. Mathis Wackernagel is the co-founder and president of Global Footprint Network, which promotes the use of the Ecological Footprint — a resource accounting tool that measures how much nature we have and how much we use.

He has worked on sustainability with governments, corporations and international NGOs across six continents. He also authored and contributed to more than 50 peer-reviewed papers, reports and various books on sustainability, including Our Ecological Footprint: Reducing Human Impact on the Earth; Sharing Nature’s Interest; Ecological Footprint: Managing Our Biocapacity Budget; and WWF International’s Living Planet Report.

Dr. Wackernagel has won many awards over the years, such as the 2018 World Sustainability Award, the 2015 IAIA Global Environment Award, being a 2014 ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame Inductee, the 2013 Prix Nature Swisscanto, 2012 Blue Planet Prize, 2012 Binding Prize for Nature Conservation and the 2011 Zayed International Prize for the Environment. He was also selected in the en(rich) list identifying the 100 top inspirational individuals whose contributions enrich paths to sustainable futures. Additionally, John Elkington identified him among the “Zeronaut 50” Roll of Honor.

Dr. Wackernagel sees our species as embedded in and dependent on the biosphere. For this reason, he believes that sustainability is non-negotiable for long-term economic success. It is, in fact, necessary.

55. Nadine Michalske

Nadine is the founder and COO of Klima.metrix, a company that builds the easiest and quickest footprint calculation software for companies

according to common global calculation standards.

Prior to co-founding Klima.metrix in 2019, she also founded Piloteers in 2016, which helps set up your own digital business.

Her company Klima.metrix believes that carbon footprint should be a concern for companies, but calculation shouldn’t.

56. Robert Heinecke

Robert Heinecke is an entrepreneur, futurist thinker and smart city expert.

In 2015, he co-founded BreezeTechnologies. BreezeTechnologies provides an environmental intelligence platform that offers hyperlocal, comprehensive and accurate air quality data, as well as insights and actionable recommendations.

His company collects, aggregates and assimilates data from a variety of sources through different applications. Then, smart algorithms evaluate air quality in real time, suggest the most efficient and effective air quality improvement measures, connect customers to intervention partners and track the success of implemented and ongoing interventions for both smart buildings and cities.

Breeze’s platform is deployed in Germany’s two largest cities, Berlin and Hamburg, as well as in a growing number of international corporates including Otto and Deutsche Telekom.

Robert’s company has been recognised in multiple national and international competitions as one of the most promising European startups by the European Parliament and Commission, Germany – Land of Ideas (award from the German President) and Forbes 30 Under 30.

57. Quirin Blendl

Quirin is the co-founder and CEO of rvolt, which has developed a mobile app that helps you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

Rvolt empowers everyone to participate in the energy transition with their smartphone. 

Quirin’s company’s app engages energy users, gamifies energy demand and provides added-value on smart meter data. It also incentivizes users to increase their efficiency and provide added-values based on their consumption patterns.

His motto is “Play.Save.Earn”.

58. Hannah Helmke

Hannah is a driven professional who understands the potential of using science-based approaches to effectively manage climate strategies. 

She currently leads right.based on science, a Frankfurt-based climate change impact start-up, which has developed a science-based tool, the XDC Model, that enables transparency by capturing and easily communicating the impact of an economic entity on global warming.

Hannah has been selected to participate in prestigious groups and events such as The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) as the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program and most recently in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019.

She has also been recognized by different publications and prizes (Business Punk and Frankfurter Gründerpreis) as a relevant influence for reshaping business purposes. 

Her belief is that transparency around climate risks is pivotal for developing appropriate responses to global warming.

59. Valérie Mas

Valérie is the founder and CEO of WeNow, a startup that helps people measure, reduce and offset their CO2 emissions resulting from driving.

She had a promising career at Total, a leader in the energy sector, with a clear career plan. She had already spent 15 years with Total’s various entities. 

Thanks to her strong convictions about the environment, her pioneering spirit and her desire to have a positive impact on climate change, she terminated her career at Total to found a startup in the field of clean transport. 

Personally convinced about the urgency to protect our environment and to reduce CO2 emissions, she wishes to develop an innovative solution to act on climate change, now. 

She is a powerful example of female leadership in a sector traditionally dominated by men.

60. Juan Carlos Sesma Fraguas

Juan Carlos is the founder and CEO at CO2 Revolution, a company that has an interesting approach to fight climate change by using drones to plant trees, dropping specially crafted seed pods from high in the air.

His company analyses environmental data to design a new vegetation structure that will uptake CO2 emissions.

Juan Carlos is an expert in process optimization and holds the desire to create a better world. 

With more than 13 years of experience with bigger companies, in Spain and abroad, by founding CO2 revolution he opened a new chapter in his life devoted to creating something that has a positive impact on the environment.

61. Daniela Schiffer

Daniela is the CEO and co-founder of Changers.

Changers licenses an app that helps companies and municipalities to motivate their people to be healthier and sharpen their awareness on sustainable topics. The app gets the users to switch from car to bike, walk more often and record health related activities. Teams can compete against each other and earn rewards for getting active.

Prior to co-founding Changers in 2012, Daniela worked as a consultant at a communications agency where she was closely involved with high-tech companies, specifically in the field of green energy and photovoltaics.

She has always been passionate on how the usage of media changes our society.  

She has contributed to projects such as reboot.fm, and her work has been presented at hack.it.art in 2005, Tesla Berlin, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Zurich and Gemäldegalerie Berlin in 2006.

62. Markus Schulz

Markus is the co-founder and CEO of Changers, which motivates citizens and employees to participate in healthy and sustainable activities. 

The Changers CO2 fit app records the participation activities and awards bonus points, which are exchanged for a fitness stand or other company services in the canteen, for example. The reward system can also be linked to tree plantings or donations for social projects. The CO2 fit App is already available in 10 European languages.

Markus has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of marketing and communications. In 1988 he founded an advertising agency, where he worked for brands like Nestle, Lufthansa and the political party “Die Grünen.” He holds two patents in the US.

He was responsible for the communications of more than 25 IPOs for high-tech companies, at last in the fields of green energy and photovoltaics such as Q-Cells and Aleo Solar. 

63. Ajay Varadharajan

Ajay is the CEO of Greenswapp, which has developed an app that helps you calculate, reduce and offset the carbon impact of your groceries, and also the founder and CEO of Green Insights, which supports businesses of all kinds in their journey to become more sustainable.

With a decade’s worth of experience in sustainability consulting, Ajay is dedicated to creating a positive impact on the environment through solutions driven by businesses and consumers.

He also runs MealSwapp, which helps consumers track and reduce the negative impact of food on climate change and their personal health.

 Ajay’s interest and expertise spans from developing sustainability business strategies to developing innovative sustainable business models to performing complete circular economy assessments for organizations. Analytically rigorous in his approach, he measures his success by the magnitude of environmental and societal impact produced through his work.

64. Iggy Bassi

Iggy is the Founder and CEO of Cervest, which is pioneering Earth Science AI to inform decisions on climate security and adaptation.

He is experienced in building companies in the technology, finance, and impact markets – in both emerged and emerging markets.

Over the past 20 years he has advised many global companies (including Fortune 500), sovereigns, and entrepreneurs on solving problems in competitiveness, sustainability, security, and structuring complex transactions.

He is a passionate advocate for transformative innovations that address global challenges and  his company has attracted leading mission-driven investors in Europe and the US, as well as selection in leading programs, including TechNation AI and Google’s first SDG program.

Iggy is frequently invited to speak on issues of climate, AI, security, and inclusive markets (inc. World Bank, Harvard University, UN-FAO, House of Commons, Future Investment Initiative, and ICRD). He is a Member of BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network. 

65. Michael Thornton

Michael is the co-founder and CEO of Carbon Analytics,  which enables Small and Medium Sized businesses to improve their environmental performance.

He believes that business can be the force for change the planet needs to solve our environmental woes since he was a kid. 

He has dedicated his career to business solutions with a purpose, first as an engineer at Sherwood Design Engineers designing and developing green infrastructure projects around the world, then as an entrepreneur co-founding Odyssey Sensors, a low-cost agriculture sensor company, and lastly co-founding Terra Recovery, which focused on turning landfills from liabilities to assets.

66. Markus Gilles

Markus is the CEO and co-founder at Klima, which has developed an app that  empowers everyone to take effective, immediate climate action.

His team’s app estimates your carbon footprint and then lets you choose offsetting projects to support through a monthly subscription. Examples include: tree-planting projects in Madagascar and Panama, solar power projects, and clean cookstove projects in developing countries.

Markus’ goal is to make offsetting tangible. He believes a big inhibitor for people to take climate action is the fact that they cannot see or touch CO2, which leads to climate change being perceived as an abstract topic in general.

67. Harilaos Loukos

Harilaos is an entrepreneur with a climate research background. 

He is the CEO and founder of the Climate Data Factory, an online provider of ready to use climate change data.

To get there he raised venture capital funds, grew the company and conducted a merger. During this experience he developed innovative weather services for large customers in the consumer packaged goods and energy sectors in the field of business analytics, predictive modeling and big data.

He likes to dedicate his time to initiatives supporting small-to-medium enterprises and innovation. 

In 2011-201515, he contributed to the EIT Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership working to address the challenge of climate change through entrepreneurship and innovation. 

68. Johanna Kloot

Johanna is the co-founder of GreenKPI. Her company’s automated sustainability and impact reports capture qualitative and quantitative metrics across environment, social and economic indicators.

When Johanna engaged with businesses on sustainability, she heard the same three barriers repeated over and over. “No time”, “it is a cost” and “I don’t know where to start” or “I don’t know what sustainability is”.

For these reasons, she founded GreenKPI to dissolve these barriers and make sustainability accessible to businesses of any size, in any location that had access to the internet.

Her team is incorporating a growing list of reporting standards that are directly tagged at the actions level, such as the GRI, SDGs and the B Corp Assessment, making impact reporting time and cost-efficient for any size organisation.

Johanna believes that lots of people talk about sustainability, but GreenKPI is into taking action.

69.Diego Sanz

Diego is the CEO and co-founder at Reforestum.

His company measures the carbon footprint of your daily activities, offering any individual, collective or company the opportunity to become carbon neutral by planning and developing their own forests. 

He is an entrepreneur driven to solve global challenges through innovation, and a software engineer with 16 years of experience.

He is especially interested in conservation and climate solutions, and is eager to connect with talented people that are aiming to make the world a better place

70. Alban Bressand

Alban is the co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Reforestum.

He is passionate about scaling solutions to climate change. He is interested in new ways to bridge the financing gap for nature-based solutions that withdraw carbon from the atmosphere,  by helping businesses and investors jointly back the right projects.

He has 8 years of experience in renewable energies and energy storage/smart grids, CVC early stage investment/company building, corporate strategy, sales & partnerships (SaaS).

In 2018 he  also co-founded Green Jump, a sustainability consultancy, on topics ranging from the financing of subsidy-free renewable energy projects to implementing new business models using blockchain and other new technologies.

71. Timon McPhearson

Dr. McPhearson is a co-founder at SensCity, a company that uses real-time sensor observations, and global weather and remote-sensing data to uncover insights that help you monitor the performance of your projects.

He is Associate Professor of Urban Ecology, Director of the Urban Systems Lab, and research faculty at the Tishman Environment and Design Center at The New School, as well as a Research Fellow at The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and Associate Research Fellow at Stockholm University.

His interests are the ecology in, of, and for cities to advance resilience, sustainability, and justice. 

He has published in scientific journals such as Nature and BioScience, in books (e.g. Urban Planet), and in popular press (e.g. The Nature of Cities). 

He co-leads the U.S. National Science Foundation “Urban Resilience to Extreme Weather Related Events” Sustainability Research Network (UREx SRN) in the US and Latin America. His work is read and covered widely including in The Guardian, The New York Times, The Nation, and more.

72. Joseph Glesta

Joseph is a co-founder at SensCity.

He has a strong understanding of the digital and built environment sector, especially regarding smart and resilient cities in relation to climate change and technology.

He has held positions as a founder, in government, industry and academia and has worked with stakeholders across the board.

Joseph loves to design, and is highly skilled at creating, presenting and conceptualizing products, projects and programs through the use of visually compelling graphics. He also loves a good challenge and working a process from idea to prototype to trialling and testing.

73. Jaskirat Rhandawa

Jaskirat co-founded SensCity in 2018.

During his previous data engineer and visualization designer role at Urban Systems Lab, he learned a lot about the impact of climate change in urban areas. 

His motivation for co-founding SensCity was that, in urban areas, organizations operating in sectors like construction, insurance and government departments need to understand the climate impact on their projects.

He believes that “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. For this reason, real-time analytics can help businesses monitor compliance with environmental regulations and optimize their operations. 

This is exactly what his company does, as it is a platform to help people and organizations take actionable decisions informed by weather impact. 

74. David Bryngelsson

Dr. Bryngelsson is the founder and CEO of CarbonCloud

CarbonCloud helps the restaurant sector calculate and communicate the carbon footprints for all food they serve, while making the day to day operations in the kitchen smoother. Saving the climate has never been easier. 

Dr. Bryngelsson holds a PhD from Chalmers University in Energy and Environment.

In 2011, he was chosen by the magazine Miljöaktuellt as one of 30 Swedish profiles under 30 years of age who may play important parts in the transition towards a sustainable society.

75. Jorge Portillo

CEO and co-founder of Greemko, which puts technology and innovation to the service of the environment for a more sustainable development. 

His company offers an integral solution capturing automatically the data directly from the supplier’s invoice to calculate and report your environmental impact. 

It will help you structure, consolidate, validate and report all environment-related data such as CO2 emissions, energy consumption, water, materials, waste generation, spills and others.

He is creative,  always proactive in searching for new opportunities, and has great analytical capabilities.

76. Kerem Erikçi

Kerem is the co-founder of Iklim.co, which gathers weather and climate data for generating early warnings for approaching storms in real time. 

By utilizing lightning sensors all over the globe, able to detect severe weather approaching, his company notifies its subscribers well before the severe weather hits, creating enough time to save your beloveds and properties.

With this information, insurance companies warn their customers to mitigate risks, aviation dispatchers plan en routes to save planes from hail damages, utility companies route their smart grid to shorten electricity cuts, municipalities warn citizens for better decisions, etc…

Kerem worries about big world problems such as climate change, food and agriculture. He brings digital & cellular solutions to make our living more sustainable. 

77. Erdem Erikçi

Erdem Erikçi is the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of tarla.in, which  provides weather, soil, plant, and farmer-based agricultural intelligence to decision makers. 

His platform enables enterprises and farmers to increase their operational efficiency under volatile climatic conditions, by collecting and measuring hyperlocal environmental parameters.The data gathered is then processed with in-house data science expertise.

Tarla.in provides valuable information for risk mitigation and adaptation in the face of climate change adversities. It is the first and only operator of lightning detection networks in Turkey that let us to track the atmospheric events relevant to lightning such as hail, storm, heavy precipitation and tornado with high precision. 

Erdem’s company has received 10+ prestigious awards in 4 years including best cloud service award in EuroCloud 2015 competition in Barcelona, UNIDO’s best innovation award in water efficiency in Cleantech Competition, best data visualization award in UN’s Data for Climate Action Challenge and the winner of the Turkish leg of “Innovation World Championship” organized by Zurich Insurance Group.

78. Werner Halter

Dr Halter is the founder and director of Climate Services, a company that calculates businesses’ CO2 emissions and offers climatic strategies so that they can be reduced.

After 10 years of academic research, including 5 years as a professor at ETH Zurich, he decided in 2008 to explore the private sector by taking over the management of a consulting company. 5 years later, in 2013,  he founded Climate services, whose aim is to create benefits for companies that reduce their impact on climate change and thus encourage them to act quickly.

Dr. Halter considers the low-carbon economy transition to be urgent. What motivates him is to accelerate the reduction of our CO2 emissions.

He is convinced that reducing CO2 will lead us to a better quality of life. It is with this optimism that he seeks to move forward.

79. Nathalie Labate

Nathalie is the co-founder, COO and CMO of IZYPEO, a software company specialized in the environmental and social performances of organizations. 

Among expert advice on environmental issues, her company offers software solutions in the field of environment, like carbon emission and energy efficiency inventories.

Nathalie co-founded this company in 2010. Today, IZYPEO solutions are used by more than one hundred companies among which, La Fnac, CCI NCA  CCIMP and l’administration Monégasque.

80. Stephane Germain

Stephane Germain is the founder and President of GHGSat, a company whose mission is to become the global reference for remote sensing of greenhouse gas (GHG) and air quality gas (AQG) emissions from industrial sites, using satellite technology.

He has a strong background in aerospace engineering, and thanks to this he came up with the idea of using emissions monitoring satellites for the transparent, precise and low-cost measurement of greenhouse gas emissions at industrial sites.

In Canada, his company’s technology has the potential to monitor over 40% of all GHG emissions, over 85% of SO2 emissions and 30% of NO2 emissions. 

His company’s novel technology will enable GHG and Air Quality measurement with better accuracy and at a cheaper price than comparable alternatives. Industrial facilities will be able to monitor all these parameters, locally or remotely with a common technology, in near-real-time. 

81. Arnaud Brun 

Arnaud is the founder and CEO of TENEVIA,  a company that specialises in the development of digital solutions that can generate environmental data.

By exploiting two fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer vision (image analysis) and numerical modelling, TENEVIA’s solutions offer access to new environmental measures.

Divided into four groups of products to meet the different requirements of its users, TENEVIA’s technology is accessible in the form of business software, sensors, simulators and on-line services

Arnaud’s company has won a number of prizes for innovation, including one from the UN Secretary General in charge of the prevention of natural risks (2015) and places digital development at the heart of its technological and scientific approach.

82. Tracy Irvine

Tracy is the managing director and co-founder of Oasis Hub Ltd and is an international climate science, adaptation and resilience and science communication specialist. 

Her company Oasis Hub Ltd was launched in June 20017, as an aggregator catastrophe, extreme weather and environmental risk data, tools and services, as well as providing data set enhancement, development and data aggregation services. 

The company has a robust Global community of over 1300 Oasis Hub members from a wide range of sectors, including insurance, finance, development & engineering and consultancy. 

83. Robin Mink 

Robin is the co-founder of SAM-DIMENSION and is a Precision agriculture enthusiast with experience and education on UAV remote sensing in crop and weed science. 

The company aims towards the development of smart algorithms to enhance productivity and rescue environmental chemical burdon by enabling plant-specific crop protection for forward-looking sustainable farming systems. 

84. Tanmoy Bari 

Tanmoy is the CEO of Greenely, which is a software solution that both gives consumers full control over their energy usage and lets them buy renewable electricity through the platform.

Since 2017, over 80 000 of Swedish households have started using Greenely to control their energy consumption. When founding Greenely, Tanmmoy had barely finished his engineering degree in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design from Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology.

85. Pedro Garrett

Pedro is an environmental researcher who has done research on climate change related issues for many years.

In 2017, he co-founded 2adapt which is a consulting and product development company focused on climate. 2adapt has both climate-smart agriculture software that optimizes irrigation needs and real time weather forecast and soil monitoring.

86. David Avelar

David has a Ph.D. position at the science faculty of University of Lisbon and is a co-founder of 2adapt, a consulting and product development company focused on climate.

2adapt has both climate-smart agriculture software that optimizes irrigation needs and real-time weather forecast and soil monitoring.

87. Bekir Cetin

With several years of experience as a sustainability consultant, Bekir became the Director of Operations at CO2nsensus.

The company deals in carbon management, environmental software services and emission reduction. The platform has a calculator where you can calculate and offset your carbon emissions. 

88. Nikita Gulin

Nikita is the CEO and co-founder of Agranimo, a platform that uses machine learning to process data from micro-meteorological monitoring equipment to help farmers optimize resources and prepare for different climate conditions.

Besides co-founding Agranimo, Nikita has previously co-founded Pycno and been a startup judge for the virtual startup engagement platform YouNoodle.

89. Sergio Esteban

Sergio is the CTO and co-founder of Agranimo, a platform that uses machine learning to process data from micro-meteorological monitoring equipment to help farmers optimize resources and prepare for different climate conditions.

Before co-founding Agranimo, Sergio worked in different roles at the Rabo IT in Chile for almost 12 years.

90. Maarten Desmet

Maarten is a co-founder of For Good and Endeavour.

He is a social entrepreneur concentrated on achieving sustainability goals and developing the cities of tomorrow. Having an education in the field of architecture he tries to make living in cities both greener and more comfortable. He is also an author of the book named ‘Gross National Happiness’.

91. Lazlo Giricz

 Lazlo is the founder and CEO of Poseidon.

He has created the company using his deep technology expertise and business knowledge in order to help the environment and people around. Now it is a team of people who help keep the ocean clean by using AI and blockchain.

92. Max Gulde

Max is the CEO and co-founder of ConstellR. A physicist with a background in material science, he is working as a part of the Space Technology Group at Fraunhofer Ernst-Mach-Institute.

In the company, they collect the data from the land surface to make better decisions in the field of agriculture, financial markets, and insurance. He is also an author of the “Development of an Ultrafast Low-Energy Electron Diffraction Setup” book.

93. Ahmad Isber

Ahmad is the CEO and co-founder of Contreeb. The  main aim to tackle for him is to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world.

That is the thing they do in the company – helping to do the Life Cycle Assessment and do the accurate carbon pricing, on one hand and to help consumers to adjust to the happening climate change and make their behaviour more conscious.

94. David Balensiefen

David is the CEO and co-founder of gridX.

David Balensiefen, co-founder and CEO of gridX, has extensive experience in a variety of roles in the energy industry. In particular in the areas of research at the Helmholtz Association, engineering at LyondellBasell, RWE and Sandvik, and business analysis and change management at Trianel.

This diverse functional experience helped him align the technical and business requirements of gridX and lead the company to the current stage of product and company development.

95. Joel Hermanns

Joel is the CIO and co-founder of gridX.

They are trying to revolutionize the energy market and to create better connections between consumers and decentralized energy producers – those who are concentrated on renewable energy production. A believer to the great future of the common power system.

96. Sunil Kanal

Sunil is the CTO and director of MAGENTA. He is an experienced engineer, now helping the clients to have their facilities more sustainable through energy efficiency.

Sunil as well puts his 3 decades of expertise to create better possibilities around the Gulf region.

97. Louise-Marlena Tarrier

Louise-Marlena is the CEO of the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. The aim is to help the people: companies, families, and individuals to get to know their footprint and to offset that. They also accept the donors’ help in order to plant trees, and as a result of their activities, they have already planted at least 5,5 million trees.

98. Johan Pihl

Johan is the Head of Innovation and Co-Founder at Doconomy. Currently obtaining the EMBA at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership in creative leadership, he is an awarded and recognised specialist in advertising for 25+ years. Recognized and awarded at D&AD, Cannes Lions, Tomorrow Awards, RedDot, Clio Awards, New York Festivals, Epica, Cresta, Eurobest, Lovie Award, Lürzer’s Archive, and the Swedish Guldägget and 100 Wattaren. Since 2014 Johan has put his skills for helping sustainability uprise around the globe through purpose-driven service design and product development.

99. Jean-Luc Baradat

Jean-Luc is the CEO and co-founder of Compte CO2

His first company was created in 1999, to launch a technological breakthrough in dental implants, with the completion of a clinical trial which was a world first. Creation of a biotechnology company in South Korea for the Institut Pasteur Korea in order to promote the research work of the institute, and then 450, the company that operates the CO2 accounts. 

CO2 Savings Account “has received state approval to distribute its” kgs of Kyoto CO2 “to businesses and households” Putting into circulation a climate currency to fight against climate change. 450 is a young innovative company registered with the RCS of Brest which invented the product called “CO2® savings account”. The vision and will of 450 is to encourage and positively encourage citizens to reduce their CO2 emissions by rewarding reductions in emissions. 450 has received state approval to distribute its “kgs of Kyoto CO2” to businesses and households that reduce their emissions. 450 has chosen to rely on the Kyoto Protocol, which is currently being renegotiated, because it is a powerful international legal instrument that allows concrete action against climate change today. The founders of the company and a group of private shareholders share an optimistic and constructive vision of a low-carbon future. 

100. Rafa Terradas

Rafa is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of TracksCO2. Being passionate about innovation and technology and having 16 years of professional experience, Rafa has been a part of Narada Robotics, Visual Engineering, Oonair, and many other startups.

In addition to having extensive experience in developing web solutions, native iOS and Android applications, and hybrid applications, we also invest in R&D in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, virtual assistants, 3D reconstruction, biometrics and Big Data.

Last 10 years he was dedicating his time and knowledge to help several cutting-edge startups rise and doing software consultancy.

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