Let’s Discuss Carbon Handprint

I joined Fairforce a week before writing this. Since joining this community of green hearted professionals, I have engaged with so many people from around the globe that all have similar interests but with different backgrounds and skills.

So why Fairforce? I have just finished the last few weeks of my honors in marketing and found this internship opportunity that spoke to my interests and also a way to develop my personal skills. Having just entered the unemployed sector, I needed a powerful platform where I could learn and gain industry experience. Plus, I get to work in a virtual design and video team – a skill that will be valuable for me in the future business world.

During the past weeks, I have learned about Carbon Handprint, thus developing the topic of my first Fairforce Blog.

Business and Carbon Handprint

In contrast to carbon footprint, (referring to the process of doing less bad; reactive), carbon handprint refers to the positive impacts on the environment a product has throughout the product life cycle; proactive.

A business can incorporate footprint into its production through elements; materials, energy, performance, waste, and carbon capture or storage. Materials; reducing non-renewable materials. Energy use is reduced and replaced by renewable energy sources. Energy has developed due to technology, many businesses and homes can fully rely on clean energy. Extending a product’s life and performance extends customer usage. How we dispose of waste or redesign our waste. A circular economy looks to turn waste into a product. Where waste is not wasted, but rather a raw material for the next product. Companies creating products out of plastic “waste” are a great example. Finally, the storage of carbon biomass, rather than releasing the carbon into the atmosphere.

As a team, we created a list of entrepreneurs/ professionals who have founded businesses that capitalize on circular economy concepts successfully. These businesses have found ways to create a profit but also take care of the earth and reduce their impact. For example, Saltverk (Icelandic Sustainable Sea Salt) farms salt with zero carbon footprint.

Already, just from one week at Fairforce, I have become so aware of my handprint versus my footprint. Small changes to my life help me become a better earth citizen.
Wendell Berry said, “The earth is all that we have in common,” it is a common battle, and only through a unified fight can we beat ecological grief.