The Student Ambassador program is a virtual 12-week part-time growth-hacking internship.

Word cloud of what student ambassadors will learn about

Build a network of green hearted successful professionals

The shared mission is to create a community of 5000 professionals to become professionales of the Fairforce network. We want you to be hungry for meeting people digitally and/or physically, and get them to know your professional, active and personal approach. This is your opportunity to create a network that carries throughout your career.

Teams are responsible for different tasks: field force (contacting professionals), content, paid marketing, SEO, learning, country and area coordination, performance, merchandising, value hawks (aligning communications), etc. You can apply from any studies!

This internship is a great opportunity to

  • Contact some of the most important people in your future career
  • Work in a creative and experimental environment, in which you’re encouraged to try different things every week
  • Learn and share your learnings: you benefit from the learnings of dozens
  • Become a growth-hacker, one of the most relevant professions of our time
  • Be exposed to a variety of channels and tools
  • Be enthusiastic, professional, transparent and share a message that people want to hear

Gain a reference letter that matters

We’ll provide you with detailed reference letter; what you have learned and why you should be hired.

Your next employer will appreciate you experience in digital marketing.

Remote, and tailored to your curriculum

This project originates from Finland, but we have interacted with companies from 65+ countries. Your location does not matter. Your green heart does.

The program is managed by Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz (Associate Professor on permanent leave, 10 years academic experience). Find the syllabus here, or contact to tailor the program to your context (timing, university credits, etc).

Become a Student Ambassador. Send your application today!

Email us your CV and tell us why you’re the right person for growing Fairforce!  We are looking forward receiving them: