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Fairforce professionals help green companies, and maximize their carbon handprint

Find green companies to work with

Become a supporter, advisor, or co-founder of the companies we match you with.

Do Collaborations for green companies

Collaborations are any activity with a limited scope. They come in all sizes: they can be roles (like being a board member), projects (like building an app) or tasks (like designing a logo).

Maximize your carbon handprint

By making green companies more successful, you contribute to saving the planet with what you know best: your business skills.

Find your place in a sustainable business

Fairforce is fair for professionals:

Find the right green company to work with. The community evaluates the companies, the Collaborations, and what is a fair compensation.

Make upfront and transparent deals with them. The community acts as referees, to guarantee fair deals for both parties.

Get paid in stock options. Yes, you got it right. With Fairforce you can choose to become an owner in the company you work for. We use a unique Blockchain Automated Sweat Equity Contract (BASEC), so you become a co-entrepreneur with the company. How does that sound?

…or choose to convert it into money. The equity is liquid, you can always choose to cash your options, or use them to offset carbon.

Increase your own carbon handprint

What unites the Fairforce community is a commitment to living a carbon negative lifestyle. We work with people and companies who have committed to that lifestyle, who are walking the talk, and are happy to say it out loud.

We proudly use a badge that shows our commitment.

This is about the wins of each of the community members. It’s not an intellectual exercise. It’s not a demonstration or a protest. It’s not about what others are doing or not doing. We’re doers, we solve problems, and this is about how much we can contribute to the solution. It’s about how high your personal carbon handprint is.

One of our first actions will be an accelerator finding and supporting companies generating, measuring and using information about our carbon footprints. So that we can measure ourselves, and say exactly how much we’re contributing to saving the globe.

Find green companies with us
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