Inspire… to become admired!

Picture of Mohammed AlmallouhiI could define myself as ambitious, dedicated, or even a leader. However, that is just one part of me. So let us start again; I am what I stand for, and that is what gives me value more than anything else.

I come from Saudi, where I grew up and lived a life full of experiences. Some of these were like a dream, and some others were harsh lessons that shaped me into who I am today. I have started my international journey more than a year ago when I moved to Manchester – UK – to prepare for my master’s studies and develop some soft skills.

I had many desires in my life – traveling all around the world, having the best financial and social status, or being well-liked and admired. Nevertheless, I found that what I want is feeling proud of myself for pursuing something ‘sustainable’ rather than ‘temporary’. As I approached the end of my studies, I was trying to find a unique opportunity that could open a wider door of possibilities for my career in life. It was then when Fairforce became my first inspiration. Being a student ambassador at Fairforce allows me to support, give, and make the Earth a better place for me, you, and those who will come after us.

Satisfaction lies within you

Fairforce is a community, behavior, and faith. We are building and encouraging businesses to participate in meaningful growth and develop more than ever.

Honesty, respect, and fairness are some of Fairforce’s values.

These are shared by ambassadors, as well as other green-hearted individuals and companies. All for the sake of sustainable businesses, resources, and a better life for all of us. Change is not easy; if you think so, prove to yourself that you were wrong. You will evolve as a person and unleash your true potential, to accomplish and appreciate every single thing in your life. 

It is more than a mindset, it is the future

Here at Fairforce, we gather people to collaborate, shape, and create a unique value for everyone in this community. I joined as a simple guy who felt he might learn something from this opportunity. What I found is a remarkably positive environment with many enthusiastic and open-minded people. They are there to help and act to achieve a common goal. The purpose is embracing our universe and creating environmental-friendly practices for a promising future.

~ Never underestimate the smallest actions you make, they account for everything.