Innovation is a pathway towards carbon neutrality

I am Javiera Moya, a Chilean and Political Scientist. Most of my professional career has been related to sustainability.
The destruction of the environment and Climate change are major challenges we need to face as a global community. This challenge not only affects the environment, as well it might provoke conflicts on a social level. For instance, in the case of Chile, they are suffering from a severe drought, generating a complex economic and social problem in the areas based on agriculture. From a social perspective, they do not have access to drinking water. Nowadays, with the pandemic, it generates an additional challenge to get water access considering our today`s extreme hygiene practices.

In Chile, I used to work at the Ministry of Energy, Sustainable development division. This public perspective from the State point of view gave me insights about how regulations and businesses are coming together to create sustainable economic growth. In the energy sector, the State has a pivotal role to integrate new technologies in the generation and create public incentives to increase the use of renewable resources by energy companies.

From the European public sector perspective, the European Commission launched a long-term strategy to be carbon-neutral in 2050. In the communication in November 2018, the Commission explained that: ‘’ The aim of this long-term strategy is to confirm Europe’s commitment to lead in global climate action and to present a vision that can lead to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 through a socially-fair transition in a cost-efficient manner’’. This strategy is a tremendous opportunity for the EU countries and European companies to generate bridges between innovation and climate-neutral economic growth. Moreover, it will be an incentive to show the best practices to other countries around the world.

“I am willing to learn about startups, new technologies and climate neutrality in Europe”

I joined Fairforce since I finished my master’s in European Studies, looking for an internship related to climate change. The student ambassador program was the right path for me. Considering the perspective they have, gathering a community of professionals, they want to create a real impact on protecting the environment going carbon neutral. It was impossible to resist this great opportunity. I am looking forward to seeing what Fairforce can create and generate for future generations.