How We Work on our Environmental Handprints at Fairforce

I have lived both in Asia and Europe and I have seen the rapid global deterioration of the environment and how destructive it can be. In the Philippines, where I originally come from, I have felt how polluted water, air, and land negatively affected my daily life and well-being. In Finland, where I currently live and study, I have experienced an exceptionally warm winter with lakes remained unfrozen and snow barely fell and covered the roads.

Scenery and natural wonders in Palawan Islands of the Philippines (cliffs, white sand, seas, lagoons, lakes), making it a tourist destination
Lahti, Finland covered in snow with lakes frozen during the winter season

Now that the state of the Earth continues to worsen, we need more awareness and urgent actions. Everyone must increase their environmental handprints, from governments and non-governmental organizations to companies and consumers.

As I continue with my personal and professional life, I want to keep sustainability at my very core, and this is what led me to become part of Fairforce.

What is Fairforce?

Fairforce is a green-hearted community of ambassadors and companies. Its goal is to help companies grow through the implementation of green and smart solutions that will help them increase their environmental handprint and reach carbon neutrality.

For student ambassadors

Autumn trees in yellow

Fairforce gives us the platform to put into practice our knowledge and skills to the benefit of society and the environment. I personally started with Fairforce just last week and below are the things I have gained from Fairforce in a span of one week:

New and improved knowledge and skills

I am currently taking up a degree program in Business and Hospitality Management and combined with my interests and previous experiences, Fairforce’s human resource team assigned me to the data and tech team. Within the team, we usually collaborate on analyzing data through different tools (e.g. google analytics, google search console) to come up with solutions or strategies for Fairforce.
Aside from applying my hard and soft skills within the data and tech team, I have also shared my insights with other teams (e.g. content, social media, paid marketing, UX, etc.).

A Community

What draws me more to Fairforce is not only the networking experiences I gain to advance my professional career, but also the community I get to be with. In addition to fellow student ambassadors providing guidance, help, advice, and references, we also get to share stories, experiences, and news outside of work. In fact, in our Discord, we have a “coffee break room” and a “just-for-fun” channel which I find cool!
Additionally, student ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds. I have personally worked with student ambassadors from Italy, the US, Germany, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, UK, France, Spain, to name a few and I have also met student ambassadors who study business, engineering, environmental science, among many others.

Environmental Career

As I mentioned earlier, Fairforce aims to reach carbon neutrality by increasing our environmental handprints. Student ambassadors get connected with green tech companies and at the same time support other companies to become greener. As a starter, we currently raise environmental awareness through our social media platforms and share whatever we can and as much as we can about sustainability.

Nature in Finland

For Companies

Fairforce links together a competitive advantage and corporate social responsibility. Below are what companies can gain from Fairforce:

Creating Shared Value

Consumers nowadays make more informed decisions and no longer blindly accepts what they hear and see in the media to make brand-based purchases. They would now prefer companies whose values, products and services are generating positive impacts to the society and environment.  Some countries and companies today are also starting to shift away from the capitalist way of thinking. In other words, the world is becoming more conscious of the limitations and freedoms that can be realized. Hence, it is crucial that companies keep up with the changes of time.

By joining Fairforce, companies get to have a competitive advantage while still creating shared value for the society, economy, and environment. Companies may get inspired to create greener policies and operating procedures that would allow them to maximize their profits.

Address the needs of the society

In connection to what I stated earlier about how consumers nowadays want more sustainable products and services, consumers also need well-being. However, our environment’s capacity to contribute to people’s well-being is significantly reducing, putting everyone’s lives at risk.  

By joining a green-hearted community, companies can use this global deterioration of the environment as an opportunity to address both the needs and wants of the society and the environment.

Mountains in the Philippines

Protect the company and the consumers from unforeseen disasters

By protecting the environment, we also get to protect ourselves from unforeseen disasters as diverse ecosystems are better able to cope with them. When ecosystems are used sustainably, they can also offer us with many of the best solutions to pressing challenges such as the emergence of diseases.

By being part of Fairforce, companies get to have true innovation and help protect themselves, the consumers, and the environment.

Sunset and scenery in the Philippines

Indeed, the environment is a blessing to us, and we need to protect it. Let us connect at Fairforce and increase our environmental handprint!