In the search of a solution

As our society evolves and becomes more aware of our current environmental problems, there is an increasing demand for action by consumers towards firms. Hence, companies seem themselves pressed to respond to this demand and balance it with actions that will satisfy the customers and help them differentiate from their main competitors.
As a student from International Business, I came to the understanding that more and more companies found a semi-solution, by creating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments. However, this is not enough since becoming socially responsible does not always go hand-in-hand with being sustainable. Most actions rely on creating initiatives rather than fixing the malpractices within the company itself.
Being Corporate Socially Responsible is furcal but not enough. Our society needs more, our environment needs more, OUR PLANET NEEDS MORE!
Nonetheless, as a business student and an attentive person to our economy, I was able to realize from a young age that no company exists for the sole purpose of existing, but rather to make profits. So, the central question in our minds should rely on how to align profit-making with sustainability?
This is far from being an easy question and we are far from finding a concrete answer, but a new community has surfaced to help solve this problem: FairForce.
They are determined to find a solution to this question, and they are determined to help companies increase their carbon handprint.
I joined their mission as an intern, and quickly I was able to understand that this green-hearted community will transform carbon handprint into the most desired competitive advantage and change the way our society does business, starting today because the future is now, and we need to act now in order to have an impact tomorrow.