I want them both

Picture of Timo SaraketoI live on a farm and experience living with nature every day. I installed solar panels on my farm. I don’t fly much. I just acquired an organic food company and I’m getting closer to nature every day. And I don’t think it’s enough. We should always be looking for ways of being a bit greener.

I’m also an investor and entrepreneur. I’m a board member of several companies, including a bank and a forest management company. I enjoy doing that. I think I add value to them. 

Both the environment and my business activities are close to my heart. And I want to be part of something that changes the way we live and do business.

Fairforce is the first serious initiative that starts to combine the two. I see this as an opportunity to participate in helping green companies or companies who are becoming greener. I can invest or work for green companies, or I can find the resources for my own companies. And I believe in paying work with shares. It’s fair. 

I like that. Fair. Fair for nature and for businesses that can operate without a need for big funding. It’s a way to have skin in the game, and that is fair for all parties involved.

Our skin is literally on the line anyway. And our grandchildren’s. And I want them to live and enjoy the same nature that I do. That’s why I take steps towards a greener world. That’s why I am a Fairforce Ambassador.