Going green is a journey.

Each of us can make a greener planet. Everyone’s handprint is counted. It is a collective effort and we need to gain knowledge and raise awareness for our common future. So, if you ask me how you want to go green, I would say that…going green is a journey.

Nature has always been inspiring for me with its beauty and strength. The highlight of my childhood memories goes back to my home town – with the scent of the Caspian sea and fresh breeze of forests nearby. Us human beings together can protect our planet earth, the only one we have. Taking this responsibility benefits us all, as well as promises a fair future for the next generations. Together we are stronger. We can make changes happen when we stick together. All in all, it is the power of unity. 

The Green Community of Fairforce

The values of sustainable living like recycling, using shared transportation, or supporting local businesses, have always been important to me. As a Master’s graduate in Strategy, Innovation, and Sustainability – from Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland – being a Student Ambassador is a great chance for me. This is because Fairforce’s internship program provides a stimulating learning environment; there are Student Ambassadors coming from different disciplines, such as finance, marketing, or arts.

Fairforce provides space for personal development, group cooperation and even gaining leadership skills. It is a community of green-minded individuals working towards saving the globe. Thus, it is so pleasant to cooperate with people sharing the same values. Fairforce aims at connecting green tech companies and helps green ones to develop. For sure, these synergies will bring about meaningful outcomes for people, planet, and businesses. Innovations and new technologies for sustainability are coming closer to our daily life.  

I want to learn, share, and be greener in my everyday life

Fairforce provides the best know-how about environmental impact and zero-carbon lifestyle. Moreover, it is amazing to hear first-hand knowledge from professional Ambassadors. I feel a sense of responsibility to spread their word. Sharing is caring!  

It is time to apply what I learned. So, I try to make changes in my daily consumption patterns, like more borrowing than buying, using energy-efficient appliances, or buying more veggies rather than meat; however, there are many more yet to come. Thus, I want to find more ways to get a more responsible and eco-friendly lifestyle.

I believe that being sustainable is a win-win deal of profit, planet, and people. Accordingly, supporting sustainable businesses and investing in green companies is not only beneficial for their operations but for everyone’s well being.

Let’s go green hand in hand for saving the globe with the Fairforce Community

All of us are invited to this green journey as privileged members of the planet.

Do you want to be a traveler in this rewarding journey?