A global community to solve a global crisis

Picture of Ada PesämaaI am an International Relations student from Finland. I have studied global issues and challenges, and concerns about our common future have confronted me. We face a global crisis like never before that we are collectively responsible for. And there is no one but us to solve it. If we are willing to make sure that life as we know it will be the life of the next generations, we need to act fast. We need to include all levels and peoples in our actions.

It is clear. For preserving nature and life on Earth, we need to think less about ourselves and more about others. We need to be honest and transparent in our actions and their impacts on these global crisis that surround us, and those who we love. This is what I call fairness.

Implementing sustainability and fairness in practice requires to be based on values of inclusiveness, ambition, and respect. These ideas are one of the main reasons I joined Fairforce: we are a growing global community, we have strong values and we are willing to take actions that include multiple stakeholders from business, governance, and science.

And fairness must be earned

I come from Finland, and I am privileged in many ways. I live in a warm house, meet interesting people and study — and I spend my afternoon running or walking in beautiful Finnish nature. All the opportunities I have in my life make me unbelievably happy. Yet I realize something must change: this life is not one to take for granted.

Climate change and environmental deprivation do not have similar consequences in different parts of the world. Unfortunately, they will have the hardest impacts on the most vulnerable and endangered. That is why I believe this crisis needs a community to solve it; we need to set the most ambitious goals for those who can achieve them, and thus protect those who are at the greatest risk. Only by taking actions and achieving improvements can we call ourselves fair.

With only words and no actions, you cannot earn fairness

It feels like a great opportunity and privilege to be a part of this international community. A community that has ambition and courage to start taking actions that matter, without overlooking anyone, human or animal. Our community is beginning to grow. And one of the core values that ensures equality between professionals and students will make this project effective and sustainable.

I am very happy to find people who share the same values as I, although we might have fundamentally different stories. For sure, I will learn so much from these people, develop my skills, and become a better person.