For professionals

Help green companies,
maximize your carbon handprint

Fairforce for professionals

Fairforce is fair for professionals

Find the right green company to work with, transparently. Our community curates the companies for you, makes deals upfront and transparent, and ensures a fair deal for both parties.

Get paid in stock options, easily. With Fairforce you become an co-entrepreneur in the company you work with, with our unique Blockchain Automated Sweat Equity Contract (BASEC).

…and maximize your carbon handprint! By helping green companies grow with your business skills, you save the planet at scale!

What type of tasks can I do for the green companies?

Fairforce tasks are any activity with a limited scope. They come in all sizes. You can take a role (like board member, or legal advisor) for the company for some years. You can run a project (like building an app, or running a marketing campaign) for some months. Or you can perform tasks (like designing a logo, or making a landing page) for some days.

How does this impact my carbon handprint?

Green companies at Fairforce have an offering that’s good for the environment. The more they grow, the better for the planet.
By making them more successful, you contribute to saving the planet with what you know best: your business skills.

What unites Fairforce is a commitment to living a carbon negative lifestyle

We work with people who are walking the talk, and are happy to say it out loud.

This is not an intellectual exercise. It’s not a protest. It’s not about what others are doing, or not doing.

We’re doers. We solve problems. And we focus on how much we contribute to the solution.

One of our first actions is an accelerator finding and supporting companies generating, measuring and using information about our carbon footprints. So that we can measure ourselves, and say exactly how much we’re contributing to saving the globe.

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