A fair future for the Mother Nature

My homeland is a country of resilient nature, Colombia, where the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean encompass its coastal landscapes. Where I come from, nature is present in our lives as we grow. In elementary school, we learn how to care for our crops and plant trees. Then in high school, we practice protecting our local environment in garbage collection days. The respect towards nature has left an everlasting green attitude in me.
Nowadays, the country I call home, Switzerland, is well known for its relation to nature.  Moreover, this land is famous for its animal welfare and alpine territory with freshwater fountains that quench your thirst within seconds. It’s so promising that Switzerland has taken in-depth steps toward sustainable development goals. Having the privilege of living here has made me even more conscious not only about where is home but also the fact that we are just temporary guests.

Today actions matter for tomorrow

We ought to start taking proper care of our habitat. As the Earth is our guest home and we are just temporary earthlings. Apparently, it’s about time to take full accountability for ourselves. I dare to say showing respect to our planet is the least we can do. We have to start being reciprocal with the planet since it does not understand about languages or green policies of mankind.  Consequently, our mission here is to live our lives within the limits of fair treatment towards nature. Accordingly, we need to take responsibility for our actions as human beings to transform our lives into a series of daily actions that preserve our home. Although, we might not speak the language of nature but we are capable of translating our words into green actions.

Green future with Fairforce

As an individual and a member of the green community of Fairforce, we can rest assured if we raise awareness together in unison. Therefore, we will be able to bring an effective change towards a greener future. Let us start acting now, join our forces, and spread the word.  The green endeavors of today help us shape the resilient and sustainable tomorrow. Home is not just a place; it is the communal feeling of belonging to our Mother Earth’s embrace.