Taking the next step for a greener future

Climate change is a problem we all face, and a lot of us want to be part of the solution. People are becoming more and more eco-conscious by the hour and we are all looking to do our bit in solving climate change. Recently, I took the next step to doing so.
Little everyday action can have a huge impact and probably most of us have taken some steps towards reducing our carbon footprint. Our everyday actions and choices count, but they are only the first step.
Businesses are in a much better position to tackle climate change. They have enormous resources that, if used correctly, could truly change our world for the better.

Green community of Fairforce

Joining Fairforce was both an exciting experience and one of immense potential. Fairforce looks to establish a community of green-minded professionals and businesses and help them all grow in a competitive environment that considers sustainability and carbon neutrality as both a necessity for saving our planet and a competitive advantage that helps businesses attract customers.

How to go greener?

Aiming to achieve sustainability is good for the environment, but it is also good for companies. Customers are looking to support sustainable businesses and green initiatives more than ever. Environmental responsibility attracts customers, reduces waste and production costs, thus making businesses more competitive and more productive. Sustainability and carbon neutrality could also attract talented new employees and potential investors. Responding to these changing times is thus quickly becoming good economic practice. The future is green, it only makes sense to invest in it.

Becoming part of such a business-oriented community also represents for me a huge next step in fighting climate change as it offers the possibility of meeting and liaising with businesses and professionals across the globe in order to achieve competitive collaboration based on sustainable growth and future outlook.

A truly greener future is the sum total of individual people’s eco-friendly actions and businesses’ commitment to fairness and sustainable practices. The former stimulates the latter, but the latter has the potential of being more impactful. Uniting the two forces of change is Fairforce’s goal, while also remaining fully committed to fairness, transparency, and sustainable business practices. Being part of such a green community is both a privilege and a potential for huge change in the name of nature. A big next step for me and one that is set out to be an even bigger one for the world.

3 ways your business can do well by doing good

Over the last few decades, the green movement has gained considerable traction. As I have grown up, the need to adhere to sustainable practices has become more apparent and I have had to adjust my daily routines and way of thinking. I studied for my degree in Politics and International Relations in pursuit of knowledge that would equip me to deal with environmental challenges further down the line. I began recycling relentlessly, and I no longer eat meat. Now, at Fairforce, I work within a community that converts green thinking into green action; a community where individuals and businesses do well by doing good.

Most of us are acutely aware that protecting the environment is a big deal, but successfully juggling the needs of yourself, your business, and the earth may seem like a daunting task. However, with some clever thinking and a supportive green community, excelling in all three areas is absolutely achievable. At Fairforce, the growth of businesses, personal networks, and the planet are inextricably linked so that no-one has to make the impossible choice between competitiveness and sustainability.

Not only that, being environmentally conscious can be brilliant for business. How?

1. Increased efficiency means lower costs

Making eco-friendly choices such as updating technology to newer, greener alternatives can improve efficiency in the long run, slashing costs and boosting profit. For example, by changing its packaging and reducing plastic waste, Coca-Cola saved an eye-watering $90 billion. Sustainability doesn’t have to be expensive – quite the opposite.

2. Being green attracts the best and brightest talent

Businesses are powered by great minds. Right now, climate change is one of the biggest threats to our world and is concerning an increasing number of people. This means that an employer’s stance on issues such as the environment can actually have considerable influence on the appeal of a job. In fact, 64% of millennials won’t take a job if a company doesn’t have strong corporate social or environmental commitments.

3. Sustainability can help achieve a competitive advantage

Unsustainable practices might not only alienate potential employees, but consumers and investors, too. Environmental issues are so pressing that 55% of consumers would spend more cash on products and services provided by sustainable companies. If that isn’t convincing enough, nearly half of investors say that they won’t invest in a company with a record of poor sustainability performance. Going green is increasingly becoming viewed as a benefit, not a burden.

At Fairforce, everyone does well by doing good. If that sounds like the kind of community you want to be a part of, join us!

We need millions of companies doing sustainability imperfectly

If there was ever a phrase to live by, this would be mine
“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”, Anne-Marie Bonneau. I would go one step further and say, “we don’t need a handful of companies doing sustainability perfectly, we need millions of companies doing it imperfectly”.

Sustainability and biodiversity conservation has been at the forefront of my life goals for many years now. From studying a Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability in my home town of Melbourne, Australia to creating lifestyle choices to reduce my own eco-footprint, I am conscientious of my own personal impact and feel an obligation to make a difference.

After working and living in Fiji for the last year, with its beautiful clear waters and pristine islands and cultural values in family and resilience, I feel it is imperative more than ever to protect vulnerable island nations such as Fiji from the more extreme impacts of climate change. Whether it is private investment into new recycling plants in the country, or creating a circular economy that can be adapted to developing nations, businesses can make a difference!

Businesses should be the leaders in sustainability. Businesses ranging from small start-ups to large multinational organizations all have a responsibility and obligation to their stakeholders, those who are affected directly and indirectly impacted, along all lines of the supply chain. Businesses also have the power to influence government bodies, policies, and leadership.

Being a part of Fairforce means being a part of a greater network that can help businesses use this power towards increasing their carbon handprint, in addition to their own economic gain. This is a relatively new business model, but a business model that the planet needs. I feel privileged to be a part of the beginning of this future! Throughout my time with Fairforce, I hope that I can enrich my own skills in research, communication, and teamwork, contribute to the community of Fairforce and support other student ambassadors in their own campaigns for sustainable development.

Innovation is a pathway towards carbon neutrality

I am Javiera Moya, a Chilean and Political Scientist. Most of my professional career has been related to sustainability.
The destruction of the environment and Climate change are major challenges we need to face as a global community. This challenge not only affects the environment, as well it might provoke conflicts on a social level. For instance, in the case of Chile, they are suffering from a severe drought, generating a complex economic and social problem in the areas based on agriculture. From a social perspective, they do not have access to drinking water. Nowadays, with the pandemic, it generates an additional challenge to get water access considering our today`s extreme hygiene practices.

In Chile, I used to work at the Ministry of Energy, Sustainable development division. This public perspective from the State point of view gave me insights about how regulations and businesses are coming together to create sustainable economic growth. In the energy sector, the State has a pivotal role to integrate new technologies in the generation and create public incentives to increase the use of renewable resources by energy companies.

From the European public sector perspective, the European Commission launched a long-term strategy to be carbon-neutral in 2050. In the communication in November 2018, the Commission explained that: ‘’ The aim of this long-term strategy is to confirm Europe’s commitment to lead in global climate action and to present a vision that can lead to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 through a socially-fair transition in a cost-efficient manner’’. This strategy is a tremendous opportunity for the EU countries and European companies to generate bridges between innovation and climate-neutral economic growth. Moreover, it will be an incentive to show the best practices to other countries around the world.

“I am willing to learn about startups, new technologies and climate neutrality in Europe”

I joined Fairforce since I finished my master’s in European Studies, looking for an internship related to climate change. The student ambassador program was the right path for me. Considering the perspective they have, gathering a community of professionals, they want to create a real impact on protecting the environment going carbon neutral. It was impossible to resist this great opportunity. I am looking forward to seeing what Fairforce can create and generate for future generations.

Three reasons why businesses should go green

My name is Denise and I’m a Physical Geography undergraduate student. Learning about the environment is a passion of mine: it allows me to better understand the world we live in and find my place in it. But things are changing. Atmospheric CO2 levels have never been this high in the last 800,000 years. We are witnessing an unprecedented rate of global warming, and IPCC climate projections suggest that human actions are the main cause.
I wish that future generations did not have to suffer the consequences of our short-sightedness. For this reason, sustainability is a very important concept to me. However, it is only through collective action that we can achieve something – and that includes your business. Here are a few reasons why you should ditch business as usual and consider taking the big step towards business sustainability.

The Sustainability sector is increasingly competitive.

Consumers are becoming more aware of environmental issues, but also of growing inequality. Sustainable business models are becoming popular and increasingly desirable. By going green, a business can increase its products’ value, becoming more competitive under the current climate change scenario. Additionally, switching to more sustainable approaches can reduce enterprise costs. This often happens in Industrial Symbiosis, when different companies collaborate and share resources. Don’t choose between ethics and profit.

Opportunities to increase your carbon handprint are widely available and increasingly affordable.

Limiting CO2 emissions is the first step to tackle climate change. Scientists are currently working on renewable energies, carbon capture and storage technologies, eco-friendly materials, and innovative waste recycling practices. Each of these options can increase your business’ Carbon Handprint, a measure of how much greenhouse gas emissions businesses avoid by switching to more sustainable practices. There really is something for everyone when it comes to reducing carbon emissions and, as the green sector matures, the cost of green technologies decreases, too. It’s a deal!

Green business communities like Fairforce are here to support you.

Fairforce is a community of green hearted professionals, academics, and students providing professional services to businesses aiming to be more sustainable. I became a Student Ambassador to use my time and skills for what I consider important: nature. So far, I have met a lot of different people who want to make a change in the world, which is incredibly inspiring and motivating. Through Fairforce, I hope to learn lots of new things on climate change mitigation technologies and on how businesses can tackle climate change.
There is still hope for nature. So what are you waiting for?

The world needs sustainability

My name is Matjas and I joined Fairforce only a couple of weeks ago. I grew up in Italy and ever since I was a kid, everyone in my life has always taught and reminded me about the importance of being environmentally-friendly.
When I started studying international business administration, I quickly realized the impact that businesses can have on any matter and how they could play a vital role in solving the world’s major problems.
This got along with my growing ambition to see the issue of the carbon footprint rather solved. Fortunately, nowadays sustainability is becoming a trending matter and global warming, a very hot topic.
Just in the past months, the global pandemic showed the effects of a reduced carbon footprint and many countries and businesses are starting to understand that it is not too late to make a difference. The time to act is now!
Margaret Klein Salamon, psychologist, founder and head of the advocacy group “The Climate Mobilization” commented on this matter: “We can’t think we’re going to go ‘back to normal’, because things weren’t normal”.

Why Fairforce?

With the increasing relevance of sustainable practices, Fairforce has decided to create a large community of green-hearted professionals that want to make a change in the future of our planet. I too have joined Fairforce because I believe in a more sustainable future and I believe in the creation of the community that shares this same value.
As a student ambassador, I have the possibility to connect with all the people that think just like me and are ready to be on the first line to save Earth together.
As part of the Finance team, I am also looking forward to contacting entities which could finance and fund our start-up and future project.

We need this, the world needs this.

Being sustainable is for our future

5 years ago, I came to Finland as a student who pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and now a Master’s degree at Åbo Akademi University. As a young and foreign student, I was surprised and asked myself why Finns so much love to use the friendly-environment products, old furniture, or clothes, and also many of them become a vegan. By the time, I acknowledged mostly they choose that lifestyle because of hoping to protect the environment and contributing to the world’s sustainability. From this point, the term ‘sustainable development’ has posed a significant impact on my daily living habits and even in the goal of my career development.

From CSR to customer’s self-awareness

In our current world, sustainability consists of the impacts on society, the environment, and lastly, the economy. If all those three aspects are well implemented to each other, every one of us will have chances to live healthily and prosperously. Have you ever noticed why cancers are more popular with young people than before or why winter lasts shorter than it was in many decades ago? Also, have you ever wondered how to save the globe at one point in your life by just one small action, for example choosing an eco-friendly toothbrush instead of plastic ones? However, saying is always easier than putting into practice, especially in business manners. But if we don’t together change the world, the world can no longer wait for us. Specifically, entrepreneurs and companies should play a leading role in corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues to enhance the awareness of increasing their customer’s carbon hand-print when choosing their products or services.

And that’s why I choose Fairforce!

To me, action speaks louder than words. As a business student with a strong awareness of protecting the environment, I would love to develop my career in an international sustainable company. And Fairforce, which is a green-hearted community of both young and experienced entrepreneurs, can both satisfy my needs and ambitions. Joining in Fairforce as a student ambassador is absolutely a great opportunity for me to not only learn more about business administration tasks like human resources but also give a hand to raise entrepreneur’s awareness in reducing carbon footprint and emissions.

How We Work on our Environmental Handprints at Fairforce

I have lived both in Asia and Europe and I have seen the rapid global deterioration of the environment and how destructive it can be. In the Philippines, where I originally come from, I have felt how polluted water, air, and land negatively affected my daily life and well-being. In Finland, where I currently live and study, I have experienced an exceptionally warm winter with lakes remained unfrozen and snow barely fell and covered the roads.

Scenery and natural wonders in Palawan Islands of the Philippines (cliffs, white sand, seas, lagoons, lakes), making it a tourist destination
Lahti, Finland covered in snow with lakes frozen during the winter season

Now that the state of the Earth continues to worsen, we need more awareness and urgent actions. Everyone must increase their environmental handprints, from governments and non-governmental organizations to companies and consumers.

As I continue with my personal and professional life, I want to keep sustainability at my very core, and this is what led me to become part of Fairforce.

What is Fairforce?

Fairforce is a green-hearted community of ambassadors and companies. Its goal is to help companies grow through the implementation of green and smart solutions that will help them increase their environmental handprint and reach carbon neutrality.

For student ambassadors

Autumn trees in yellow

Fairforce gives us the platform to put into practice our knowledge and skills to the benefit of society and the environment. I personally started with Fairforce just last week and below are the things I have gained from Fairforce in a span of one week:

New and improved knowledge and skills

I am currently taking up a degree program in Business and Hospitality Management and combined with my interests and previous experiences, Fairforce’s human resource team assigned me to the data and tech team. Within the team, we usually collaborate on analyzing data through different tools (e.g. google analytics, google search console) to come up with solutions or strategies for Fairforce.
Aside from applying my hard and soft skills within the data and tech team, I have also shared my insights with other teams (e.g. content, social media, paid marketing, UX, etc.).

A Community

What draws me more to Fairforce is not only the networking experiences I gain to advance my professional career, but also the community I get to be with. In addition to fellow student ambassadors providing guidance, help, advice, and references, we also get to share stories, experiences, and news outside of work. In fact, in our Discord, we have a “coffee break room” and a “just-for-fun” channel which I find cool!
Additionally, student ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds. I have personally worked with student ambassadors from Italy, the US, Germany, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, UK, France, Spain, to name a few and I have also met student ambassadors who study business, engineering, environmental science, among many others.

Environmental Career

As I mentioned earlier, Fairforce aims to reach carbon neutrality by increasing our environmental handprints. Student ambassadors get connected with green tech companies and at the same time support other companies to become greener. As a starter, we currently raise environmental awareness through our social media platforms and share whatever we can and as much as we can about sustainability.

Nature in Finland

For Companies

Fairforce links together a competitive advantage and corporate social responsibility. Below are what companies can gain from Fairforce:

Creating Shared Value

Consumers nowadays make more informed decisions and no longer blindly accepts what they hear and see in the media to make brand-based purchases. They would now prefer companies whose values, products and services are generating positive impacts to the society and environment.  Some countries and companies today are also starting to shift away from the capitalist way of thinking. In other words, the world is becoming more conscious of the limitations and freedoms that can be realized. Hence, it is crucial that companies keep up with the changes of time.

By joining Fairforce, companies get to have a competitive advantage while still creating shared value for the society, economy, and environment. Companies may get inspired to create greener policies and operating procedures that would allow them to maximize their profits.

Address the needs of the society

In connection to what I stated earlier about how consumers nowadays want more sustainable products and services, consumers also need well-being. However, our environment’s capacity to contribute to people’s well-being is significantly reducing, putting everyone’s lives at risk.  

By joining a green-hearted community, companies can use this global deterioration of the environment as an opportunity to address both the needs and wants of the society and the environment.

Mountains in the Philippines

Protect the company and the consumers from unforeseen disasters

By protecting the environment, we also get to protect ourselves from unforeseen disasters as diverse ecosystems are better able to cope with them. When ecosystems are used sustainably, they can also offer us with many of the best solutions to pressing challenges such as the emergence of diseases.

By being part of Fairforce, companies get to have true innovation and help protect themselves, the consumers, and the environment.

Sunset and scenery in the Philippines

Indeed, the environment is a blessing to us, and we need to protect it. Let us connect at Fairforce and increase our environmental handprint!

Our planet, Our choice

“The environment and the economy are really both two sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment, we cannot sustain ourselves.” _ Wangarĩ Muta Maathai (Nobel Peace Prize).

Indeed, as Wangarĩ said, our economy was built upon the majestic resources that our planet earth provided. We are mining all the coal, cutting down all the forest, and stripping away our clean air for the sake of development. All these actions are not only damaging our precious environment, but also affecting human health, our health.

Development is inevitable, we as humans have the tendency to learn new things, exploring new places. However, there are ways for our economy to develop that would not leave negative impacts on our environment. With the help of advanced science and technology, business can certainly develop in a sustainable way. If we have a choice to choose between doing good and not doing good? Why not choose the right one?

Sustainable development can pose a challenge for many business and start-up companies. But with proper direction, guidance, and the power of sciences and technologies, businesses can also achieve economic benefits and save the environment at the same time. The enthusiasm to contribute to a greater cause, helping planet Earth to heal and recover are our main criteria for joining hands with our Fairforce community.

My name is Giang Tran and I am one of the many student ambassadors at Fairforce. We stand as a green community that reaches out to all businesses and supports their desire to achieve sustainable development and become carbon neutral. At Fairforce, the Academia team and I are attracting professionals and academics across the world to join us on the mission to protect the Earth’s environment by helping businesses and start-up companies.
Be a part of Fairforce and protect the environment by helping businesses!
Let’s build up our green community together!

Sustainability for people, profit and planet

My name is Iva, I am Croatian that grew up in a small town in southwestern Bosnia. Growing up in such a small and less developed area has greatly affected my thinking. My family raised me to be fair and to love and respect nature. Therefore, I have always been one of those people that would get mad when seeing someone litter or hearing someone saying “Why would I care about nature? Mother nature is there to serve me, it is not that I am there to serve her”.
I can say that a long time ago, I realized that everything is in the power of an individual. I am convinced that the way we are brought up, society, and culture shape the way we think and behave. When I turned 24, I moved to Sweden to pursue a master’s degree. According to the Sustainable Competitiveness Index, Sweden has the is the most sustainably competitive country in the whole world. During my studies there, I realized how a society can nurture their land. Recycling, renewable energy sources, biking, driving electric cars… It all made me realize that living sustainably is crucial because the resources are very limited, although many people are not fully aware of it.
As someone that has majored in marketing, I can’t help myself but question the intentions of businesses nowadays. Although no company will admit, to achieve growth, they strive for profits. I believe that to have long-term prosperity, companies should turn their business into a sustainable one. However, the main question nowadays is: Why do companies decide to turn their business into a sustainable one? Of course, as the company grows, it is expected that they invest more in CSR. Do they greenwash? Are their intentions sincere? Do they truly care about nature? I am aware that “Profit is not a dirty word”, as some say, and businesses strive for constant financial gains. Nevertheless, it should not be the main objective of owning a business.

Why Fairforce?

The reason why I chose to join Fairforce is that I believe that all businesses should go green eventually. The vision and mission of Fairforce is something that I truly believe in and I am confident to say that it is a community from which all their members can benefit from creating a sustainable environment for all stakeholders. Would I recommend companies become a part of the Fairforce community? – Absolutely. There are so many benefits to this, such as fair compensation, networking between professionals and green companies, increasing carbon handprint, and many more.