I want to bring about change

Why did I join the Fairforce Student Ambassador Internship Program? First and foremost, to bring people for a life change.

I’m a nature-lover. I’ve always felt the duty to inform the people around me and PIcture of Arianna Rovarismotivate them to follow a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, such as getting a reusable water bottle instead of using plastic ones, using eco-cleaning products to clean the house, or avoiding the car for driving short distances.

Growing up in Italy, I’ve had the chance to travel a lot and live in different parts of the globe. During the last few years, I’ve lived in Aalborg. It’s a beautiful city in Northern Denmark, and then in Beijing, the magnificent capital city of China. The gap between these two cities in terms of air pollution and smog is huge, and this first-hand experience has motivated me even more to work towards a greener world. This is why I am so enthusiastic about joining Fairforce; I see it as a platform to inspire many people to follow a greener path and take environmental action.

And I also want to bring about change

Fairforce’s internship is a great opportunity to get in contact with people and raise awareness about environmental issues, sustainability, and climate change. For me, it represents a platform for encouraging people to take steps to bring about change!

Besides, my goal with this internship is showing people that going green may be easier than they think; Fairforce can help them take their first steps in a greener journey. For example, by joining the community as an Ambassador. I strongly believe that if you want to change the world, you should change yourself and encourage others to embrace the change.

I am part of a community, and you can be too

Being part of Fairforce means being part of a community of green hearted people with whom I share many values with. It also means spreading the message to reach like-minded professionals to expand this community.

The internship gathers students coming from different backgrounds and aiming at the same goal of saving the globe. Everyone is encouraged to share ideas and exchange opinions. This community is driven by motivation and includes people who are conscious of how many great things can be achieved with everyone’s contribution.

I’m ready for a change, and you?