Being sustainable is for our future

5 years ago, I came to Finland as a student who pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and now a Master’s degree at Åbo Akademi University. As a young and foreign student, I was surprised and asked myself why Finns so much love to use the friendly-environment products, old furniture, or clothes, and also many of them become a vegan. By the time, I acknowledged mostly they choose that lifestyle because of hoping to protect the environment and contributing to the world’s sustainability. From this point, the term ‘sustainable development’ has posed a significant impact on my daily living habits and even in the goal of my career development.

From CSR to customer’s self-awareness

In our current world, sustainability consists of the impacts on society, the environment, and lastly, the economy. If all those three aspects are well implemented to each other, every one of us will have chances to live healthily and prosperously. Have you ever noticed why cancers are more popular with young people than before or why winter lasts shorter than it was in many decades ago? Also, have you ever wondered how to save the globe at one point in your life by just one small action, for example choosing an eco-friendly toothbrush instead of plastic ones? However, saying is always easier than putting into practice, especially in business manners. But if we don’t together change the world, the world can no longer wait for us. Specifically, entrepreneurs and companies should play a leading role in corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues to enhance the awareness of increasing their customer’s carbon hand-print when choosing their products or services.

And that’s why I choose Fairforce!

To me, action speaks louder than words. As a business student with a strong awareness of protecting the environment, I would love to develop my career in an international sustainable company. And Fairforce, which is a green-hearted community of both young and experienced entrepreneurs, can both satisfy my needs and ambitions. Joining in Fairforce as a student ambassador is absolutely a great opportunity for me to not only learn more about business administration tasks like human resources but also give a hand to raise entrepreneur’s awareness in reducing carbon footprint and emissions.