About Fairforce

Fairforce helps professionals work with green companies and get paid in shares. That makes Fairforce both a community and a business:

We are a community of green hearted professionals building green tech companies together.

The professionals maximize their environmental handprint, since the more the green business grows the better it is for the environment. The companies get access to the best professionals, and get a competitive advantage.

We are also a fair business for all parties, with everybody getting paid in sweat equity (shares in exchange for your actions).

Professionals get a fair reward, and companies can get the best work without worrying about raising capital. We keep a commission of those transactions in shares, so we also win only when you win!

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We help companies become green. Their competitive advantage is to have our community as co-entrepreneurs

Don’t choose between work and ethics. User your business skills to save the planet, by making green companies grow

Millions of job opportunities with fair compaensation through our Blockchain Automated Sweat Equity Contract (BASEC)

Our values

Fairforce is first and foremost a community. We are green hearted professionals growing companies together.

And as such, we believe in:

Saving the planet through entrepreneurship and technology.

Micro-entrepreneurship, freelancing and advising can be a liberating force that heals our planet. It should not be hassle and anxiety, it should be easy and effective.

Collaboration economy instead of a broken gig economy.

Professionals doing gigs are too often not paid fairly. They may have to choose between work and ethics. Many end up working for companies far from green and even further from fair. Many volunteer outside of their work. Collaboration and co-entrepreneurship is the solution.

Democratizing equity while creating jobs

We are democritizing ownership of companies’ shares. Power to the people! People participating are doing it for triple bottom line, and because of that it is optimised for results. We will get things done. Professionally. And we will create millions of job opportunities while saving the globe.

Doers, walking the talk

All of our community members are committed to maximize also their own carbon handprint.

Fairforce Oy is a limited liability company registered in Finland in 2020, with a Tax ID number of 3135308-7, in the address Unioninkatu 30, 00170 Helsinki.