A global community for carbon handprint

Fairforce is the community of green hearted professionals supporting companies becoming greener and making green business cases more competitive for investors and entrepreneurs. Using business means for nature. Finding the best brains to work for sustainable companies. And paying the professionals fairly, with shares of participating companies. The big aim is to create a community that will create the biggest carbon handprint in the world.

Fairforce.tech has a platform for professionals and companies to match with projects being paid in shares. We automate all that. Now we need more people to create local ecosystems being connected with different local ecosystems. 

Local chapters: We are creating independent local chapters and scouting for (board) members for them. We want professionals with green hearts and the ability to get it done. Local chapters will create local ecosystems and find professionals and companies. Arrange events and participate in events. And make the local companies more competitive over less ethical ones. Supporting the global community and being supported by the global community. 

We will be sharing best practices from each chapter, but you can make your chapter look like you. The core thing is that together we maximize the impact on nature using business means. This is not a consumer movement (they are also extremely important). We are business professionals doing what we know-how. And utilizing the global community to support your actions.  

Fairforce will be owned by the community; shares being divided among us based on the carbon handprint we create = the impact of the projects we bring in. Yes, there is a financial return with this also, but this is the opportunity to save the globe. 

Rewarding system for Fairforce professionals

We are aiming at creating an Uber for environmental friendly companies. Not transportation services, but all business services needed.

Only accepting parties with an aim of becoming carbon negative in their lives. We are aiming at having million+ professionals supporting very large number of companies, startups to midsize companies. 

We’ll compete against crowdfunding platforms and some sharing economy platforms. PwC forecasts that the sharing economy is set to reach $335 billion by 2025 and World bank estimates that crowdfunding will reach $90 billion a year by 2020. Our plan is to be part of that and take some of that $90 billion with sweat equity. All companies will be greener and our approach will be mainstream, but now it’s growing strongly.

When we reach 100.000 active users, we’ll combine the company and cooperatives to one legal entity for IPO and make us big time global. We are estimating that taking 4-7-years. Our business model is sustainable, we pay with our own shares and distribute the wealth and decision power. We take 8% of each deal on our platform, also in shares. Which changes our position, maybe our benchmark should not be the sharing economy companies, which are already worth tens of billions. We will make profit, but every year the profit grows because our operative business grows, but also because the shares owned by us increase in valuation. 

At the end of 2021 our remuneration committee will distribute 20% of Fairforce shares to professionals working for Fairforce.

5% of that will be paid based on carbon handprint and 15% of that will be based on results/actions. And we plan on continuing rewarding our community the following years.

We expect to be worth at least €100M in 4-7 years, but clearly our goal is to create a unicorn. And said that, only time will tell. If we’ll be like Airbnb, that’s 30x our expectation. If we don’t reach €100M in 7-years we have failed. 

No promises, but to work hard to make this financial success and to utilize business means for nature.