A case for ethical and discretionary responsibilities for businesses

In the past years, companies’ activities center on two things producing quality goods or services and maximizing profits. Their main objective is to have a lion share of their market segment, and by extension control the market. All their strategies are focused on achieving their economic objectives, and nothing more.
Environmental awareness and globalization are some of the factors that have forced companies to look beyond economic gains. Companies are now compelled to look into the environmental and social aspects of their activities.
Corporations are twined together with their societies, because of this, the relationship between a company and the environment in which it operates should be symbiosis and not parasitic.

The benefits the environment provides to the company include given the opportunity to erect its buildings or structures, the company gets its labor from the environment and provides a perfect atmosphere for businesses to thrive. The businesses on the other hand are responsible for creating wealth and driving progress within the environment. It is however inconceivable to imagine that businesses while producing what is good in society, also cause pollution, staff layoff, industrial accidents all of which impacted the environment negatively.
For business to create a balance in the environment it operates and has a positive impact on the environment. It is a must for a business to go beyond its economic responsibilities and legal responsibilities. Companies should infuse ethical responsibilities and discretionary responsibilities into their policies and strategies.

What to know more about ethical and discretionary responsibilities?

My name is Lateef Omosanya, I am one of the recent ambassadors with Fairforce. At Fairforce we help businesses on how to infuse ethical responsibilities and discretionary responsibilities to their businesses. At Fairforce we are equipped with an experienced and knowledgeable group of individuals who can help your businesses grow and have the competitive advantages of your competitors.