A big green momentum

Picture of Timo Erämetsä

I have been training, coaching and consulting people from start-ups, huge corporations and public organisations for 20 years. I have helped them to succeed and improve, concentrating on corporate culture, customer experience and leadership.

This has been meaningful both for me and for my clients. But.

I have been really worried about the future

About all of us, humankind. About our globe, the only one that we have. And I am still worried.

Climate Change is the One huge wicked problem for us all. For years I have felt the need to do much more, more meaningful and significant.

We have to change

I am proud and really enthusiastic to become one of the first ambassadors for Fairforce. We are building an accelerator that boosts a greener economy and businesses. We will enable green startups to prosper and make impact.

We want to create a big green momentum.

A commitment to changing towards the better, and a way to nicely set example. To show the world that all of us, decision makers in businesses and organisations, need to take environmental issues very seriously.

I am 100% committed to Fairforce’s mission, values and action. I have been waiting for this. I couldn’t do it alone, and Fairforce is the community that can make this change happen.

At the same time, I want to continue making my own small improvements concerning my own carbon footprint. Starting today. And tomorrow. And the days after that. Always a bit better. Who’s with me?